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Gallery / House 01
« on: 2017-02-04, 17:29:13 »
Hi guys,

After some time I decided to share one pic with you, from the current personal project i am working on in my spare time.
During my architecture studies I became quite a fan of earth-sheltered houses, so I decided to design one myself, as an inspiration for my potential future household :)

There will be more pics coming, but as it is a personal project, its quite hard to find enough time to finish it :)

I really hope you like it and any comments are welcomed! I haven't decided if I like the bw version better so I will post both..

Here is some more pictures! More coming soon hopefully :) ..

If you like my work, you can follow me here, where I will post some WIPs etc ..

Have a nice day everyone!

Kind regards

Gallery / Some exterior renders...
« on: 2017-01-11, 14:09:13 »
Hello again ,

Here are few shots from the older project, which was focused mainly on external shadings..

Hope you like it dont forget to leave some comment if you have any improvements in mind ..

Have a great day... :)

If you like my work you can follow me here:

Gallery / Something is boiling ..
« on: 2017-01-10, 18:36:36 »
Hello again,

Another picture from the recent project, which is kitchen proposal for my friends parents to their vintage style apartment..
Hope you enjoy both design and visual..

Dont forget to leave comment or advice about any improvement !

Have a great day!

Gallery / Business coffee
« on: 2017-01-10, 17:43:40 »
Hello everyone,

Here is one of the pics from my recent project..

I know its not perfect, but I hope you enjoy it and dont forget to pinpoint any advice or opinion of improvement :) Thank you and have a great day!

You can find the original (which was sent to the client) without people and sidelight in the attachments as well..

Gallery / That November mood...
« on: 2016-11-03, 11:25:28 »
Good Morning everyone,

This is actually my first post to this section as I've always prefered to watch than to be watched..
But well today I am in the mood to show you one piece of the project I work on now (which are actually windows shades/nets) as it goes quite well with the current autumn weather outside..

It is still not the final piece, interior has to be finished and some details as well, but I think you may find it quite pleasant :)

I will be happy to see your thoughts on it down below..

I will also post full project once its fully finished... So far it's not about all the perfect technical details, but about that november mood ... ;)

Thank you for your time!

//UPDATE : You can find finished project here:

Hi guys,

I would like a little bit of help.

While rendering my PC went blue screen because of some driver I guess, but that is not the issue.
The issue is that the file I was working on now takes few minutes to open, even though before the crash it took maybe 10-20 seconds.. It is really annoying..

Can you guess what might be the problem and how to maybe repair it? I had done a lot since the last save and I would like not to roll back:)

Thank you for any suggestions or advice,

Best regards,

Hey guys,
I am not entirely sure if this was not posted yet, but as there is so many request I was not able to find it.. If it was, sorry for duplicating.

I think it would be really time saving and helpful to have the feature of switching between region/fullview rendering while the actual render is going on.
I bet everyone here experienced that some parts of the image would need more passes while the others are finished, and instead of switching to region render and rendering the region again,
it would be nice if we could focus the render on the parts which are not completely done, while rendering!

I am not really into the programming and I have no idea if this is hard to do, but it would be very helpful, at least for me:)

Thank you guys anyway and keep up the good work.

Hardware / Advice on new Workstation for beginner
« on: 2015-10-01, 16:23:19 »
Hey guys,

As I am new to this forum and also to PC hardware I would like to ask for advice with "low" budget Workstation.
I am freshly graduated architect, and because I found most joy in visualization part of the industry, I would like to focus on that for now.
I use mostly Revit, 3dsmax and Corona(have to learn vray though for the basics), and also Adobe package.

The problem is, that my laptop is crazy slow even for "learning" part, so I am looking for and advice on workstation for about 1000-2000 E(of course the cheaper the better).
 I think you guys here have pretty good opinions on hardware and also are pros from the industry (juraj - btw I love your work:D).
 From the threads I have already searched through, quadro and xeon decisions might be too expensive for my budget and intention.
Also, I have no experience on overclocking whatsoever, but I am free to hear any advice on that.

Anyway, I will be thankful on any comment.

Thank you for your time,

Kind regards,


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