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Gallery / Jet Paragon - The Diamond of Data
« on: 2015-07-22, 13:00:32 »
watch with Anaglyph glasses ( red / cyan )

This is my diploma project at art school
hope you like it

Jet Paragon - The Diamond of Data
stereoscopic video installation
paper sculpture / 7x aludibon / stereoscopic Full HD video loop 5 :00 min
sound: nicki fehr

Big thanks for the incredible render support to Jet Crow & Ivan Stevanovic

Gallery / Concrete Square
« on: 2015-06-01, 21:51:57 »
hope you like it


[Max] Resolved Bugs / minimum F-stop Value not low enough...
« on: 2015-01-28, 10:21:46 »
hi guys,
i run into a problem...

i have large scale scene, 3000m-3000m which is in 3d max as cm... (would it change if i change it to meter?)
or is the most simple way to just group everything and scale it down?

now i wanted to render it with Dof... but the minimum value of the the f-stop is 0.01, which gives online very small dof...

i know i can do it in ps or ae, but than the masks etc are not exactlly blured the same way...


[Max] General Discussion / corona "vs" redshift
« on: 2015-01-17, 16:16:11 »
Dear everybody,

(jpg is compressed with 65%, but max file size is 1,5mb sorry)

just want to share my naive comparison test between amazing corona 7.2 and fantastic redshift V0.1.10 Alpha for Max.

i7 4930k @ 4,3ghz
Asus GTX 780 6GB (latest driver of NVIDIA)
32 GB Ram
win 8.1

first i want to point out, that this is NO “mac vs pc”,  “android vs iphone”  discussion…

its just a personal test i did this morning to see which render engine i could/should use for each project, or in which i should invest first in near future… (ciao ciao free public alpha)

i didn’t speed much time on the materials, i just tried to match it as close as i could in 5 min…
i’m very new to redshift, so the material conversion is not the best… and i don’t know how to translate the Fresnel from corona / vray to the “same” value in “facing bla bla ...” and “curve falloff”.

i used the same bitmap texture for “reflection color” and “reflection glossiness”.
i had the impression that, the corona looked more blurred, with the same texute, so i adjusted it a bit…

is there a way to convert this values better?

the lights are all corona / redhsift native area-lights, the size, color and intensity are equal.

hope this is interesting for you guys, again, BOTH render engines are amazing!!

i would be happy if somebody could point out, how to convert fresnel to redshift values, is there a simple rule / calculation?

my personal conclusion:
both are super cool, its really depending what you are going for…
after this test redshift would be my choice for animation and
corona for archvis, i’m sure both can be accomplished vis a vis


p.s. after finishing the renderpart, i realized its just 800px resoluion :( 
if someone is interested in the exr files let me know

hi there,

i'm doing a project in which i wanted to use the "corona mix tex" but when i load an imagesequenz ".ifl" it is not updating in animation, when i change any value in the mixnode (contrast or whatever...) its updating :(

i wanted to use the coronamix, because its better to animate then the normal composite node of 3d max...
(if i key values in the composite node, when rightclick on the number, in the popup menu does no "show in track view" appears, which is pain in the ass...)

anyway am i doing something wrong or is it bug?


dear developers and bug fixer,

i believe that the change of state set is ignored in the environment slots are not working properly...
in my case, it was staying as the last setting I did, and when i change the sets, it did not change.

especially the direct visibility is maybe a problem, if you wanna do stereo and render without comp...
in my case was not a problem, because its rendered for comp and the materials got applied right to the state sets.

anyway i love it ;)

dear developers,

i recently work on a project with stereo 3d.
so i have 2 different backgrounds / shadowcatcher materials/files.

the the moment the "corona output node" name is so long that you can't see which map is applied...
i know that i can simple drag'n'drop it to the material to the material node editor, but would be nice to have a shorter name.

corMapOut or cmapOut or you name it ;)

or is there a way in 3d max in general, in which i can change the look?
(for pathnames to images there is somewhere an option: read either left-to-right or right-to-left...)

sorry if this is in the wrong section
all the best


would it be possible to put the renderelements automatically to subfolders, corresponding to their names?

