Author Topic: How to render big size (large images) on weak computer?  (Read 1692 times)

2014-07-13, 09:07:25


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My laptop is not so weak, it is i7 16gb RAM. But it is problem, when i am trying to render big size images (like 8000x6000px). What can i do with this? Now i use crop render and than collect image in Photoshop. Also i know, backburner lets do it. Another thing is to set VFB filter to none and internal resolution to 1, or even to turn off VFB at all. Do you know any other, better way, to do it?

2014-07-14, 20:34:34
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i had no project with corona and big ass renderings yet...

but my vray workflow might work for corona too...


1. install backburner: even if you have only one machine!
2. start server, monitor, manager
3. in renderwindow: there is a arrow right next to render button-> submit to networkrenderiing
4. search for the slice option, than try how small the slices have to be until you memory is full or 3d max crashs...
5. mark the option to combine it again or do it manually in gimp or photoshop...

(6. there are serval option you can try out, like the render an overleap, so it will blend it together...
i'm not sure if you have a problem when doing hdcache, maybe you get ugly seams!!
the workaround in vray is to precalculate only the LIGHTCACHE on one maschine, and save it out, than load it in, and than submit it so backburner with the slicing option...

i'm not sure how to do this in corona, maybe no need... i think if you use pt-pt you should be fine, just give it a try with a simple scene.

with this technique i rendered resolutions of 15000x10000 (15 slices exr)  (i7 2600k 16gb ram)
on my new machine i have 32gb, but still this is maybe not enough for heavy stuff...

tell me if it worked!
all the best