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Hey guys,

I need a little bit of help/advice here. One thing I somehow successfully managed to ignore till now (4 months ownership), is the PCH/chipset temperature ..  Specifically it's on Asus ROG strix TRX40-E Motherboard.
I guess the problem might have started with the mounting of the new GPU few weeks back, which is huge, and it practically covers the chipset altogether with its fan..
Problem is, I have basically no other slot to move gpu into, as the top one is too close to cpu heatsinks and probably won't even fit there, the bottom one is then too close to PSU, and there would be no airflow into GPU itself, also I would have to sacrifice case power connections..  So I am basically left with this middle one only..

If anyone could check, what are the temperature readings idle/load on your chipsets? I've checked both bios and hwinfo ones, and the temperatures seem higher than they should.. practically 70+ on idle, and over 93 when I put GPU on a stress test.. fan is doing 4700rpm which sounds like too much..
Can this be dangerous for the mb in the longrun? Is it flaw in the design of the motherboard or do you think there might be something wrong with my MB, and would apply for a warranty replacement?

Please share your opinions, thank you :)!

//UPDATE: Ok, I've managed to solve this by actually moving the gpu to the top slot, which fitted by few milimeters.. This reduced the PCH/Chipset temps by almost 20 degrees under the load, which is now under 80C after half-hour of GPU stress testing.. Uff, a little bit of a relief here.. Weird how they designed this, as the MB is practically usable only with 1 GPU fitted at top slot - if you dont want to risk overheating of the chipset..  Anyway, I'll leave this here as it may help some other people with similar issue.

@David Males I can't reproduce it. I tried with IR, regular render, empty Corona Mix, and with some bitmaps loaded. Could you please provide a simple scene where this happens? Corona 5 HF2 here.

Actually I can't reproduce it in new scene as well, so maybe something got corrupted during the import from the older versions?
If you still want to try, I've managed to strip the file where it occurs down to 1 box with 1 material ... But maybe it is just corrupted file that evokes it ..  Let me know if you can reproduce it from this file too.

Hello guys,

I've just encountered this problem for the first time, probably after the latest update to C5hf2 .. It is easily resolved once I've found out what it is, just wanted to make sure this behaviour is to be expected..
When placing CoronaMix map into bump slot, the rendering gets corrupted and message LEGION_STOP @ C:\Corona\src\CoronaMX Utils\MixTex\MixTex.h(92)

This can be easily resolved by placing the CoronaMix map through CoronaBumpConverter into bump slot..  But I am pretty sure I could render it out without this additional step before, so not sure if it is bug or not..
Actually I did find out this error after opening older scene and getting this message, which worked fine before with CMix in bump slot..

The solution I mentioned works fine, but posting this as maybe you would like to have a look at it..

I don't fully agree with that. To me it looks like (and this is also mentioned in some places other than reddit) that there are conflicts between BIOS, Ryzen Master, and maybe some other thing (power plans?).
Also, if I change the same value in one place (Extreme Tweaker > X) and in another place (Advanced > X), then it works fine in one case, and the PC doesn't boot in the other case. Something is definitely wrong here. The specific value that behaves like this for me is Precision Boost Overdrive set to Enabled.

So if I adjust some values, the system is stable, I am getting faster rendering, lower temperatures, and less noisy fans - then why shouldn't I be doing this, and why isn't it working like this out of the box?

Hm, I too managed to get more suitable performance by abandoning stock settings (3960x).. I didn't really find out what stock voltages are, but they fluctuate somewhere between 1.08 and 1.4 for turbo I guess?
So I disabled auto-OC and PBO and set stable 4000mhz on all cores with 1.112V, and I am getting very stable performance with 5-10 degree less than stock - running Corona,
without any noticeable performance loss on multithreaded (+- same corona benchmark), but I haven't really tested single-thread though as it's not my primary target I guess..
I would probably be able to run 4200 all cores with same temperature outcome as stock, but with performance gain of about 5% on CB..  but I prefer to keep things cooler as that gain is not that great..

So here is a small quick test from this morning:
(same fan settings, same scenes)

C R15 - 5950sc - 70c (200-210 single core)
CB - 37sec - 69c
AIDA64 stress test - 84c
Corona test scene - 76c / 85c denoise
PPT - 90% of 280W (measured on ryzen master)

4000mhz all cores(no PBO)
C R15 - 5900sc - 62c (190-195 single core)
CB - 38sec - 60c
AIDA64 stress test - 70c
Corona test scene - 63c/ 72c denoise
PPT - 60% of 280W 

So, what are your thoughts? If I had more time to tinker with voltage/freq a bit more I guess I would be able to run it even faster with lower power consumption and temperatures,
but also at these values I probably prefer the later option, as the power/temperature output is much higher than very very slight performance loss..

Gallery / SHARP it up
« on: 2020-04-09, 10:19:38 »
Hello everyone,

Today I'd like to show you a little sneak-peak, picked from the project I've been working on this first quarter, for Sharp electronics.
Apart from the infinite number of product shots, I've had a pleasure to create these lifestyle images for their upcoming android TVs.
Each scene had to be carefully designed to represent whole spectrum of potential customer target groups. It was kind of difficult to stay creative in-between individual scenes in such a short amount of time, but a lot of fun nonetheless.

Full project here:
Hope you'll enjoy at least some of them! :)






Thank you for watching, feel free to feedback:)

Happy quarantine Easter break!

Hey guys,

not sure if this is a bug or not, but I'd like to ask if anyone else has had this problem..