"Separate Folders - export each render element to a separate folder based on its name." like vray can do it?

would be nice, because my explorer and especially in 3d max, when i open these folders it takes sometimes ages to open...

i know rendering animation it not the main goal, YET ;)


[Max] Resolved Bugs / Pixel aspect ratio not working?
« on: 2014-06-28, 19:34:04 »
Hi guys,

i try to setup my rendering for stereoscopic rendering side-by-side for fullHD.

in terms of saving a lot of rendertime, i wanted to change the pixel aspect ratio of "2" and render 2 sequences with resolution of 960x1080.
is this physically not working in corona or not yet or will never be possible?

this would spilt my rendertimes to half...

is there another method to do this, without rendering two sequences of 1920x1080?

1. screenshot -> scanline works fine
2. screenshot -> corona sadyl not

thanks again and keep corona as nice as it already is! ;)


Dear kind Corona renderfarm owners,

i'm at the moment working on my final Diploma-Project. my diploma will be at the 8 of july 2014.
i study media art at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe Germany which has no renderfarm at all :(

the project is about an virtual sculpture, which deforms in 3d space. i also build the sculpture in real.

at the moment i'm rendering with 2x i7 machines (1x i7 2600k at 4,3ghz & 1x 4930k at 4,3ghz).

the scene is not very heavy 1 frame take about 1-2min (pt+pt 25passes), but i have a sequenze of ~5000 frames...
with my "farm" this takes ~30h to render in 720p.

the actual project is/was planned in 1080p + stereoscopic (10000frames) but in terms of time and deadline, I shrinked it down to 720p non stereoscopic :(
but of course I would love to have it in 2k stereo 3d…

the scene file plus textures is less than 100mb.

i attached one still of the rendering, so you can see how it looks like once its finished...

As it is a non budget project i can’t really pay much money, but i could place your name / studio / our your mothers name etc. in the credits or could do some slave modeling work or archvis cleanup in return…

you can find more infos about my artistic stuff on and the stupid stuff on (my trash page…)

if you are interested in supporting me, i'll send you further information!

my skype name is: delapa

all the best

Hi there,

i'm not sure if this has something to do with 3d max in general or corona...

i'm rendering an animation of 5000 frames. i use renderpal with my 2 x i7 machines.

each chunk (renderbucket) is 250 frames big => 21 chunks of 250 frames.

from time to time (every 2-3 chunk) the 250 frames run through nice, but after finishing the last frame of the chunk, max brings up a "failure message":

1st window:
  Problemereignisname:   APPCRASH
  Anwendungsname:   3dsmax.exe
  Anwendungszeitstempel:   531589b9
  Fehlermodulname:   3dsmax.exe
  Fehlermodulzeitstempel:   531589b9
  Ausnahmecode:   c000041d
  Ausnahmeoffset:   00000000004a4d15
  Betriebsystemversion:   6.3.9600.
  Gebietsschema-ID:   1031
  Zusatzinformation 1:   0a64
  Zusatzinformation 2:   0a64f82342d69156a78c88bee635e171
  Zusatzinformation 3:   7045
  Zusatzinformation 4:   704526da8e09b5274eb93a8fc10b09a3

2nd window:
Microsoft Visual c++ Runtime Library

Program: C:\ program files....

-pure virtual fanktion call

3rd failure window:
Autodesk InfoCenter:

  Problemereignisname:   APPCRASH
  Anwendungsname:   WSCommCntr4.exe
  Anwendungszeitstempel:   50dcb523
  Fehlermodulname:   MSVCR100.dll
  Fehlermodulversion:   10.0.40219.325
  Fehlermodulzeitstempel:   4df2bcac
  Ausnahmecode:   40000015
  Ausnahmeoffset:   00000000000761c9
  Betriebsystemversion:   6.3.9600.
  Gebietsschema-ID:   1031
  Zusatzinformation 1:   948d
  Zusatzinformation 2:   948d6b7615ef1672d47fec80f5303255
  Zusatzinformation 3:   15c5
  Zusatzinformation 4:   15c5e5cc2013d7a15a19a72388d576a2

renderpal records this in the eventlog:
27.06.2014 11:01:06: head_pappen_023(3) :: Erroneous (The renderer returned an error-code (0x3))
the stupid thing is, that i have to manually to press the button to confirm the error. once this is done, the next chunk start right away and renders smoothly, until maybe 2-3 chunks later this happens again!

does anybody got a solution for that? i found in the net other people having the same problem, but no real solution. only hints are install all the sercive pack (what i did before) and all win 8.1 update which i did...

the other solution would be to make the chunks bigger, so the failure happens not so often...

does anybody else get this kind of problem?

