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I am posting although I am using the hotfix 1 which I guess is the daily build from 16.09 or almost the same.

Is the DR rendering problematic again?
I am getting some stange unhalted exceptions and freezing of the 3dsmax.

oh, it's a pitty. so i will observe the the news about the developement for an archicad (osx) version and hope its comming one day...
Thanx for the fast Answers and good luck...
[C4D] I need help! / Re: Corona Interior Lighting
« Last post by CullenJCreations on Today at 17:51:35 »
cancelled my vray today, corona is my baby now <3
Work on ARCHICAD is suspended, sorry - see
[C4D] I need help! / Re: Corona Interior Lighting
« Last post by TomG on Today at 17:47:17 »
Great to hear! Enjoy the new version :)
[C4D] I need help! / Re: Corona Interior Lighting
« Last post by CullenJCreations on Today at 17:45:39 »
You don't need to delete or re-add - both the old and new are options within the Sun and within the Sky. So you can just switch to whichever you prefer at any time.

EDIT - as a note, that's totally different from the portals issue, which is solved with the new Adaptive Environment Solver. Sun and Sky don't play a role in whether portals are needed or not. You can't swap back to using portals in Corona 6, they have been removed entirely.
Actually, the lights are even better in this, I set up lights how I previously had them and looks great now!
[Max] General Discussion / Re: Issues in corona renderer 6
« Last post by maru on Today at 17:45:29 »
Can you please contact us through this form
We will then help you troubleshoot further, and we can also have a Team Viewer session with you.
Thanks for the answer. But i ment for archicad?
[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona - THE COMPLETE GUIDE - paper book
« Last post by maru on Today at 17:43:10 »
Amazing, Francesco! I am super excited about the guide and looking forward to seeing the final product live!
Is this relevant also regarding the Standalone version?
(the last post)
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