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Just a simple question on Vantage support:

I've noticed that the additional outputs in Triplanar and UVW Randomizer are not compatible during the conversion in Vantage.
Do you guys have any plans to make them work?

Thanks in advance.

Dionysios -
Gallery / Villa Escorial 5
« Last post by nobrand studio on Today at 11:04:32 »
Happy to share some visuals from Villa El Escorial 5, Sotogrande, Spain

Hope you like them :)

Thank you for your attention and support!

You can follow us.
I've had this same trojan flagged when opening some files and it points to the same location.
[Max] Feature Requests / Faster and cleaner DOF
« Last post by arqrenderz on Yesterday at 22:22:43 »
Corona could benefit of a faster implementation of the dof, also we are missing a lot of lens effects.
Im aware of the DOF highlight solver, but right now its useless because corona denoiser is too bad compared with intel one and the noise level that would work with corona denoiser is too time consuming..

Check this out  it could be a good pairing for corona.
Not checking anything else, but just thought id say it might be worth matching your previous amount of ram (or more, maybe mac is 4gb more efficient ;D )

You may end up opening scenes that didnt parse long to wtf is going on real quick. Or just based on your current workflow etc..
Gallery / Tropical Yellow BathRoom
« Last post by Michail_J on Yesterday at 18:25:28 »
Amidst golden yellow tiles and lush greenery, a tropical retreat unfolds. The open roof above half the room adds an airy dimension to this serene oasis, blending elegance with tranquility, where nature and design harmoniously converge.
[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Most of objects in scene renders black...
« Last post by bnji on Yesterday at 17:38:55 »
Hi there,
Quick question...
Are you using your own personal assets for this? Or are you using Cosmos assets?
Could you please make sure all of your asset's textures are being loaded?
You can use the Project Asset Inspector for that.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards.
[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Optical Zoom
« Last post by maru on Yesterday at 16:55:57 »
This was already requested before, but I made sure we have it properly reported.

(Report ID=CMAX-1078)
After 30 years of using Macs, I am now considering switching to a PC.

The reason for this is that my current iMac from 2019, with an i9 processor at 3.6 GHz and 128 GB RAM, is not so fast with rendering. The latest Mac Studio with an M2 Ultra processor is expensive and, compared to a PC at half the price, less powerful.

I have configured a PC with the following specifications:

Processor: AMD RYZEN 9 7950X
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce RTX 4070 Super
Motherboard: Gigabyte AORUS X670 ELITE AX
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 64GB
Storage: Samsung 990 PRO 4TB

Is this configuration suitable for Cinema 4D and Corona Render?

I intend to continue using my iMac for most of my other programs, as I have many Apple products and am fully integrated into the Apple ecosystem. The iMac’s display is also very nice.

Ideally, I would like to continue working on the iMac and use the PC only for rendering.
Is it possible to use the PC as a render farm? If so, how does this work and do I need an additional license for Cinema 4D and Corona Render (I currently have a single user license for Corona)?
Gallery / Re: Club house Tennessee
« Last post by TomG on Yesterday at 16:40:21 »
Ah yes I am following them on Facebook, as they are quite nearby and I may want to visit one day once they are finished all the construction. Thought I remembered a TN project nearby but didn't remember this was the one!
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