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Gallery / Living-Room-Area
« Last post by AmanyFahmy on Yesterday at 18:38:46 »
Software: 3DMax, Corona Render, Adobe Photoshop

Design\Visualization: Amany Fahmy

Location: 5th settlement, Cairo


This Behance Link:
Bug Reporting / Re: Crash if hdri change while interactive
« Last post by arqrenderz on Yesterday at 18:23:27 »
Yep no problem, the script is not in there, just a simplified scene with corona sun.
Gallery / Basement Area
« Last post by AmanyFahmy on Yesterday at 18:07:40 »
Hello All,
This is the Basement Area part of the project that I have working on through the last 2 months.

Software: 3DsMax, Corona Render, Adobe Photoshop

Design\Visualization: Amany Fahmy

Location: 5th settlement, Cairo


this Bechance Link for all Render Scenes:

Something similar here.

I used bitmap for masking with disabled tiling (black background, white text). The bitmap not covered entire object, just small part of it. Previously it worked fine - paper material (base material) over entire object and black glossy text corresponding to white text on mask bitmap (layer 1).

Now I'm getting black glossy (layer 1) for entire object and text. Paper only where the black background on mask bitmap.

I'm adding some screens.
1 - wrong result (previously worked fine), 1_1 - mat setup
2 - looks like correct result but I had to invert mask and base/layer 1 materials - 2_1.
I've had issues with RC1 and RC2 when using CoronaLayeredMtl : the base mtl surface does not appear when used with masked layers. Previous versions seemed to work fine.

Can you please explain what exactly you mean? I am sure a screenshot of the material setup and the rendered result would help. It seems to be working fine here (V6 RC2).
Could it be that you are connecting the masks to wrong slots in the Layered Mtl?

Same scene : 01.jpg is before RC1 - 02.jpg in RC1 and RC2
I simplified the scene and rendered it in RC2 as seen in 03.jpg, you can find the corresponding material in 04.jpg
Changes in Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 3) (

  • Fixed:
    • Fixed loading of post processing preset in Corona VFB
    • Optimized Corona VFB refresh when using C4D color space
    • Fixed bug with Corona Bitmap rendering rotated HDRI image when used in environment
    • Fixed problems with NaNs in render caused by using textures containing NaNs in their file
    • Fixed crashes in node system when disconnecting nodes with multiple connections within more complex shaders hierarchy
    • Fixed problem with occassional duplication of shader when disconnected in node system
    • Fixed crash in some cases when deleting shader node in complex hierarchy via node system
    • Fixed duplication of Layer shader in node system (i.e. ctrl+drag of Layer shader)
    • Fixed problem with material preview and its IR render not updating when deleting its shaders via node system
    • Fixed problem with non-collapsible tree with presets in multipass dialog
    • Fixed problem with Bloom and Glare not refreshing in Corona VFB without moving mouse over VFB area
    • Fixed random crashes when updating Sun/lights in IR
  • Added:
    • Dissolve with previous image added to Development/Experimental Stuff section of render settings, for future development

as in the title,  the "NOW" button in the Scatter lister doesn't work.

But, the "Update now" button in the Corona Scatter Viewport Display rollout works fine.

I think it's a bug.

EDIT: the same with v5.0

Thank you =)
I need help / Corona Edu license problem
« Last post by Alida13 on Yesterday at 17:23:02 »
Hi guys,

I probably did something stupid or Im just blind.
Today after being a long time fan of corona I decided to go for the edu version. I bought it and installed it. Now I need to activate it. I never received the login information to activate it, I dont have any details on how to log in the customer site. They will send you an email?  Never received it.

I mailed them this morning but maybe I need to wait longer?

thank you
Gallery / Sniep Animation,
« Last post by AminPH on Yesterday at 17:19:51 »
Hello everyone,
This is another commercial animation we did for the client we can share with you, it has been take about one month from start, we tried to put more life in architectural animation like simulations and peoples,
So we hope we can share more commercial animation in the future and getting better and better

Please follow us on Instagram to see new projects:


Tools: 3dsmax, CoronaRender, ForestPack, Phoenix FD, Growfx, Photoshop, Premiere, Megascan, Bridge, Mixer, Nuke,

CPU      - AMD Ryzen 9 3950x
RAM      - 64 GB (4x16), Corsair Vengeance, 3000mHz
Graphic Card      - RTX 2060 Super, 8 GB
Driver type and version   - Studio version 451.77
Windows Version   - Windows 10 Pro, v 1909, build 18363.106
Corona Version   - V6 RC2
3dsMax version   - 2020.3
Aditional renderes installed   - VRay Next update 3.1 (Demo)
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