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Yep. I also thought about mentioning this. But it's no replacement for the above at all (think of farm jobs or unattended renders) and I assumed ronaldjung is aware of that feature.

Good Luck

(in case it helps, can be done by letting the render finish to the current target, then using Resume Render - it will then render til it reaches the new noise limit, or will render for the additional time specified in the time limit, or the additional passes specified in the pass limit)
[C4D] Corona Goodies - User Contributions / Re: new material website
« Last post by Merlin on Today at 13:56:21 »
thanks romullus !

Up until recently, this was general user contribution board. I will move your topic to C4D dedicated board now.
Hello, It is plane with opacity applied to it. I have uploaded scene with only this plane.
[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Render Stops before finish.
« Last post by mmarcotic on Today at 13:40:47 »
I personally like R21 the most ;)
[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Bake Material
« Last post by beanzvision on Today at 13:27:46 »
Hi, Unfortunately, texture baking is not currently supported.
No longer reproduceable in v5 + v6. Closing.
This topic has been moved to [Max] Resolved Bugs.
Hi Daniel, Can you tell us more about the setup? How are you using the image? Is it applied to a background object, a plane, or a Corona Sky for example? If you're able to send us a stripped back version of this, that would be great.
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