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[Max] I need help! / Re: Normal maps in Corona
« Last post by cjwidd on Today at 02:38:45 »
It seems like the default normal map strength (1.0) is not on parity with the strength (representation) of the normal map in viewports of some popular real-time renderers, e.g. Marmoset, Substance Painter, Mixer, etc.

The normal map strength 1.0 seems twice as strong, thus the correct (consistent) bump strength should be 0.5(?)

Wondering if there is some sort of conversion factor that could make sense of this(?)
[C4D] General Discussion / Re: corona cinema4d on "apple silicon"?
« Last post by frv on Today at 01:44:37 »
your right, I could just stay with corona on a pc.

But I see here at the office what people do with Lumion and once I go PC,  I might go for Lumion (will never be available on a Mac) as well. Its just that I am used to Apple now for over 30 years and I like the Apple ecosystem and looks of the hardware. Corona made me stay so far. I am an architect and the typical render workflow of the past 15 years is fading to easier to use and much quicker app's. Obviously with a bit of a price to pay in terms of image quality. My clients don't see the difference though. Pressing a button and wait for things to see is no longer for this generation of architects. Its all real-time now. Apple has lost it basicly with architects in general. But what kept me going on a mac was really Coronarender. If Corona is not going to support Apple silicon or new iMacs are a bit of a let down I will for sure in the second quarter of this year start investing in a PC with Lumion or get myself familiar with Unreal Engine.

Whats really funny actually, that the number one reason people are so taken with Unreal or Lumion, or even Redshift, is not even real time feed back. Its the cinematic atmospheric volumetric effects. To get something simular in Corona is possible but extremly timeconsuming. In Lumion its instant with the click of a mouse. Almost any image in Lumion looks fantastic, the sunrays through the trees and windows. Its just so very easy to do.
[Max] I need help! / Re: Normal maps in Corona
« Last post by cjwidd on Today at 00:55:00 »
I've always had this problem with Corona Renderer / 3ds Max, and have basically avoided it by using high poly geo whenever I can. When working with game assets, however, this is unavoidable and produces very harsh shading artifacts as described above.

There will be times when it is not possible, or practical, to get normal maps for an asset baked in [whatever tangent space 3ds Max prefers].

I'm wondering if CoronaRoundEdges or the new PBR shader will have any say in this?
[C4D] I need help! / Re: Masking foreground and background elements
« Last post by BigAl3D on Yesterday at 23:41:25 »
Seems like you can have a Sequins-only light by going to the Light's Include/Exclude tab, setting to Include and dragging your particle group into it. Now you can set that light to be as strong and animated as you want. You could also add a Corona Compositing tag set to not cast shadows if it conflicts with your main lighting.

Hard to say for sure without see what your scene looks like.
The test is with one 3090 or with 3x3090? Since in the text you copy-pasted it says 3x3090?

I sincerely doubt that gpu rendering is going to completely change cpu rendering, maybe in a few years, yes but at the end of the day I would never drop Corona for gpu renderer just because of the speed. It would need to be a complete package for me in order to make a switch and right now Vray Gpu isn't.

Triple 3090 rendered his scene over three times faster than a 3990 so logic would dictate that a single 3090 would match the processor speed. Unless AMD manage to fit more cores on the same die (very unlikely) then GPU is without a doubt the future. If i can buy a  3090 for half the price of a 3990X and match the rendering speed that gap in price and performance is only going to get bigger as time goes on. The 3000 series cards are the gamechanger and will drive so much development because of their extra horsepower. Im of the opinion that within the next 10 years offline rendering will be basically obsolete as realtime develops better pipelines and integration. Thats maybe 2 iterations of GPU development. I know a couple of people wiothin epic who are confident unreal 5 will cause some significant shifts.
[Max] Feature Requests / Organize Render Elements
« Last post by cjwidd on Yesterday at 22:45:11 »
Pretty sure I've seen this requested at least once, but chiming in to add my two cents:

It would be nice to be able to move up or down render elements in the Render Elements dialog. Right now there is a sort of 'hack' by which you can delete a render element, undo (ctrl+z), and it will automatically sort that render element to the bottom of the stack. In this way, you can organize the render elements list, but of course, this is not a user friendly solution.
Hardware / Re: Upgrading RAM?
« Last post by TomG on Yesterday at 22:38:15 »
Yeah, my ram is running out with just 16gb

In which case, more RAM would definitely help - no matter how fast or slow the processor, as soon as Corona has to use virtual RAM (that is, use a hard drive or SSD to store information that it would normally store in RAM), your render is going to be a lot slower, as accessing any form of disk drive is significantly slower than accessing RAM.

Basically, if Corona gives a low RAM warning, either optimize the scene to fit in RAM, or get more RAM, otherwise things could slow down significantly (or experience other problems). See the article at

Hardware / Re: Upgrading RAM?
« Last post by Mfriedm3 on Yesterday at 22:30:12 »
Yeah, my ram is running out with just 16gb
General CG Discussion / Re: using corona passes in nuke
« Last post by Ngah on Yesterday at 20:54:17 »

ok attached a capture of my nuke scene
Gallery / Re: Pictures from Corona Land #5 - just a night mood
« Last post by Neb on Yesterday at 20:34:47 »
Thank you!

I made a bag directly in Cinema. I made bag model ( quite dense mesh ) add soft body material with right values and set wind simulation. I added wind, some turbulences, gravity and started the simulation. It was quite difficult to hit the shopping trolley :)
Hi resolution image ( 6000 pix width ) took about 4-8 hours with detailed displacements and environment fog on dual xeon 2.3 GHz and a dozen or so minutes for full hd frame. On my new Ryzen 3970 workstation it's usually 2,5 time faster at least.
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