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Hi Mohammadreza Mohseni, can you elaborate on the method you are using?
Looks good!

Looks very Useful ! Thx for sharing!!

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Stop IR in viewport ASAP
« on: 2020-10-17, 17:11:50 »
Forest is launching the 7 version "soon" I really hope that it comes with some magic on the performance side of things, right now is painfully slow to work on big scenes with tons of scattered forest objects.

General CG Discussion / Octane Multi-Render
« on: 2020-10-13, 20:31:49 »

Same Here, i'm just shading foam with the default color and i will say that IT could look better :(

Thx Maru for the response! Its super interesting to see all the research on the field and to know that corona team keeps itself up to date with the new tech :)

super cool tech! Hope to see it implemented

Looks really interesting!

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Corona 7 License error
« on: 2020-09-22, 02:56:02 »
Yep, corona license reset only gets on New FULL releases.
You need to buy a corona license to keep using it.
Ps ITS worth it.

Well i found this one, dlss, the same tech that games has is being used the super sample renderings, Super cool to me!

Gallery / Re: Pure Colors
« on: 2020-09-16, 20:36:03 »
Beautiful project. Nothing to say. just congrats

Hi, I have a question regarding Nvidia or intel denoising, as we know those type of denoise cant be used on animations for Flickering reasons.
But how are they using it on their demos ?
  They are using it on games and unreal engine, are they using a different denoiser that the one that corona have?

The big problem with this is reflections, if you have a window that shows reflections happening on the back of what the camera is showing this will cause some problems. its like the Itoo forest option, its there but the user must configure it.

Gallery / Re: Malalcahuello Cabin
« on: 2020-09-07, 16:42:40 »
Thx Juraj for the critic! and the kind words :)

I have other "trick" people might not know with Corona, CoronaBitmap doesn't use TextureSize like Max Bitmap, but the procedurals! I was baffled why my CoronaBitmap materials look blurry in viewport and Ondra explained it's due to this.

That's interesting... will have to look into that. It works the opposite how you'd expect. Even more reason to be very careful about changing these values I guess.
This is super important, so good for bringing it up!

I never tested the speed of opening, but I routinely use 4096px and my scenes open fairly quickly. I am tempted to believe the slow-down would be rather due to swapping between GPU VRAM and System RAM. 11GB of 2080ti is still not a lot, because 3dsMax doesn't use any compression at all, so single bigger scene can eat up to 10GB in textures alone and that is just viewport in Max alone, Photoshop, Web Browser, Image viewers,etc. will eat VRAM at same time.
(But now I am gonna test this up)

When you run out of VRAM (you can check this on Windows 10 with task manager, there is GPU tab, from latest update you can even assign different GPU to different task/software), the performance completely tanks as well, if you had 200 FPS for example, you'll get right down to <5 FPS...

I've been on Quadro RTX5000 with 16GB Vram for over a year now for this reason alone. And I am upgrading all PCs to GeForce 3090 with 24GB to make life even easier (though GPU rendering & Unreal 4-5 will be nice bonus).

I have other "trick" people might not know with Corona, CoronaBitmap doesn't use TextureSize like Max Bitmap, but the procedurals! I was baffled why my CoronaBitmap materials look blurry in viewport and Ondra explained it's due to this.

This is reason why I advised people all year to buy 350 Euro 1080ti from used-market, and not brand-new 2070-80 with pathetic 8GB. 3dsMax doesn't care about the speed of your GPU much (in fact it runs fantastically on integrated Intel GPU lol), but VRAM is everything.
And the solution would be so easy for Autodesk... Unreal uses lossy compression for example that saves 75perc. of VRAM, such massive compression introduces artifacts on even spaces (like pure white/grey texture), but who cares in viewport?
I pondered lately if it's not possible to super-impose such compression from nVidia settings override.

In meantime, with Unreal 5 we're gonna get real-time mipmapping and unlimited texture size&amount : /. 3dsMax, on other hand, can be perfectly killed with single 20k texture shown 1:1.
(Would be nice to get that in Corona too, Corona too can be killed fairly easily with shit-ton of 8K textures, and no one uses tiled-exrs).

Hi Guys, I think you may have more leverage on autodesk to ask for this kind of changes, autodesk is a bit deaf we all know but it wont hurt to ask ;)

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