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[Max] I need help! / Re: Aviod/Correct Wide lens distortion
« on: 2019-10-12, 18:01:14 »
I always enjoy, the glass is too reflective shout :)

Off-Topic / Re: TED Talks on Arch Viz?
« on: 2019-10-12, 09:53:55 »

I've recently attended the state of art academy ADX in Venice, very inspiring people and talks going on there. There was a lot of film footage being taken so maybe thats available online for you guys to watch. "D2" is another conference that deals with cgi / archviz. I will see if i can find any and post a link later

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona - Noise and HDRIs
« on: 2019-10-10, 09:48:20 »
Hey there,

You could maybe try Light portals over the openings of your windows in your interior scene.

They help force the computational power to focus on the room the light in the room and less on the whole scene. Remember, there is always noise in real life, so a little doesn't affect the image :).

Or take some out in photoshop with CameraRAW, Details tab/Noise reduction, at the sacrifice of a bit of detail.

Similarly use a little bit of denoise on the image in corona


General CG Discussion / Re: VR Walk-through
« on: 2019-10-09, 23:58:41 »
I use krpano, it is pretty easy to get into and has some nice features for interactivity that you can apply to the code (im no coder :p)

It only works with panoramas though.

Hey there :)

Corona has always been a cpu based render. Buying an rtx isnt worth the buck for offline rendering. You are best spending the money on CPU and RAM. The RTX would play a role in viewport performance of your 3d software but not for actual rendering really.

Corona works best with a good cpu, with plenty of cores and Ram 64-128 preferable. I would say get that before a gpu. Hope this helps, any questions feel free to ask


[C4D] I need help! / Re: Corona proxy
« on: 2019-09-24, 22:01:07 »
I have this same problem, I think they are currently working to get corona proxies working. Just been having to use layers to turn off the big assets from view!

It's in their future improvements section on their trello page, but if someone has this working let us know :)

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Brick Material Shader
« on: 2019-09-22, 21:40:39 »
Spot on Cinemike, Kudos to you, that is exactly what i am looking for! (y) thanks for your help on that!

[C4D] I need help! / Brick Material Shader
« on: 2019-09-22, 14:01:32 »
Hi there,

I'm looking for some advice, tips on a way to produce a shader that replicates the following Reference. It is a brick that has one chiseled face. It's for a personal animation project i am looking to do, which will involve one shot of the sunlight rotating round the eliptical facade to show off this chiseled detail. Photograph by NAARO - Bishop Edward King Chapel

Therefore i need the bricks to be each unique.

i was hoping to use a selection tag to displace one face and use the variation effect to create variation in the UVW noise so that each displaced face is unique. However, it produced an undesirable result pulling the displaced face away from the rest of the brick, which makes sense.

Second try was splitting the displaced face away from the rest of the model and closing the hole. I think moved this face inside the brick so that the displacement would look as if it came from the brick. However it just seems a little messy, i feel like there could be a better way to create this.

Thanks in advance. I've attached a basic scene, with what i have so far. Feel free to play with it.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: ambient occlusion
« on: 2019-08-25, 20:01:29 »
I think you just want to use a layer map in the diffuse slot, You diffuse texture then add a Corona AO on top set to multiply and adjust the percentage (kinda what you would do with the AO pass when compositing in photoshop but directly in the material).

[Max] I need help! / Re: trimming CoronaScatter?
« on: 2019-03-14, 19:39:48 »
With the grass you would need to do this to every grass material type.
And this script may help for that  =)

Spot on Sprayer, i will have to have a dl of that

[Max] I need help! / Re: trimming CoronaScatter?
« on: 2019-03-14, 18:08:32 »
Frood's Method but at a Material level if you need it visually. With the grass you would need to do this to every grass material type.

Yes and no, If you are looking to render the model, i would say no as solidworks is a manufacturing software. the model you would export from it would be of triangles, so you would end up with a very faceted model i would guess, Then you would run into the same problem as you are having now when smoothing it out.

I would suggest maybe pinpoint the areas / corners you are having issues with smoothing and look into some new polygon modelling techniques to solve your issue.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Invertebrates
« on: 2018-06-18, 20:26:37 »
At that angle you definitely get away with your current process i think, more variation definitely but i'd say stick with what your doing. More detail could go into the jar and lid

[Max] I need help! / Re: Invertebrates
« on: 2018-06-18, 09:14:31 »
I'd probably just render the jar / solution then post in the invertabrates in photoshop, do some level / colour adjusts to make it sit. Depends on what level of detail your project needs to be / speed you need to do it. Loads of modelling vs time you have could be an issue.

If modelling i'd use zbrush /sculptris feature for speed. Then either spotlight / paint the texture on from images.

Just looked at sketchfab from the previous post by romullus. Looks great also if you need detailed models.

Gallery / Re: One Crown Place - The Sophie Ashby Collection
« on: 2018-06-17, 09:46:23 »
Great set of images Ryan, Saw a few of these pop up on your instagram months ago. Fabric materials on the blue sofa and carpets looks even greater now i can see a high res,  care to share them? ;)

excellent work, none the less.


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