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[Archive] Corona for Sketchup / Re: Corona@Sketchup started
« on: 2016-02-04, 02:00:50 »
Corona integration to Sketchup is one of the best move the team has done i believe.
With ease of use of sketchup and its accessibility with the Sketchup Make, anybody can just try
Corona renderer inside it.

In the first day that I use sketchup, I instantly fall in love with it, though I am a user of different
3D software. And adding Corona to its render plugins always welcome by its users if not by arch viz and artists themselves.


I would be great if corona materials can be integrated into Sketchup native material system by extending it with the
common corona material properties.

Sketchup material system is so simple and easy to use and perhaps if this can be extended will be great.
Most renderer have their own separate material editor linked to Sketchup material.

My idea is use the sketchup materials and extending it to the advantage of corona render engine.

Light portals and emitters will be of help here. Though not in a hurry  ;)

Hi All,

Great day to everyone, the tests here look very promising as I can see it for myself.

1. color richness is the same as what you see from Sketchup ala WYSWYG. Its is a good start to have a color correct from the beginning.
2. geometry translation is quite fast enough.
3. with a good roadmap along the way, this will even get better and better.

What I do experience during testing is the speed which is slow compared to the good old standalone pre-alpha6/alpha7 versions.
Using Blender and or obj exporter and manually create render scene, I previously manage to test the alpha versions which I find more faster.

I do believe that the current version of the sketchup plugin is great enough to test and see the future it will lead.

What I would like to request is always to include passes and render time as well during posting.
It will help us understand one at a time how render time progressing and in relation to the complexity of the scene being render which shows.


General Discussion / Re: Corona Alpha4 Benchmark scene
« on: 2013-04-23, 08:27:32 »
Here is my test. promising renderer indeed...

[archive] Alpha builds / Re: Corona Alpha v4 released!
« on: 2013-03-19, 15:25:16 »
Need to test soon...thank you.

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