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[Max] General Discussion / Corona New Sun Sky Vs Vray
« on: 2021-01-18, 16:09:10 »
Hi, i want to talk about corona New Sun and Sky vs Vray

I really like the new sun sky model, but i feel it lacks something, for me its not very good and night times and dusk hours, here is a comparison i found on ava archviz artists youtube video showing them side by side.
Is there going to be more attention towards the system or is it a closed topic?

Hi Maru, sure here it is
I guess that if vray has it its easier for the corona team to use some part of the code and not write from scratch?
This would be a really nice feature to have in the archviz world

Also disable the automatic update on the shader ball on the slate editor. that might work

+1 For that.

Vray has Vray tiles, corona has no such option, so we use bercon tiles too, its really handy fo archivz.
+10 for corona tiles

We are using parsec too, but 0 problems so far regarding that ..

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona + Phoenix foam = crash
« on: 2020-12-17, 15:53:22 »
You need to have latest phoenix version installed

Gallery / Re: Balvinland
« on: 2020-12-16, 13:59:24 »
I love it!!
Camera angles, lighting,mood, pace... everything!
Teach me sir!   ;)

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Tyflow Motionblur
« on: 2020-12-02, 20:56:07 »
If that tyflow is not spawning new particles you can get motion blur.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Tyflow Motionblur
« on: 2020-11-30, 14:57:25 »
A workaround for now is to birth all the particles at once, corona dont have motion blur for particles  created spontaneously on the timeline.

I wanted to test the Corona bitmap lower memory consumption on V6 and I found some interesting things that i like to share :

The test project consists of 969 bitmap files ranging from small to very high resolutions, on all kind of image formats.
3dsmax file with two fully furnished apartment floors
Here are the results

First time Opening the project

3dsmax Bitmap
Memory used on 3dsmax process  14.3 GB
First time rendering Memory Usage   32.9 GB
Scene parsing time        1:02
Geometry parsing time   0:02
UHD Time                     0:11

Second render
Memory usage is the same
Scene parsing time        0:11
Geometry parsing time   0:02

Interactive after second render
Scene parsing time        0:11
Geometry parsing time   0:02

First time Opening the project

Corona  Bitmap
Memory used on 3dsmax process  22.5 GB
First time rendering Memory Usage  27 GB
Scene parsing time        0:44
Geometry parsing time   0:02
UHD Time                     0:09

Second render
Memory usage is the same
Scene parsing time        0:19
Geometry parsing time   0:02

Interactive after second render
Scene parsing time        0:22
Geometry parsing time   0:02

For the lazy ones that dont like to read that info :
Corona bitmap CAN lower the memory consumption on the RENDERING side, but will use more memory opening the max file
Corona Bitmap will be faster on the scene parsing the first time comparing to 3dsmax bitmap, BUT the second time 3dsmax bitmap will be faster.
So if you are having memory problems corona bitmap is a good option, but your starting times will be longer.
I can share the scene with the developers if they want to take a look.

All test were made on 3dsmax 2021.2   Win 10   Corona 6.1
Ryzen 3950  128gb ram

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Corona Displacement Bug
« on: 2020-11-17, 21:39:59 »
Hi Maru, thx for the response.
I didn't have any crash with the texture or scene, that's weird.
I was told (by your colleague) that there is not too much to be done here until there is some new progress on corona displacement tech.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Glass with Liquid
« on: 2020-11-13, 23:13:31 »
I got the solution for that :) Just put the liquid material slightly smaller than its container.
Liquid cant be bigger than container, that way of doing things don't work with corona since corona 5 i think. 

[Max] Bug Reporting / Corona Displacement Bug
« on: 2020-11-11, 17:55:15 »
Hi, i was working on a brick facade that needs some displacement to show the mortar gap and made my maps with substance, when i was rendering i found a nasty displacement bug with corona that is very obvious in the images below, i render the same geometry using Arnold and the result is way better and there is no deformation.
I tried with and without 2.5d 

Im attaching the displacement map used on the tests
Arnold version looks way better :(

If some one knows how can this work on corona it would be Great


[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Corona Scatter speed improvements
« on: 2020-11-10, 00:45:27 »
Here is my features list :
Ability to control z offset and scale for each model
Distribution modes different from the standard one (like forest Dense, full, isle, scattered...)
Exclude areas, exclude objects
Clusters mode
Surface direction and slope range

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