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I have question about "Textures connected to CoronaPhysicalMtl, CoronaLegacyMtl, CoronaSkinMtl and CoronaHairMtl are now visualized in 3ds Max viewport (High quality viewport needs to be enabled)." Are materials with triplanar also visible?
Anyone else missing Chaos scatter?

It doesn't seem to install...

Have you found any solution to this? I've noticed that I miss it too.
Uninstall and install didn't helped!

Thanks -

This thread helped:

The instructions were a tiny bit unclear (the link to the file is at the bottom of the post). But I got it working without too much hassle.

Good luck
Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Wip's n sh*t ;)
« Last post by Beanzvision on Today at 07:07:03 »
Cloud testing ;)
I reset the scene re-imported the animal, and it works - the output is the same as the frame window. Who knows why this happened...
I noticed out of nowhere that now there appears to be a stark difference between the render frame window (interactive and final renders) and the jpegs that is output from the renderer. That never happened before now.  (I just returned from a long rip and started rendering again with a new processor and hard drives installed. I bought some animal models online.)

I have attached an image with the window frame and the jpeg next to each other. Any ideas?
Anyone else missing Chaos scatter?

It doesn't seem to install...

Have you found any solution to this? I've noticed that I miss it too.
Uninstall and install didn't helped!

Thanks -
[Max] I need help! / Re: UVW Randomizer Issue
« Last post by Basshunter on Today at 00:20:38 »
This article has a very brief reference to the 'order' but only in relation to the triplanar map.  All of the other examples in the article show the randomiser used at the end of the flow, so it is quite confusing

Yeah, quite confusing :c
[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Noise Level Limit vs. Number of Passes
« Last post by TomG on Yesterday at 23:48:28 »
Just to confirm what others are saying - the choice of stop condition does not change how things are rendered at all. So in your case, your 25 pass render will be the same as your 5% noise render, as both stop at 25 passes and have done the same thing.

The reason for the option is because you might prefer different stop conditions under different circumstances. Let's say you have an animation, and as it goes through the animation the scene is changing (the camera looking at something else) so if you rendered the same passes of 25 for every frame, some frames will be noisier than others (due to the different objects, materials, lighting, in that particular frame). To avoid that, you can use a noise limit, then each frame will have a similar amount of noise, and if some frames were hard to clean up then they will have rendered for more passes to reach that same amount of noise.

Time and passes are fixed, and will not account for whether a frame is harder to calculate and clean up or not, but of course you can then have an actual estimate of how long it will take to render the animation which you can't have with noise. Thus, if you have to have something to show in 1 hour, you can use passes or noise to make sure the whole animation is finished in an hour, while also knowing that the noise may vary throughout the animation if things change significantly in what the camera is looking at.
[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: Corona bitmap problem
« Last post by frv on Yesterday at 23:22:51 »
Is that correct, do I need to set the blur scale at every bitmap. Seems an impossible task especially with vegeatation (dozens and dozens of textures). Btw did you know that the asset browser duplicates every same material for each placed asset.
[C4D] Bug Reporting / Re: v9 C4D2023 bitmaps materials do not copy paste
« Last post by frv on Yesterday at 23:18:12 »
Problem solved and had to globalize files names in the Project Asset Inspector.
But I never had to do this before.
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