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[Archive] Corona for Sketchup / Re: Render viewport error
« on: 2016-04-21, 01:42:46 »

I have reported also that when saving rendered image, Abort dialog box appearing. This made me not able to
save the image.

[Archive] Corona for Sketchup / Render viewport error
« on: 2016-04-20, 02:46:04 »
This can be the thread to post Render viewport errors or Corona render window/ viewport errors.

During few and quick test of the latest release CoronaSketchup-160419,
I met one instance which after saving the render image, I cannot close the Corona render viewport.
This is after 60+ passes...


Do you mean the tiling width & height? This problem is present with all the spinners in the dialogs (the render settings dialog suffers from this as well). It's also on my roadmap, but thanks for reminding me of this problem. You don't need to actually click the arrows to apply the value, just moving the focus out of the spinner by clicking any other control should do the job.

Yes, it is present in the render dialog box render resolution. But thanks for the tips until the next update.

Do you mean adding the possibility to set reflection/refraction glossiness maps instead of just a single value? This is planned and will be pretty simple to add. I'm waiting with these changes until I had a chance to redesign the material editor UI (add some collapsible rollouts so that it's not all so mashed up together).

Yes, please include the fresnel and anisotropic control button/spinner

Material UI bug

When you change render resolution, you have to press arrow up/down
before you can type the number. You cannot type straight in the input box.

Is there a way to add glossiness in the material editor to control
Blurry effect of reflection or to control range of glossiness.

Test fancy thing, just need emitter or light support.


This works correctly for me. It may be related to some specific material properties in the scenes.

In testing further, seems to me that it is just a memory lag or the Sketchup being slow to refresh when loading new scene.
This could be a bug but still trying to get a correct file to send in order to recreate this.

In some scene, it happens but sometimes I can't recreate it.

Testing the latest dev update, I confirm that it is working back with my old files again.
I just noticed that I need to restart Sketchup when opening other files. If not, current materials in the material editor does not refresh to the new opened scene file.

Need to test more.

Just wondering what are the Sketchup 2015 API differences with 2016 that makes the move.
It is the new C API changes?

Well, I respect the team's decision and if it helps the development of Sketchup plugin to better focus and come up with a more robust one.
Anyway, software update is always forward.

....or that the applied materials should just somehow be tagged/highlighted in the editor's material list?

Its more into this.

The problem with auto-selecting material from a selected face is that you can have different materials applied to both sides of the face. That's the reason why this is done through the "Selected" tab. This way you can also select more complex object and see all the materials applied to its components.

Well the Selection tab is functional, but merging it in the All tab will be for a cleaner UI.
Not a priority concern at the moment.

Thanks Ryuu.

I think what he meant by illuminate in the material editor is that the face selected will show the material applied to it in the editor even without
going to the Selection tab. And I agree so that one can easily see the material applied to the face in relation to all the list of material. So in the tab All, you can instantly see the material applied to the face which means the Selection can be removed or change into additional tools maybe node editor in the future....

Please also add control, it could be low, medium, high button or slider to increase preview resolution, similar purpose to that of 3dsmax.
Or this could be added in an Option Tab somewhere in the material editor

For sure, a lot of features will be added and can be added. Its only a matter of time and priority.
But for sure sections and shadow casting will be another important one for arch viz.

Thanks Ryuu,

Looking forward to that. Corona for Sketchup is getting more awesome!

You can right click on the toolbar with all the icons then a list of checked and non-checked tools will appear. Check the corona.

Or go to Menu then View then toolbars, check the corona
Or go to Menu, Window, Preferences, Then Extensions, you will see a list of installed plugins,
Enable corona for sketchup

Pretty good! How far did you tweak vray materials to corona?
Do you think material converter will be needed in the future?

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