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[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Clouds playground!
« on: Yesterday at 13:31:22 »
100% coverage. Phase across Variety.

Yes, openning VFB before, helps.

And about LWF, it'works OK, just IV vs VFB show differently.

Yep, it's a freezer. Often when running Interactive Preview then starting final render (via VFB).
Also, Linear Workflow is still broken in IP.
R 26. W10.

First, as you may already know, every project starts by gathering references.
For architects it's about building intent, from its presence within environment to occupant's wellbeing, in technical/engineering and social terms. Thus is for visual artist (archvis specialist in your case) about visually presenting ambience as is to be perceived by spectator.  So w/o good references and experiences you got what you summed up.
Find yourself some inspirational photographers, archvis pros, studios... get to know guild.

Next time start your next project w/ posting in WIP section. This way you'll learn most.   

First, choose different time of day. Then set all lights for Light Mixing... and just go with flow ;) Keep tone mapping for finals, as to get it on all images consistently.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: dubcats secret little hideout
« on: 2022-09-20, 00:08:55 »
Looks like you haven't done your homework properly, so I suggest you take your nonsense down before you make more damage...

 First, get author's approval/consent to redistribute assets. Secondly, take at least a basic study in colour science, because linear color space doesn't exist!!! And finally, reference sources, among which is this thread.

Hope you can see your mistakes, correct them and realize future self in better way.

I assume your "runaway point" made bounding box "too large" (out of bounds for safe computing) and too small of a displacement value made machine too compute that long & far... it's unable to think "OoB" :) in this regard it's worth knowing about FPP - float-point precision, which defines hard limits for "virtual" worlds, and brings lots of incomprehensible issues for hairless apes, which is even more cumbersome handling it on GPUs (half size;) so "View Clipping", "nanites" & ultra fast EEC memory units are coming to rescue... in short, render-time micro-poly adaptive displacement is similar stuff in "off-line" rendering with more virtual space/numbers to  maneuver, also more complex thus slower, yet more precise still and relative. In both, user can define "View Clipping".

Hope you can sum it up and extract some to further find directions in this meandering matrix...

Check Render settings > Performance Settings > Displacement> Screen Size (px): 2 <<< go ^ XXL, to see where you're at. Then gradually lower, until you find your sweet spot.

Q. for devs:
Is there a "String option" to globally disable Displacement (switch it on/off)?

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Animation noise issue
« on: 2022-09-13, 23:37:04 »
I suspect it to be same as in case of "noise visible in volume coming from mesh-lights close to source" (it's reported).
So with that in mind I modified most of it. When you'll analyze the scene you'll also notice other changes: reduced polys of mesh lights to single quad (note that every triangle is a source of light); sphere isn't Standard, Perfect, nor subdivided anymore, but just icosahedron @100 (less polys, no poles, less pre-comp., still looks perfect); "Wax Fixed" has Layer removed (it's risky to use it w Corona); Frame Buffer Type is set "None" (faster, better for post-pro & OIDN; Highlight Clamping set to "1" (removes excessive bright spots/fireflies, also lowers noise;), Adaptive Light Solver "Off" (precaution measure), Adaptivity (Disabled), Enviro Sampler "Faster"...

I just tried again w/ Adaptive stuff back on and it renders fine. Highlight clamping set back to "0"also shows only minor change... So play around with settings (in bold) and see what change will bring noise back. Learn some and keep us posted.
And in future endeavors just remember of KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid).

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Animation noise issue
« on: 2022-09-13, 20:37:07 »
Here you go. Modified scene. Strive to KISS ;)
Tell me how it goes.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Animation noise issue
« on: 2022-09-13, 15:47:27 »
Appears to be adaptivity issue. Disable it. (Yes, it's an old bug.)

Just ...
ICR, if it was already asked or proposed, but since there are few constant issues, it would be great to get couple of extra options:
"Selected"(translate selected only) and
"Backup" (group, hide & lock" all/selected mtl on crn_Layer, in case of wanting to switch back w/o backing up whole  scene).

[Max] I need help! / Re: Create Backlit Metal Mesh Panel
« on: 2022-09-08, 12:46:52 »
Or simple "Chrome Rough" with self illuminated circle tiles.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: C4D 2023
« on: 2022-09-08, 12:14:16 »
I cant tell when it started (I suspect R19), but from my observations, every 2nd release breaks plugin compatibility. 2023 (ex R 27) is no exception. 

About Corona's presets (not yet possible, but soon) check Multiple file/startup templates with different render engines. How?

For your flow, set via "Preferences/Corona/ VFB Settings:"
a) Automatic saving on render end. (Saves as .cxr in ".../Roaming/Maxon/...")
b) Show VFB render in PV.  (Keeps your "C4D flow" intact. Pre-set in Render settings or manually save from PV.)

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