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hi there,

i'm doing a project in which i wanted to use the "corona mix tex" but when i load an imagesequenz ".ifl" it is not updating in animation, when i change any value in the mixnode (contrast or whatever...) its updating :(

i wanted to use the coronamix, because its better to animate then the normal composite node of 3d max...
(if i key values in the composite node, when rightclick on the number, in the popup menu does no "show in track view" appears, which is pain in the ass...)

anyway am i doing something wrong or is it bug?


Porting and API / Re: Corona for Modo
« on: 2014-10-09, 13:58:40 »
do you have a blurry date for the start of dev? maybe after c4d?
i'm just noise

all the best

Porting and API / Re: Corona for Modo
« on: 2014-09-13, 20:37:07 »
would be awesome!

i had no project with corona and big ass renderings yet...

but my vray workflow might work for corona too...


1. install backburner: even if you have only one machine!
2. start server, monitor, manager
3. in renderwindow: there is a arrow right next to render button-> submit to networkrenderiing
4. search for the slice option, than try how small the slices have to be until you memory is full or 3d max crashs...
5. mark the option to combine it again or do it manually in gimp or photoshop...

(6. there are serval option you can try out, like the render an overleap, so it will blend it together...
i'm not sure if you have a problem when doing hdcache, maybe you get ugly seams!!
the workaround in vray is to precalculate only the LIGHTCACHE on one maschine, and save it out, than load it in, and than submit it so backburner with the slicing option...

i'm not sure how to do this in corona, maybe no need... i think if you use pt-pt you should be fine, just give it a try with a simple scene.

with this technique i rendered resolutions of 15000x10000 (15 slices exr)  (i7 2600k 16gb ram)
on my new machine i have 32gb, but still this is maybe not enough for heavy stuff...

tell me if it worked!
all the best

Gallery / Re: commercial exterior
« on: 2014-07-14, 16:45:09 »
by the way, nice bird ;)

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Pixel aspect ratio not working?
« on: 2014-07-13, 18:36:49 »
saving me a lot of rendertime :)

NICE :) i'll try it soon!

Gallery / Re: AF Cars
« on: 2014-07-05, 03:15:20 »
refraction in the glass of the bmw (last image)  look wired... does it has thickness? or is this the hdri?

shadowcatcher ROCKS!


corona userbase is just awesome :) !!

@ coronaut and @ maru you got pm, maybe came twice (bad wifi).


i'm already using a7 with shadowatchermaterial (before i used the alpha v7 rc2-rc5 daily builds before...).
to the question, why i'm not using scanline, mentalray or vray, its simply, maybe super stupid, but I LOVE corona.
I started the project with corona and i will finish it with corona!!

the scene is lit with an hdri i did myself with a mirrorball assembled in picturenaut, stamped me out and cleaned up in photoshop.

i could use vray, i have dongle and everything, but its like be-trading corona...
the project is halfway rendered just left camera is missing ( 1200 frames are done by myself, so just 4050 frames are missing...)
each frame takes 2-4 min on my i7 4930k at 4.25ghz.

so if you farm is hungry, i got some food!

all the best
piripi / philipp

my skypename: delapa

dear developers and bug fixer,

i believe that the change of state set is ignored in the environment slots are not working properly...
in my case, it was staying as the last setting I did, and when i change the sets, it did not change.

especially the direct visibility is maybe a problem, if you wanna do stereo and render without comp...
in my case was not a problem, because its rendered for comp and the materials got applied right to the state sets.

anyway i love it ;)

dear developers,

i recently work on a project with stereo 3d.
so i have 2 different backgrounds / shadowcatcher materials/files.

the the moment the "corona output node" name is so long that you can't see which map is applied...
i know that i can simple drag'n'drop it to the material to the material node editor, but would be nice to have a shorter name.

corMapOut or cmapOut or you name it ;)

or is there a way in 3d max in general, in which i can change the look?
(for pathnames to images there is somewhere an option: read either left-to-right or right-to-left...)

sorry if this is in the wrong section
all the best

[Archive] Alpha Builds / Re: Alpha v7 released!
« on: 2014-06-30, 13:35:33 »
1st!! YOU MADE MY DAY (and my diploma haha)
you guys are awesome!!!
all the best

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Re: CAMERA SHIFT
« on: 2014-06-29, 15:14:32 »
If you don't have vray you can use the "skew" modifier... Not as nice as the vray cam... But works fine!


would it be possible to put the renderelements automatically to subfolders, corresponding to their names?

"Separate Folders - export each render element to a separate folder based on its name." like vray can do it?

would be nice, because my explorer and especially in 3d max, when i open these folders it takes sometimes ages to open...

i know rendering animation it not the main goal, YET ;)


[Max] Resolved Bugs / Pixel aspect ratio not working?
« on: 2014-06-28, 19:34:04 »
Hi guys,

i try to setup my rendering for stereoscopic rendering side-by-side for fullHD.

in terms of saving a lot of rendertime, i wanted to change the pixel aspect ratio of "2" and render 2 sequences with resolution of 960x1080.
is this physically not working in corona or not yet or will never be possible?

this would spilt my rendertimes to half...

is there another method to do this, without rendering two sequences of 1920x1080?

1. screenshot -> scanline works fine
2. screenshot -> corona sadyl not

thanks again and keep corona as nice as it already is! ;)


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