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[Max] I need help! / Re: Animation tips&tricks
« on: 2021-10-01, 16:41:53 »
PLEASE DO not use PT + PT for interior animations if you are looking for descent render times.
use Pt+ 4k cache or Pt + UHD if you have problems with 4k cache

Same result as before...
Ir scene parsing 54seg

Producction rendering  scene parsing 44seg

Hi Maru thx for the reply
Im running an amd 3950x  along with 128gb of ram Win 10 latest updates
Corona 6.1 and max 2021.3

Hardware / Re: Rtx 3060 12gb vs gtx 1080ti?
« on: 2021-09-29, 05:55:40 »
Im a big fan of vram for viewport performance, i would go for the 3060

Gallery / Re: The Forth Rail Bridge
« on: 2021-09-27, 15:42:47 »
Cam 2 and 3 are GREAT!! Nice work

Man, sorry :(

Thanks Nik! just started using it like a month ago, it a super nice tool for that ugly bad models and its shaders!

Hi, i found a bug in the corona tonemap control map
Just put a direct visibility override and a bitmap with corona tonemap control map. Start the interactive and change exposure with all the thinks unchecked, the background WILL be affected by the exposure, for it to properly work you need to disable and then enable the controls on the corona tone map control maps

I made a small video for it.

Hi, did the devs see the uploaded scene ?

[Max] Feature Requests / Viewport DOF Corona Camera
« on: 2021-09-24, 15:53:30 »
Hi, i know the topic has shown in the forum before, but here is the request on the Feature request forum. Please make the corona camera work with the viewport dof of max! Its very important to have the ability to set an animation with dof without the need to render it! (if its done on the interactive its slow on big projects)
Have the ability to make an animatic with dof included is a must to avoid future errors and for the client to see the real intentions.

So the thing is that on production scenes with lots of forest objects the Scene parsing becomes slow, im talking 1+m to start. I guess this is happening to most of the artists working with forest and corona, I have tried Vray3.6 and for the scene parsing it just seems Faster, way faster. Unfortunately Cant try the same scene or a newer vray on this topic but sure some one else can do that comparison.
For me its super frustrating when this starts to happen, its always the combination with forest and the interactive is no longer usable

On a medium size scene the  times start to show
Regular render time to start the rendering process : 52 Seconds
Interactive render time to start the rendering process : 58 Seconds
On bigger scenes this time  gets bigger between the two

Also looked at another topic about itoo forest and corona regarding some implementation to get faster meshes out but there is no response for that topic too..
i can see on trello something about Rewrite of the parsing for the interactive rendering, but its not on v8 so far..
I just have access to vray 3.6 and the starting times are way faster than corona.

I really hope this conversation can take off, starting times and interactive performance is one of the Key points for a good workflow for me.

This conversations should be taken into account:*)/fpp-corona-animated-proxies-and-scene-parsingprep-time/

Scene Uploaded, called Ir vs Normal
Attached is a test from Itoo developer showing the time spent for different scenarios, here Corona Loses is slower 15x to 39x times compared to vray.

Hi, I have the material library installed, but sometimes it just wont find the files and show it black. If i go to the route there is no file loaded, i have reinstalled the material library but the problem keeps happening.

Yes, im using it to load exr with layers. Also using Davinci resolve but the result is the same...
Im attaching a picture to show what im looking for, I saved an underexposed image and then use exposure to correct it inside Davinci resolve, the result is a whased out image, and on the right its corona VFB with the changed exposure.
Its an exr 32 bit Full Float

Hi im looking for a way to save the exr in 32 bits and retain the exposure values just like the frame buffer, so far i just get a very dull image if i want to change the exposure using PS in 32 bits, its like changing an LDR image. I Know Corona CXR but the file sizes are so big...
Also tried inside davinci resolve and its the same..
Im saving the image as *.exr Full Loat 32 Bits  RGBA, have also tried integrer 32 bits and that comes corrupted..

[Max] I need help! / Re: How to Toon Shader
« on: 2021-09-15, 16:38:41 »
Thx will try.

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