Author Topic: i need more renderpower for my Diploma film could somebody share me his/her farm  (Read 2041 times)

2014-06-27, 23:59:02


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Dear kind Corona renderfarm owners,

i'm at the moment working on my final Diploma-Project. my diploma will be at the 8 of july 2014.
i study media art at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe Germany which has no renderfarm at all :(

the project is about an virtual sculpture, which deforms in 3d space. i also build the sculpture in real.

at the moment i'm rendering with 2x i7 machines (1x i7 2600k at 4,3ghz & 1x 4930k at 4,3ghz).

the scene is not very heavy 1 frame take about 1-2min (pt+pt 25passes), but i have a sequenze of ~5000 frames...
with my "farm" this takes ~30h to render in 720p.

the actual project is/was planned in 1080p + stereoscopic (10000frames) but in terms of time and deadline, I shrinked it down to 720p non stereoscopic :(
but of course I would love to have it in 2k stereo 3d…

the scene file plus textures is less than 100mb.

i attached one still of the rendering, so you can see how it looks like once its finished...

As it is a non budget project i can’t really pay much money, but i could place your name / studio / our your mothers name etc. in the credits or could do some slave modeling work or archvis cleanup in return…

you can find more infos about my artistic stuff on and the stupid stuff on (my trash page…)

if you are interested in supporting me, i'll send you further information!

my skype name is: delapa

all the best

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2014-07-02, 02:36:09
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I am willing to help you without any compensation...(not promising anything)  but i will need to go in some details with you, Contact me trough private messages.

2014-07-02, 11:11:40
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If the whole animation looks like the frame you attached, then why would it take so much time to render? This looks like an extremely simple scene.

Is this background a 3d environment or just a photo? If it's a photo, then you don't even need to render full frames, just the region with geometry and shadow/reflection. How about using the shadowcatcher material?

Also, I know it's not exactly an answer to your problem, but if you are struggling with time, why not use some other more biased renderer like mentalray or even scanline?

2014-07-02, 23:20:09
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corona userbase is just awesome :) !!

@ coronaut and @ maru you got pm, maybe came twice (bad wifi).


i'm already using a7 with shadowatchermaterial (before i used the alpha v7 rc2-rc5 daily builds before...).
to the question, why i'm not using scanline, mentalray or vray, its simply, maybe super stupid, but I LOVE corona.
I started the project with corona and i will finish it with corona!!

the scene is lit with an hdri i did myself with a mirrorball assembled in picturenaut, stamped me out and cleaned up in photoshop.

i could use vray, i have dongle and everything, but its like be-trading corona...
the project is halfway rendered just left camera is missing ( 1200 frames are done by myself, so just 4050 frames are missing...)
each frame takes 2-4 min on my i7 4930k at 4.25ghz.

so if you farm is hungry, i got some food!

all the best
piripi / philipp

my skypename: delapa

2014-07-03, 12:40:59
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Good people here....good people...I love this community so far ♥