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Hello guys,

I've just encountered this problem for the first time, probably after the latest update to C5hf2 .. It is easily resolved once I've found out what it is, just wanted to make sure this behaviour is to be expected..
When placing CoronaMix map into bump slot, the rendering gets corrupted and message LEGION_STOP @ C:\Corona\src\CoronaMX Utils\MixTex\MixTex.h(92)

This can be easily resolved by placing the CoronaMix map through CoronaBumpConverter into bump slot..  But I am pretty sure I could render it out without this additional step before, so not sure if it is bug or not..
Actually I did find out this error after opening older scene and getting this message, which worked fine before with CMix in bump slot..

The solution I mentioned works fine, but posting this as maybe you would like to have a look at it..

Gallery / SHARP it up
« on: 2020-04-09, 10:19:38 »
Hello everyone,

Today I'd like to show you a little sneak-peak, picked from the project I've been working on this first quarter, for Sharp electronics.
Apart from the infinite number of product shots, I've had a pleasure to create these lifestyle images for their upcoming android TVs.
Each scene had to be carefully designed to represent whole spectrum of potential customer target groups. It was kind of difficult to stay creative in-between individual scenes in such a short amount of time, but a lot of fun nonetheless.

Full project here:
Hope you'll enjoy at least some of them! :)






Thank you for watching, feel free to feedback:)

Happy quarantine Easter break!

Hey guys,

not sure if this is a bug or not, but I'd like to ask if anyone else has had this problem..

I am working on a product shots where I need to get the object, reflection and shadows in separate png files, therefore I have to use shadowcatcher plane as the base..
The problem I've encountered and couldn't resolve is that when I apply alpha mode in shadowcatchermtl to "for compositing", it also affects and change the reflection of a coronalightmtl in beauty pass..

When I change it to always solid or always transparent, reflection is at it should ..  when I change it to for compositing the reflection of the coronalightmtl just dissapears..

Anyone had resolved this kind of an issue? I've tried changing every visibility parameter in both SCmtl and CoronaLightmtl with no success..

Thank you for any help!:)

EDIT: Okay I've actually solved it by disabling "Emit Light" in CoronaLightMtl .. this didn't occur to me as possible solution.. Still, not sure if it should work like this :)

Gallery / Dance with a deer
« on: 2020-01-22, 16:33:43 »
Hello everyone,

First of all let me wish you a great new year, full of satisfying projects and even more satisfying weekends;)

Today I'd like to share with you a little funky project I've had some time to work on this past few days. It is an older scene created with a purpose to act as an placeholder scene for contemporary furniture models, but it never succeed in its role.
So this is my little compensation with funky muted color scheme and coldish snowy atmosphere to complement current weather.
I hope you enjoy it!

You can also check out my behance for more projects:

Anyway, thanks for watching! means a lot to me. Also feel free to ask any questions..



Gallery / Drylands; contemporary mountain retreat
« on: 2019-08-08, 10:26:39 »
Hello everyone once again,

this time I have some exterior imagery ready to share with you. This is one of the most pleasant set I've placed my hands on so far. Hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as I did enjoy creating these :)

The architecture was designed to fit predetermined local dry-land environment and to support upcoming brick texture release by Poliigon. I think that various shapes of the building help the brick show it's true visual value.

As working on exterior scenes is often very complex, there are always things that could be improved. But I think it is slowly getting there :)

Feel free to share your thoughts!

Software as usual: Sketchup + 3dsmax + Corona + PS

Full project here:

Thanks for watching,


Gallery / Among the hills (contemporary villa interior)
« on: 2019-05-07, 12:51:11 »
Hello everyone,

After some time I've got another set of cg imagery to share with you..
Once again created in order to promote poliigon and their freshly uploaded rug models:)

This time its an interior of a contemporary villa located in some solitude mountain environment,
designed with daylight and openess as two main attributes of the space..
This helped to maintain a nice balance between the indoor and outdoor area..

I hope I'll have time to render out some exterior views as well in the near future..

Once again, thank you for your time and I'd be interested to hear you opinion on these,

If you like my work, please feel free to follow me on my behance for some more projects:

Thanks for watching,




Gallery / The silence of browns
« on: 2019-03-22, 11:12:55 »
Hi everyone,

I'd like to share a little bit from the the work I've done in last couple of weeks, which is an promotional artwork for and their new carpet texture release.
The carpets are actually quite hard asset to focus and create the scene around, so I hope the color mood and a little bit of unique approach gave it what it needs to catch your eye.

You can find a bit more here:

I hope you enjoy it and don't hesitate to check these new carpets out in case you'd like to get some!
Also feel free to give me any feedback for me to improve upon in the next ones!

Can't wait to see more awesome renders from this community:)

Thank you and good luck,


Hello everyone,

This time I'd like to share a little project of mine, which I completed as a part of a job application for a position in a certain texture website last week..
The task was to create set of images to promote their upcoming wood collection in certain time..

