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Gallery / Re: MY MOON
« Last post by KOMAROV on Yesterday at 18:58:55 »
Gallery / Re: LA VILLA
« Last post by KOMAROV on Yesterday at 18:51:11 »
Thanks! the settings are something like this. I can attach this part of the scene in .max file. If you wish
[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Corona Image Editor feedback
« Last post by lupaz on Yesterday at 17:43:06 »
This is already planned for the upcoming versions of CIE.

Is this done in Corona 7?

EDIT: I'm actually using CIE 6 because of the slowdown that CIE 7 had.
[C4D] General Discussion / Some Cosmos assets not team rendering
« Last post by jojorender on Yesterday at 15:24:50 »
I’m late to the V8 game, so this is probably a known bug, but some assets render correctly on single machine but not in TR.
That’s a real joy, when you are pressed for time and use Cosmos assets - do a quick low res single machine render and then a full rez TR render overnight.
How fun when the next morning half your garden was rendered with the “nuclear winter pro" preset… There goes your deadline. 
This seems to happen to assets that use the opacity layer.
macOS 10.15.7 / S24/ V8
[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: VFB bug
« Last post by archimi on Yesterday at 09:48:51 »

I have the same kind of problem. But, it seems that it only does this on projects created with version 7 of Corona.
[C4D] General Discussion / have vloume mask pass??
« Last post by jhlose on Yesterday at 07:55:43 »
Does Corona have a good way to capture the edges of VLOUME for post composition
Gallery / Disah - الديسة - Centre
« Last post by Franzao on Yesterday at 01:11:02 »
الديسة - Centre

Type - Cultural

Location - Disah - Jordan

CGI: Wellington Franzao

Arch Design by - Wellington Franzao

Photography - juli-kosolapova ( unsplash )

3ds max / corona renderer / PS
[Max] I need help! / Render element to detect pixels above RGB 1.0
« Last post by lupaz on 2022-05-20, 23:19:26 »

Is there a render element that shows two colors: one for pixels above RGB 1.0 and another for pixel from RGB 0 TO 0.99?

If not, it'd be very helpful to identify, with certain exposure and tone mapping, those areas that are burnt out.

[Max] Corona Goodies - User Contributions / Re: Decal - Small Utility Hatch
« Last post by TomG on 2022-05-20, 21:49:54 »
*this comment is in place of a like functionality on the forum* ;)

Great idea, result looks good too, and ty for choosing to share!
[Max] Corona Goodies - User Contributions / Decal - Small Utility Hatch
« Last post by romullus on 2022-05-20, 19:53:19 »
I took few photos of small utility hatch on my stroll this morning and made Corona decal out of them. Decided to share it with community. Photos were taken with a smartphone, so the quality is not the greatest, but sufficient enough for background and medium range shots. Free for personal and commercial use, don't re-sell.
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