All the best and thanks

Hi guys,

i'm working on a short experimental animationmovie. i shoot footage with the black magic pocket camera and want to mainly use it with the Corona_shadow_catcher_material.

i made already some tests.

i used the standard settings, with mblur on shutterspeed 50-150:
images will be lit by HDRI (selfmade with mirrorball) if there is straight sun i'll use a corona sun additionally.
the dof i will do in post with standard ae dof blur

so now my questions are:

0. i'm using corona alpha build, version release 17.6.2014 (any recommendations? should i use older/ different build, only thing i need shadowcatcher...)
1. render engine (progressive or bucket)?
2. Sampling balance (not sure if i should change any ;)
3. HD Cache:
  • Precomp density: what would be a good value, how much should could rise the number?
  • record quality the hint says something about flickering in animation, what would be the values i should choose in between (for example256-1024)
4. ok lets say the settings are fine and i'm ready to render.
- normally i change the pass limit so 50-150 passes depending on the hdri and the light.
unfortunately sometimes it  happened, that the rendering got stuck on one frame (corona info popped up telling something is wrong, and asked if i want to irgnore it, us pressed than on ignore all...
is there a way to prevent popping up this stuff, or just to ignore is completely
(reading helps ;) Quote keymaster info.txt in daily dropbox)
5. renderfarm tool:
does it make problems to use a renderfarm tool like renderpal or backburner?

6. is there a tutorial out, in which is explained how to comp the passes together? (refl, refr, direct, indirect etc.) just to get the beauty pass?

7. i asekd already in the shadow catcher tutorial thread, but to have it all organized in one thread,3995.msg29796.html#msg29796

how to get the bluish shadow back? (see attached image)? am i doing the comp wrong?

ok sorry for maybe asking  stupid/unskilled/underskilled questions.
thanks in advanced

hi guys,
its just a test for unclipped HDRI.
the hdri is sponsored by he was so kind to give me one 12k resolution for testing.

all the still images are rendered with 151 passes for comparison and see the difference between "Clipped" and "Unclipped".

also something to mention, you don't need vrayhdri-node!! straight image... bääm

1. unclipped hdri (normal bitmap image loader + NO Changes)
2. clipped hdri vrayHdri node (gamma: 1.0)
3. clipped hdri vrayHdri node (gamma: 0.8)
4. clipped hdri vrayHdri node (gamma: 0.6)
5. comparison gif (next post) image is to big for one post :(

Message from Andreas:

I am Andreas from and we finally did shoot our first truly unclipped hdri environment so you have the full power of the sun. Such are still rare in the internet.
Now we am looking for a few people to give it a test drive and maybe get some great renderings in return, that we can use to promote it.

I think best would be automotive rendering guys, because of the nature of the location, but others can try it too. Just contact me if you are interested.


4k Version free for testing, but please contact andreas and send him some references, thanks


Gallery / fast flamingo
« on: 2014-06-03, 22:27:21 »
matte shadow works soooo nicely :)

thanks Rawalanche for the detailed tutorial!!
check it out:,3995.0.html

here the link to the video

just some test for my movie project i'm working on...

at the moment i'm rendering with standard rendersettings, is there something i could tweak especially for animation? to get less or better noise and off course more speed?

the test videos:

dirty comp... (no mattematerial sofar, looking forward !! :)

flamingo free solo:

camel with lumpy leg:

the holy cow with funky ears:

so far i can say, that i really like the way corona handles mblur and depth of field, all the stuff is rendered in 720p.
final render will be rendered 1920p and  comped with footage of blackmagic pocket.


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