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General CG Discussion / Octane Multi-Render
« on: 2020-10-13, 20:31:49 »

Hi, I have a question regarding Nvidia or intel denoising, as we know those type of denoise cant be used on animations for Flickering reasons.
But how are they using it on their demos ?
  They are using it on games and unreal engine, are they using a different denoiser that the one that corona have?

Gallery / Malalcahuello Cabin
« on: 2020-09-01, 21:39:26 »
Here is my latest personal work  Malalcahuello Cabin by  Iragüen Viñuela Arquitectos

I made a big post on behance with a lot more information and some sort of making off , if you are interested here it is

It Was made using 3dsmax 2020, corona 5.2 and Photoshop 
The biggest hurdle was the waiting for the interactive to start, the scene has a lot of forest instances and it take a minute to start on a ryzen 3950 at 4Ghz with 128gb of ram, It would be a dream come true if those times could be lowered, i don't really know if its asking too much (not being sarcastic or attacking here) or if itoo developers and corona could make it faster on the scene parsing side of things.
I just had to set up the environment and turn it off for the rest of the project for time sake, i can share the scene for the developers if it can help somehow.

07-esquina-2" border="0

05-Esquina-noche" border="0

03-Hill" border="0

02-Esquina" border="0

02-Esquina-Overcast" border="0

01-Frente" border="0

11-Comedor" border="0

10-Jacuzzi" border="0

09-Sink" border="0

09-Chimenea" border="0

08-Jeep" border="0

06-Deck" border="0

05-Esquina" border="0

05-Esquina-Sol" border="0

Simple but time effective! Copy VFB settings to selected corona cam thats my feature request :)

[Max] Bug Reporting / Crash if hdri change while interactive
« on: 2020-07-13, 17:10:46 »
Hi, there is a crash every time i change the hdri while the interactive is running.
is it related to the object merger while interactive is running?

Por aca les dejo un nuevo video tutorial para darle variaciòn a la vegetación, la idea funciona para cualquier motor de render

Gallery / 7110
« on: 2020-06-17, 16:14:57 »
7110 Is a personal project created to pitch an idea.
Is made to explore new possibilities

Behance link for full res renders

01-Esquina-1" border="0

02-Acceso" border="0

02-Estudio" border="0

03-estudio" border="0

03-Sillas" border="0

04-Desde-Estudio" border="0

05-hacia-acceso" border="0

06-Cocina" border="0

07-Sillas" border="0

08-Ba-o" border="0

10-Habitacion" border="0

11-habitacion" border="0

12-habitacion" border="0

13-Habitacion" border="0

14-Cama" border="0

15-Ba-o-close" border="0

15-Ba-o-top" border="0

16-ba-o" border="0

17-ba-o" border="0

18-silla" border="0

Nuevo tutorial de corona, Shaders de materiales mojados con todo y texturas !


Second tutorial, this time is about ice shaders.

First video is about metal shaders

Comments are welcome !

General CG Discussion / Help a total begginer on Maxscript
« on: 2020-03-24, 15:55:10 »
Hi, im under quarantine for 20 more days in my country, i was hoping to put this time to good use and to learn the basics of maxscript programming would be very useful, So any of you have good tutorials or resources to get started? maybe some tricks and tips you have learn ? Where do you get all the expressions and the basic programing language? Have any tried phyton with 3dsmax? it's supposed to be easier?
Thank you so much

Gallery / I`m Guest House
« on: 2020-03-18, 21:51:21 »
Hi, I like to share my last under quarantine personal project, its the I`m Guest House by Desai chia architects, while i was searching more info about the house i found that Nmachine have already done it on 2017 on the ronnen bekerman forums.
So just like they said fell free to post your comments! Stay safe people.

03-Esquina-arriba-low" border="0

04-Arboles-dark-low" border="0

05-Interior-cocina-Low" border="0

06-Esquina-BW-low" border="0

06-Esquina-low" border="0

02-Esquina-piso-low" border="0

Behance gallery has better resolution ones :

Jobs / Freelance Archviz artist for Hire
« on: 2020-03-13, 14:50:28 »
Hi! i'm Daniel
It's been 13 years since i start doing archviz at the university and quickly became my passion.
I'm an architect with a very good interior design skill that i apply to the archviz jobs. I really love what i do and i think is the only way to get better at what we make.

I Have worked on numerous housing projects, office interiors, hotels, houses and product catalogs.
If your company is looking for that good freelance guy, i'm the guy.

Here is my portfolio and web page.

You can contact me on

New-banner" border="0

Gallery / Casa de piedra
« on: 2020-03-12, 00:28:18 »
Casa de Piedra

Just saw this project on dezeen and jump right to 3dsmax, grab some references and made the project.
I made my own version of the interior space, recreating a dinner room filled with natural light creating intense shadows and a ray of light that draws the furniture.

Architects Tuñón Arquitectos
Photograpghy Luis Asin
CG Arqrenderz

3dsmax/corona renderer/davinci resolve/photoshop

Tunon-archiects-interior-1" border="0

Tunon-Exterior-noche" border="0

Tunon-architects-v1" border="0

Tunon-Asoleadora-3" border="0

Tunon-silla-2" border="0

Tunon-Silla-1" border="0

Tunon-Top" border="0

Work in Progress/Tests / Arqrenderz render thread
« on: 2020-02-25, 15:27:05 »
Inspired by london art wallpaper, and the tacchini italia forniture Jacket armchair

3-A-crop" border="0
3-A" border="0

This was an idea in the back of my mind a long time ago, every texture has displacement, textures from texture heaven
4-Barn" border="0
Barn-front" border="0

cg representation Liberty city apartment
Photo credit @depasquale.maffini
Liberty-city-Cassina-v1" border="0

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