Author Topic: Shadow-catcher compositing alpha mode changes beauty pass in reflection  (Read 391 times)

2020-02-15, 13:00:09

David Males

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Hey guys,

not sure if this is a bug or not, but I'd like to ask if anyone else has had this problem..

I am working on a product shots where I need to get the object, reflection and shadows in separate png files, therefore I have to use shadowcatcher plane as the base..
The problem I've encountered and couldn't resolve is that when I apply alpha mode in shadowcatchermtl to "for compositing", it also affects and change the reflection of a coronalightmtl in beauty pass..

When I change it to always solid or always transparent, reflection is at it should ..  when I change it to for compositing the reflection of the coronalightmtl just dissapears..

Anyone had resolved this kind of an issue? I've tried changing every visibility parameter in both SCmtl and CoronaLightmtl with no success..

Thank you for any help!:)

EDIT: Okay I've actually solved it by disabling "Emit Light" in CoronaLightMtl .. this didn't occur to me as possible solution.. Still, not sure if it should work like this :)
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