After a day of reference collecting and creation of a moodboard I designed this humble modernist space,
which together with a misty outdoor weather nicely complement the wood textures and its reflections.

Even though there are some things which could get a bit more attention and tinkering with, I am quite happy with the result ..

I'd be happy to hear your opinion on it :)

You can also find the project on my behance so feel free to check it there!


Thank you for your time,


Hey guys,

I've asked this question on another thread but decided to ask in a post so it gets some attention, maybe someone already experienced/solved this.

I've installed Corona 3 today and am having quite an issue with interactive rendering which just keeps bugging me and makes the work on details almost impossible.. (never happened on previous versions)

Interactive rendering just keeps restarting/flickers , like after 1 pass it starts over and over again making it unusable .. I've reinstalled Corona altogether with nvidia denoiser and it helped for a moment, but after few hours it is back again ..  All the IR setting are disabled - displacement/denoising off - everything unchecked, tried both PT and UHD ..

Another problem is it doesn't happen at all times..  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt...
While writing this post I've actually noticed it does work correctly when 3dsmax is in background lol - when I click on it again ist just resets and do it again..

Anyone had this issue or managed to solve it? Would be glad for any answer as I have some deadlines to manage this week (and people do not like to go back to "worse" versions).. thanks!

[Max] Bug Reporting / IR resetting itself
« on: 2018-12-04, 11:52:08 »
Hey guys,

Anyone is experiencing interactive rendering just reseting itself over and over again in c3 ? (Render/Stop button just flickers)
Not sure what can cause this behaviour ...

Gallery / Earth-sheltered villa ep.2
« on: 2018-11-12, 20:59:43 »
Hey guys!

After quite some time I have few images to share with you and I'd be excited to hear your opinions on it..

It is basically remake of an older project I've done some time ago, that Ronen Bekerman asked me to write making of article about ..

For this opportunity I decided to redo it completely with the newer workflow and skills I've obtained since then ..  Article should be on Ronen's blog probably this week, so if anyone will be interested to look a little bit inside my usual process of image making feel free to check it out :)

Full project can be find here:

I hope you will like it! Cheers.

Hey guys,

I've tried to search for an answer here but there were so many threads about gamma settings I wouldn't have time to go through all of them.. If it was already discussed, please point me to the right direction..)

What I am curious about is whether I can use CoronaColorCorrect map to adjust gamma input for bump/displacement maps and get exact results .. (normal maps have this add gamma input checker)

I've become quite keen on drag&drop of bitmaps - much faster mostly when there is numerous maps for single material - but by doing this I can't get to gamma override settings which usually comes when selecting a bitmap by default - meaning all bitmaps load with 2.2 gamma from settings (I guess).

Is it somehow possible to change gamma input for a bitmap while it is already loaded in 3dsmax editor?

For example by using CoronaColorCorrect map - let's say I load map with gamma 1.0 and then change the gamma in the map settings to 0.455 - would it be the same as loading bitmap with 2.2?
And therefore if I drag&drop bitmap with auto 2.2 gamma and use CoronaColorCorrect with gamma value of 2.2 - would it behave as a bitmap was loaded with gamma 1.0?
Just a thought if I can overcome this bothering loading and browsing for a correct bitmap in max editor - which is quite laggy when scene is heavy..

Thank you for your opinions! If there is any other way how to do this - change gamma for drag&drop bitmaps - I'd be thankful to know more :)
Anyway, Good luck with your projects,

Cheers, David

Hi guys,
I've been wondering this for quite some time and haven't found an answer on the forum yet. If there is please forward me to it.

So my question:

Is it possible to run the render through corona's native distributed rendering only on nodes - not on master pc?
Let's say I need to work on some other file/other software so I need the PC computing power, but starting render on node takes a lot of time, reliking bitmaps has some issues sometimes etc, graphic card has trouble handling large scenes or so..  I hope you get my point.

Is there any way ?

Thank you for the answer in advance:)

Gallery / Residential Housing Project (Germany)
« on: 2017-11-20, 21:30:50 »
Hello everyone,

These are some exterior renders of smaller residential developement project I've done for the german client last week. What do you guys think?
Btw, could you guess what car is parked in the garage?:) There may be also some interior renders following so I'll update when ready.

Thanks for your attention and any comments on improvement are welcomed) Have a good week!

Street view:

Garden view:


Interior view:

Gallery / That inconsistent brutalistic feel..
« on: 2017-03-17, 14:43:58 »
Hey guys,

After some time I decided to share one of my personal projetcts..  This shot is the first one from my personal case study of unconventional family house, mixing modernistic and brutalistic elements and natural materials, which goes hand in hand with wild power of local flora.. And low bright evening sun just strenghten the whole atmopshere..

Software : 3dsmax, Corona renderer, Photoshop

final render:



If you have anything on your mind I will he glad to find it in comment section
More pictures from this project will be coming..

If you like my work you can follow me either on behance:
or fb:

Thank you and have a nice day!)

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