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[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Cosmos asset REQUEST
« on: Today at 10:04:13 »
These long gone days, filled with silence...
made a growing demand for pets/domesticated beasts, or category alike -  it's becoming a must
no need for heroes, just sidekicks, some entourage (; 

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Odd Motion Blur
« on: 2023-03-13, 19:30:35 »
Would be nice to get more detail (how it's all constructed) or an exemplary scene next time ;)

There was HOT4D...made a quick test some time ago...
... don't know how it works now...

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Odd Motion Blur
« on: 2023-03-12, 11:29:49 »
Works fine here (W10, C4D 2023, CRN 10 daily Mar-09-2023)

Works fine. (W10, R26)

BTW, since 'Texture' slot is obsolete here and just disables the shader (case for confusion;) would be worth considering to gray it out (Texture slot - that is)

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Re: Multi Sky Render Bug
« on: 2023-03-10, 16:37:33 »
Moreover if we could control the power of each sky value it would be perfect.
You can do this by setting 'Intensity' to your liking.
For HDRIs you could also apply CC (Color Correction) shader, lower exposure...

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Re: Chromatic abberation
« on: 2023-03-10, 16:28:25 »
You can make it 'in camera' using "Custom Aperture shape". If adventurous, you can model real stuff and simulate whole thing. Look around the forum, IIRC there's already some info floating around...

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Re: Anisotropy on beveled cylinders
« on: 2023-02-28, 19:30:52 »
Current 10 daily seems fine...

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Re: IR doesn't keep tone mapping
« on: 2023-02-23, 15:40:17 »
Working fine!
R26 w/ crn 10 daily (15feb'23)

Have you tried simply disabling material in question from being visible in reflections?

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Material format no no's...
« on: 2023-02-18, 14:42:18 »
Then this is well worth reading: Render Output File Formats Debunk

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Realistic VDB cloud
« on: 2023-02-18, 12:17:38 »
Notes to whomever
 Take into account retro-reflective properties of water droplets/mist - so set directionality accordingly
also, set sample intensity & ray depth as high as you can afford, otherwise clamping occurs :(

There also seems to be a kind of bug w/ use of VDB grid - roughness on sphere is gone inside the grid... (?)

One eager to learn can not simply ask a video tutorial to answer whatever, whenever an issue comes to mind, neither does it help when specific tasks are at hand.  It's then rather easy to lost flow of thought and thus hard to efficiently spend dedicated energy... 

I'm starting to think time has come... for, if there's enough interest, it may be good to get 'together' and make sort of short-term "academy" specifically tailored for C4D users, since when it comes to details lots of stuff is done and works quite differently compared to 3DS Max... 

Personally, I'd love to see and tackle with the scene in question...

This is common issue with a low - 8bit - maps use without sufficient underlying geometry.
To solve it, you need more detail, either using higher, 16- or 32- bitmaps, or subdividing the base geometry, or both.



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