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Jobs / Re: Job from home?
« on: 2020-11-25, 13:13:56 »
"Build it and they will come."

In your example there's pure glass for matter consequently rendering object, its parts 'invisible'.
Otherwise, it's fine...

IR/IV work a bit inconsistent (a few random occurring glitches selecting & playing in viewport - nothing defintive) In any case, renders fine.
[W10, R23, Corona 7.0 daily Oct 23 2020]
BTWHow does it go when you bake the sim (apply mograph cache to deformer & bake it)?

model is fine so next thing is I'd go for is lookdev, start working on (realistic) materials under neutral lighting conditions

[Max] I need help! / Re: Best way to animate lights only?
« on: 2020-10-31, 05:46:28 »
First, there's no way to edit & export animation simply by using VFB (in comparison to Maxwell's Multilight app - feature req.;). For that you need a compositing app.

Then, for rendering, since there's basically no secondary light (GI) effect observed, just set "GI mode" to either "Single bounce" or "None (direct only)".  This way you'll have less error prone & faster rendering.

So I think it would be best, if you simply do your homework. Find out what's your fastest way to animate & render simple, short sequence. Are you faster controlling light sequence with Max and just rendering or generating passes and then composing the sequence?

Do shadows just "seem" a little too dark or is that a fact?
To better define and clear things up, comparative imagery would be more than welcome :)

Yes... and another thing to note first.

Basically, what you're experiencing is a standard path tracer shading issue over a long polygon. Gets more pronounced with tris.
More about...

So here i'd advise to simply untriangulate geo & add edge weighted loops on the sides.
Also, to simplify it further, since it's a micro - visual element, use only bump in material instead of displacement.

Aha, usually it's HUD text... so place cursor over, left click & "Remove" it.

You can put any property (w/ controls) on HUD.
Simply drag & drop it where you please. (CTRL/command + L-click to move it around.)

quite handy having controls w/in interactive viewport (lights especially ;)
but it's bit less stable compared to IR :(

Have you tried this using Takes?

I agree about "Override" - for a start, it should either stay on the menu, if it stays active with Corona, or be disabled. Or at least give user a notice.

[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Render onto Last
« on: 2020-10-23, 17:21:25 »
Save incrementally (turn history on) then simply composite results you're OK with

No, as can be seen all refractive matter behind stays invisible. Which creates a different problem with glass, water and such being invisible behind.

Closest I could get was layering 'XRay' with Light material.

From experience, the easiest way I did silhouettes, was to 'flatten' the geo (scale to 0 / make it planar) relative to camera and use opacity.
If there's such a script for max, then it's no brainer.

That's the tech demoed above.
But on C4D, where instead of noodling with RaySwitch there's just a click needed on an advanced material option to unchec/disable "Visible in refractions".

Now, added translucency, reflection, refraction, IOR = 1.54, and a bit of roughness.

Corona Renderer for Blender / Re: Standalone License issue
« on: 2020-10-22, 20:43:52 »
Do you use protection s/w or a have a firewall running or got otherwise blocked access to the web for Corona Standalone?

Checked w/ Blender 2.79b and Corona SA 3:

Like here? Only front is visible. But also, no other transparent object is seen behind.

Refraction 90%, IOR= 1.
Ray Switch = invisible in refractions.

Hi Travis,

yes, there's a setting in Preferences > Corona > Interactive rendering: # of threads override

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