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Gallery / Re: Berlim Sounds : Scorpions - Wind Of Change
« on: 2014-06-13, 13:42:47 »
super nice!!
but is it rely called "berlim"?!

thanks for the comments.

Quote Andreas:
"Unclipped" is no invented term by me. It is a important trend in high quality productions that make it possible to produce accurate reproducable results.

I advice you to give this a read as it offers valuable information:
all the best andreas

the higher dynamic range an hdri has, the better the quality. so an unclipped hdri gives you the REAL illumination of an environment. with clipped hdri you have a disbalance in the illumination. there the sun is often way to strong compared to the sun.
that is why renderings with lower quality hdri often look too blue and have soft shadows

gif animation for comparison

hi guys,
its just a test for unclipped HDRI.
the hdri is sponsored by he was so kind to give me one 12k resolution for testing.

all the still images are rendered with 151 passes for comparison and see the difference between "Clipped" and "Unclipped".

also something to mention, you don't need vrayhdri-node!! straight image... bääm

1. unclipped hdri (normal bitmap image loader + NO Changes)
2. clipped hdri vrayHdri node (gamma: 1.0)
3. clipped hdri vrayHdri node (gamma: 0.8)
4. clipped hdri vrayHdri node (gamma: 0.6)
5. comparison gif (next post) image is to big for one post :(

Message from Andreas:

I am Andreas from and we finally did shoot our first truly unclipped hdri environment so you have the full power of the sun. Such are still rare in the internet.
Now we am looking for a few people to give it a test drive and maybe get some great renderings in return, that we can use to promote it.

I think best would be automotive rendering guys, because of the nature of the location, but others can try it too. Just contact me if you are interested.


4k Version free for testing, but please contact andreas and send him some references, thanks


[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2014-06-10, 14:03:26 »
Let's stop now !!!
Better GI caching (animations) it on lead position ;)yeah...

So cool the matte is working so nicely!!

I really love it!! Thanks a lot for being so fast implementing the cool things first :)

All the best

Gallery / Re: fast flamingo
« on: 2014-06-06, 15:59:21 »
different view
link to the video:

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Kam house
« on: 2014-06-04, 15:44:39 »
i would either bevel/champfer the edges or use the option in the material "round corner" lets say 1-2 cm, because it looks strange to have perfect 90dg angles...

and i would scale the texture of the concrete walls, it looks to big, maybe put the image to the refelktioncolor und play a bit more with the bump...

i like to color of the light in the inside! nice

works really nice!!

thanks a lot for the superherb tutorial!

the flamingo is almost there ;)

Gallery / Re: fast flamingo
« on: 2014-06-03, 22:45:30 »

lets say it kind of related far far away ;)

this is a good one too ;)

Gallery / fast flamingo
« on: 2014-06-03, 22:27:21 »
matte shadow works soooo nicely :)

thanks Rawalanche for the detailed tutorial!!
check it out:,3995.0.html

here the link to the video

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Robots in the valley
« on: 2014-06-02, 19:29:30 »
Yep, shadowcatcher will still require some fine tweaking, testing, and polishing :) But it won't be much...  2 days of work top...

heartbeat starts to rise....

just some test for my movie project i'm working on...

at the moment i'm rendering with standard rendersettings, is there something i could tweak especially for animation? to get less or better noise and off course more speed?

the test videos:

dirty comp... (no mattematerial sofar, looking forward !! :)

flamingo free solo:

camel with lumpy leg:

the holy cow with funky ears:

so far i can say, that i really like the way corona handles mblur and depth of field, all the stuff is rendered in 720p.
final render will be rendered 1920p and  comped with footage of blackmagic pocket.


Gallery / Re: Bank
« on: 2014-05-22, 03:04:07 »
What kind of bank is this? Is this a kind of Swiss black money bank? Is the guy in the truck a potential customer and got a shitload of money with him?

Nice render by the way, just the cars are maybe to much ;)

nice I will try it tomorrow :)
but would be nice to have away without rendering 2 times, the state editor can be pain in the ...

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