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[Max] General Discussion / Re: Intel Denoiser prefiltering
« on: 2023-05-30, 18:59:17 »
Thank you for info.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Intel Denoiser prefiltering
« on: 2023-05-30, 17:03:34 »
Latest daily for C4D comes w/ LegionOpenImageDenoise-1.4.1-v143-Release
I guess next Corona version will most likely come w/ OIDN v2.x that can be applied on any modern GPU (in real time) and (hopefully) temporal denoiser which is currently being worked on.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Intel Denoiser prefiltering
« on: 2023-05-30, 08:48:23 »
psst, v.2 coming in...

About CGI
Soon your 'Windoes' and its fellow agents gonna make stuff for you directly, w/o any 3rd party app, and Adobe suit 'dreams' already... none can beat "AI" head-on - especially after one starts communicating w/ it subjectively (it's grandiose deception) :P think!&do 'cuz machines don't (are merely determinated objects to mimic and fool).

Enjoy The Comfy bubble (; 

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Crisper renders
« on: 2023-05-16, 16:40:53 »
Also textures, surface details, lighting, contrast, whole color theory and stuff... all that jazz, fine tuned makes fine art.

Apply 'Thicken'. Even 0.001 will do.
In old days was known to happen w/ PTs rendering single sided geo.

Hi, Ben
looks like you're enjoying AI explorations (: - I do too, but using 'Stable Diffusion' locally  w/ AUTOMATIC 1111's web UI for full control. It's amazing tool and really disruptive tech, feels empowering tho quite finicky and stupid at same time - can be true succubus ;)

btw, on topic of AI textures - check this site: Poly AI Texture Engine

tnx & see you around

All I found was, there's absorption/scattering threshold which, when passed causes image rendering never to clear. It's quite finicky to handle. Volume set to single bounce helps too. 

~1:23 h on AMD TR1950X, 225x lights in a volume, no post, just in lens camera fx

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: C4D 23.2.0
« on: 2023-04-02, 19:18:32 »
On Windows, installation went fine - plugins in root left untouched.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Help! issue with the liveview
« on: 2023-03-27, 11:30:58 »

Yes, textures aren't packed with the scene. Need to use your own!
My bad for assuming you were aware of this... ˇˇ

Always check with "Project Asset Inspector" for any stuff missing - which is found under "Window" menu ;)

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Help! issue with the liveview
« on: 2023-03-26, 12:06:42 »
Hm, it works/shows fine here (as set).

Tho, since Corona doesn't apply 'standard C4D lighting' - to have more control and natural look - add Corona Sky ('Environment Lighting')  & Corona Camera ('Standard Observer') to your scene.
Scene attached. :)

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Help! issue with the liveview
« on: 2023-03-25, 17:09:42 »
Image you posted reveals nothing about what you've done - about how's your scene constructed, shaded, set... ?
So do a test with same scene set/structure on another example (ie. a cube using same lighting, materials & render settings...) If it still renders black, share it here, and if it renders OK, then compare to find what's different. Might be just direction of normals or such.   

These examples work just fine w/ C4D's v10 daily

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: smoke rendering
« on: 2023-03-25, 12:47:41 »
Could do it, but then you only get homogeneous dense volume.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Help! issue with the liveview
« on: 2023-03-25, 12:43:09 »
"Why is anything black? Because no light reaches 'I'."

More data is needed to make precise conclusion and offer solution.

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