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[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2024-02-21, 14:23:25 »
Thx Tom for the answers, a lot is clearer now.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2024-02-20, 21:51:16 »
Hi Lupaz
Hi Tom G, thx for the response, now I'm a little baffled, isn't chaos scatter developed for the two engines ? Does the corona guys need to re write every single line of code when the vray team has it working ? Honest Question!
Lupaz thx for the input man, i will no delete the post, it can answer some questions to someone else about development.
As for the website I'm no longer paying it, so its only behance, I'm working for another company and not doing freelance stuff these days.. you can check my behance here, I'm not the best but have a bit of experience in the field.
And here I'm working right now

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2024-02-20, 14:07:15 »
Hi, all the last corona releases had some user input from this board, is it no longer the case ?
Im sorry for Over simplify things but corona 12 dont seems that good for 6 months of development

New vfb skin (most of the code comes from vray)
scatter timm as checkbox (code comes from vray)
Curved decal (code comes from vray)
Scatter painter (code comes from vray)

We are left with corona specifics:

Unify cosmos and corona library (i guess this is mostly done by some artist re doing shaders?
Crypto by material
Material converter imporvements
Support sending scene to vantage (this is high on people minds, is just that corona is not that compatible with vray scenes and MATERIALS right now, and you guys did the blind eye to the industry trend of PBR / USD and all of that (conversion from corona mats to unreal is no existent in datasmith, USD is not even planned )

I really hope for the list to grow, i love corona for its simplicity, but the industry is moving fast, right now i feel that we are waiting 50%  of the time for the render to start, and the other working..

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: New VFB Skin and functionality
« on: 2024-02-15, 20:32:21 »
I agree with the half baked corona lister, the thing is not usable at all.

Gallery / Re: Nolite
« on: 2024-02-15, 13:57:51 »
Its over 9000 !!!!
Thanks for sharing a bit of your work, a time ago render settings were kept close to the chest like treasure maps...  Great images

Gallery / Re: Nut-o-grammetry
« on: 2024-02-12, 14:03:03 »
amazing assets

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Material Library / Management
« on: 2024-02-01, 14:44:14 »
Also Project Manager Here, full version, great plugin

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Thank you and goodbye!
« on: 2024-01-29, 18:29:42 »
I hope this change is for the better :) change is almost always good, new learnings, more time for yourself, how knows..
Thx for all the work

I have already asked for improvements in this excel File, its no easy to find, it only shows when memory problems are starting to show, have you looked at the one vray have?? ITS awesome, times and memory allocation for each object, readability!! right now its a bad readme file that shows a bit of info.
Someone will say that archviz dont need this, maybe small archviz wont, BUT we are trying to get bigger clients, projects and be better at what we do and can deliver.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: New Corona Lister Feedback
« on: 2024-01-11, 15:17:21 »
If you have 20 cameras or lights you cant change a value in all of them at once.
Can we have that functionality please ?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Price Increase
« on: 2024-01-11, 15:15:25 »
What we dont like is the features they push, like Corona Power toys... Did i miss that "Feature" from the upcoming ones in trello ? or the Most wanted feature board?
What about the "Rewriting scene parsing" that has been pushed 4 years.. You want to compete with Unreal or real time engines? Make Magic for us, cut those times so the user can see faster what they are working.
Edge map was also a rabbit from a hat to all of us, TOON shader has been asked for YEARS, so i guess its complicated to do, please BITE the bullet and do it, if it can take 4 years to do it we would have it already..

We do use it, Corona is NOT good managing the ram, we have 128gb in all systems and we Need to use it on various scenes in order to render, but the pulze plugin can interfere with the paths.

Looking forward !

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2023-11-07, 14:38:09 »
+1000 for this approach, One other thing that im missing is a BUMP Material just like Vray Bump material (NOT shader) in order to be able to better blend objects with its surroundings.

I remember that someone seem to have already asked in this thread, but I can’t find if the request was logged

It would be very nice to get a blend-shader, I’m now doing more and more exteriors and fitting individual assets into the environment can be very time-consuming.

Now, we can do this by using CoronaDistance, but if you want to do so - you need to create a Layered mtl each time for each object, that you want to organically fit into the environment. If a more complex material is applied to the ground, which already contains Layered mtls, the shader tree turns into a mess. Plus we can't get proper normal blending, CoronaRoundEdges Map doesn't work well in this case.

It would be convenient if, right in the “advanced options” section, each material had a checkbox that would enable mixing with environmental materials, without the need to change the material tree and add objects manually to CoronaDistance.

- this section could have a numeric distance/radius parameter;
- a map slot similar to the "Distance scale" slot in the Corona Distance map (there we could insert a height map from an object that we embed in the environment or some noise map);
- a checkbox for mixing normals, which will either use a separate radius or take it from the main distance parameter.
- texture coordinates can be projected directly from the parent (ground) object.

P.S. This will undoubtedly complicate the structure of CoronaPhysicalMtl, especially for the newcomers.
And in general I am not a supporter of the approach of a universal all-in-one shader for all use cases. So I would prefer to have an additional map (or a reworked corona distance map with the second "mode") that would contain all these parameters and would connect to a special map slot in corona physical mtl, if necessary.

« on: 2023-10-31, 21:44:07 »
Love the attention to detail!
great landscape

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