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Thanks for that references that follows major rendering engines.
What I am actually looking for is that when you adjust reflection value
without touching fresnel you can already see a default sheen that the material
is reflecting.

Of couse fresnel is just going to kick in when you increase or lower its value.
Hope it makes sense. Not really a major thing.

Hi @blanchg

Reflection is not updating correctly as you can see from the image below.
When I increase fresnel value then reflection shows.
Is this suppose to be the correct reflection behavior?...or need to fix it in the exporter?

Thank you.

Hi guys :)
I'm very interesting to use Corona with Blender, and if there's an addon to work with it will be a real pleasure to buy a license :) But I can't succeed to use Corona with Blender for now, can we have a tutorial to install the last addon ? Actually I use Corona alpha6 with Blender 2.75a ( over this release of Blender don't work :/)
Thanks :)

You have to use the Blender 2.76 and above and use the latest Standalone build 2016-8-22. Burnin show you the link.
Any issue  just post along here. We may be able to figure it out together.

Why not ask the opinion of the forum on the best UI to take plus inputs from some of the experts in corona rendering on their workflow
since workflow and UI are both interlinked to have an efficient and also nice UI.

Not sure if there is separate UI improvement section in the forum but this can be a dedicated one where users can contribute and share ideas what
they prefer and best UI they ever used (could be in any apps).

Ideally UI must be intuitive enough for an artist to do his work efficiently and naturally centered on the rendering engine itself inside the 3D software
that he is using that is also interlinked of what corona's features and capable of.

It is more of a change in the Blender API rather than a bug I think (scene is done in Blender 2.72 compared to the new version 2.78.
A lot of update need to be done in the corona blender integration, one is the material and the other one is ies support.Update also to Corona standalone
had bring this new "bug" as you call it.

Though the blender exporter is working when you do a new scene in Blender 2.78, but not in an old scene. ;)

You can use it but using Blender. Please have a look at this,11317.45.html


Thanks for that info.

But testing it with the latest corona blender integration crashes with Blender 2.78 and even with Blender 2.77
It started to render and open up the corona render viewport then crashes.
Is there a major change from SA 2016-8-22 to latest 1.5 SA build?

The global multiplier sounds reasonable. It would be enabled by default, but experienced users should have no problem disabling it. For this reason I will probably implement it together with the functionality to set the current render settings as default, so that you wouldn't have to disable it for every scene you create.

As for me, with the new release, I need to report that the regular sampling control is missing in the render dialog.

This was done on purpose. From the latest release changelog:

  • Sampling mode setting removed. According to the latest measurements, there was no actual performance gain once adaptivity kicks in.

If your experience proves otherwise, there is no problem putting it back. It was removed so that there are no unnecessary controls in the render settings.

Yeah, your are right, not that much contribution in reducing rendering time.
Latest release yesterday solves the issue that during rendering hidden object were also rendered.
Now its hidden.

That's a good point. I could probably add some warning when such materials are found during scene parsing.
Majority of SketchUp users are not and never will be interested in getting technical with the renderer. Most of them do not understand the concept of albedo and why it ever should affect rendertimes or realism in their scenes. They are not really 3D artists, mostly just architects or students (or often both). Also, they will in many cases use already premade sketchup assets, and since sketchup by default doesn't come with any physically based renderer, they will almost always contain simple absolute colors, like 255 white.

It will be very hard to try to educate entire sketchup community and then try to convince them all to manually edit and fix materials on every premade asset they bring in.
How do you know that? And I'm not (just) nibbling here. I am just curious if you have some experience with SU users.

It depends how experience is the SU users. I do not totally agree. Some SU users came from different 3D softwares and had deep understanding of the rendering engine system before coming to SU.

As for me, with the new release, I need to report that the regular sampling control is missing in the render dialog.

For feature request, is it possible to add a region render button in the render setting that picks up a sketchup region then renders it?
I did see the render region in the corona render viewport but it will be good if we can do it in Sketchup viewport as an added feature so that we can select
area that we want to quick render.


Just dropping by...

I just recently upgrade to Windows 10 and I think that it is really more stable that win8/8.1.
Happy that Corona for Sketchup is working good in  Win 10 OS.

Here is a test. No hiccups...

While it is in the progress of resolving this issue here,
Well, the good news is that these messages will be replaced with a much nicer "Failed to load Corona DLL" message in the next release :) Even better news is that I'll start working on a custom installer which will hopefully solve this issue once and for all.

You can try a clean install. Use only Sketchup 2016.
Delete and uninstall all the sketchup plugins or extensions and install only Corona for Sketchup,
It may work.

Try installing VC 2015 update1 instead.

There will possibly be some kind of material library in the distant future. In the meantime you can just export/import materials from SketchUp.

To export:
Right click the material in the library and select "Save As"

To import:
Just drag the .skm file to the SketchUp material editor library.

Great! Would the preset material like glass, metal, paint, plastic, ss etc be included to these?
That would be a nice addition.

Currently, reflection has color options, thanks for that ---looking forward to fresnel, anisotropic and texture mapping options.

Collapsable render panel is really a good direction since old render panel
does not really automatically fit in the entire Sketchup window. This save me one click.

Hi Ryuu,

Not sure if this is your intended design of the save button in the Corona render viewport, that when you set the file in the render output  (1) dialog box
even if you press save, it does not work.

What I mean is that Save button (2) should be also working in case you want to save the file as another copy as the rendering progresses.

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