I am working on a product shots where I need to get the object, reflection and shadows in separate png files, therefore I have to use shadowcatcher plane as the base..
The problem I've encountered and couldn't resolve is that when I apply alpha mode in shadowcatchermtl to "for compositing", it also affects and change the reflection of a coronalightmtl in beauty pass..

When I change it to always solid or always transparent, reflection is at it should ..  when I change it to for compositing the reflection of the coronalightmtl just dissapears..

Anyone had resolved this kind of an issue? I've tried changing every visibility parameter in both SCmtl and CoronaLightmtl with no success..

Thank you for any help!:)

EDIT: Okay I've actually solved it by disabling "Emit Light" in CoronaLightMtl .. this didn't occur to me as possible solution.. Still, not sure if it should work like this :)

Gallery / Re: Dancing with a deer
« on: 2020-01-24, 11:00:39 »
Lovely atmosphere and attention to detail - kitchen drawers not perfectly aligned. Call me boring but it's those kind of details that greatly add to the believability of an image for me.

Thanks! That one gap is probably too eye-catching looking back at it, probably should've been more gentle there.. 

Gallery / Re: Dancing with a deer
« on: 2020-01-24, 10:15:06 »
Very nice execution!! love the first one

Heh, thanks! I was a bit skeptical about the first one tbh, as these "fabric" soundproofing panels/pillows are probably not very suitable for kitchen use. But I loved it aesthetically so I decided to use it anyway:)

Gallery / Re: Dancing with a deer
« on: 2020-01-23, 12:06:13 »
Thank you Dmitri, much appreciated :)

Gallery / Dance with a deer
« on: 2020-01-22, 16:33:43 »
Hello everyone,

First of all let me wish you a great new year, full of satisfying projects and even more satisfying weekends;)

Today I'd like to share with you a little funky project I've had some time to work on this past few days. It is an older scene created with a purpose to act as an placeholder scene for contemporary furniture models, but it never succeed in its role.
So this is my little compensation with funky muted color scheme and coldish snowy atmosphere to complement current weather.
I hope you enjoy it!

You can also check out my behance for more projects:

Anyway, thanks for watching! means a lot to me. Also feel free to ask any questions..



Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-01-13, 11:47:47 »
Hey guys,

Recently I upgraded my workstation with 3960x on ASUS ROG STRIX TRX40-E GAMING mobo, cooled with NOCTUA NH-U14S TR4-SP3 + 4x NOCTUA NF-A14 PWM ..
I wanted to ask, can I fully trust the cpu temperature reader on motherboard's display?

The reason I ask is that when I do stress test on lets say 4000mhz , the display shows cpu temp 60-63 degrees, but in HWMonitor it reads 74 deg., which is fine also I guess, but being in the lower 60s sounds safer to me in the long run. So which one should be more correct? Shouldn't both of these read the temps from the same sensor?? Any thoughts? :)

Gallery / Re: Drylands; contemporary mountain retreat
« on: 2019-08-09, 17:10:25 »
Hi, very nice :-) did you use Corona Scatter for scattering grass etc.?

Hi, yes it's only Corona Scatter combined with distance maps :) I tend to use as little 3rd party plugins as possible ..

Gallery / Re: Drylands; contemporary mountain retreat
« on: 2019-08-09, 09:27:33 »
Hey guys, thank you for your kind words, really glad you enjoy the project :) As for the lighting, it's purely HDRI in this case, even though I usually add CoronaSun too to have a bit more control. But as I mentioned in this case it was not necessary. These exact ones are from hdrihaven - I've picked them for their great quality and a lot of environments to choose from, this one went perfectly with what I've imagined for this building to be located at. Also they often come with various sun setups in the same scenario, which is great :)

Gallery / Drylands; contemporary mountain retreat
« on: 2019-08-08, 10:26:39 »
Hello everyone once again,

this time I have some exterior imagery ready to share with you. This is one of the most pleasant set I've placed my hands on so far. Hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as I did enjoy creating these :)

The architecture was designed to fit predetermined local dry-land environment and to support upcoming brick texture release by Poliigon. I think that various shapes of the building help the brick show it's true visual value.

As working on exterior scenes is often very complex, there are always things that could be improved. But I think it is slowly getting there :)

Feel free to share your thoughts!

Software as usual: Sketchup + 3dsmax + Corona + PS

Full project here:

Thanks for watching,


Hi guys,

speaking from my own recent experience, I personally had quite an issue with IR in Corona 4. It was so annoying I just downgraded to C3hf2 for that reason, maybe it was due to some things still being on legacy settings, but as I needed it to work afap I just decided to finish the project in C3 instead..  I spent almost whole week trying out what the culprit was, couldn't identify it (re-saving layer by layer etc.)..  But it was really very very unresponsive, like waiting several minutes for IR to start reacting every time I moved the camera or changed any settings, and I still had a lot of RAM available..

Although I think it may have been due to quite heavy CoronaDistanceMap usage in mix with the CoronaScatter and proxies? Maybe that is something you could try to recreate to investigate this further, like a lot of various object/proxies in distance maps + scattering.. I was definitely less optimizing things in the past on my 32gbs workstation and IR was working much smoother.. with much higher polycount at that..  One more thing that comes to mind was that maybe I must update the older proxies to "newer version" as well? Could that increase the performance?

I can try to give an update on the situation after I start a new scene from the scratch in C4, but that can take some time .. :) But well anyway, C3Hf2 have basically no issues with IR while C4 working with same scene is hardly ever responding..

Anyway I would be very glad if you make this a priority as fast IR is a must in nowadays standards..


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