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Gallery / Re: GARDEN HOUSE
« Last post by kmltnr on Today at 12:02:42 »
these look really nice. Had a look at some of your other work on behance and love the style of your interior shots. Would be nice to see your lighting and camera set up

thank you so much ..
you can inspect the interior ( )
I can suggest a photo review for the light and camera
Gallery / Re: GARDEN HOUSE
« Last post by kmltnr on Today at 12:00:03 »
Lovely work.
Your vegetation, trees planting in general.
What collects are they from?

Thank you


thanx a lot . trees maxtree and 3dsky pro models .
[Max] General Discussion / Re: Tonemapping - Plz Halp
« Last post by dj_buckley on Today at 11:24:25 »
They're in this thread - the 5DS one I have is attached
Gallery / Re: Nostalgia
« Last post by Ehsan_Darvishi on Today at 10:09:30 »
Very nice composition and rendering.
Is this car from Hum3d?
No, I created the car and most objects in this scene and it was for the Hum3d Render Car Competition 2021. it is not possible to use ready-made car model for this competition.
Gallery / Re: Nostalgia
« Last post by Flamingo on Today at 10:00:48 »
Very nice composition and rendering.
Is this car from Hum3d?
[C4D] I need help! / Re: Material below water make edges wet?
« Last post by ShynnSup on Today at 01:46:39 »
Uff, Finally! Not sure why it wasn't working on my end!

Attached the example if anyone is interested.

Final result:

Thanks everyone!

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Physical material tutorial
« Last post by jojorender on Today at 01:35:47 »
Hi Nejc,
thanks for answering my questions and great timing on the tutorial!
I'll watch this weekend.
Still not really “clear” on the clearcoat, but I’m sure you’ll cover this.
[Max] I need help! / Fur scale problem
« Last post by Tonleal on Yesterday at 22:44:27 »
Hi guys!

I have a sofa that has fur applied on a blanked. It runs normally when I open the object in a single window, but, when I merge this sofa in my project the fur loses its scale and gets to big.

If I select the option to not change the scale of the object when merge, the object is merged big. Then I realized that the problem is the scale of modeling (maybe it was made in mm and I'm working in cm).

How can I fix it whitout change the settings of the fur? (Its not working well, the sofa has at least 4 blanked like this)
[C4D] I need help! / Render settings for fog?
« Last post by ingemar on Yesterday at 20:00:26 »
I’m working on an outdoor night scene with a dense fog. It looks good overall but it’s hard to get rid of the noise. I have a vague memory of some render settings to tweak to handle noise better, but I can’t seem to get it right.

I’m using a global multi-bounce volume, corona sky and a handful of lights.
Solved (at least for me)

Using Corona 7 hotfix1.

I've been having the same problem for a few days now, with different scenes.

I've tried everything.
Re-installed crown, re-installed max.
Eliminated missing plugins ...

I changed corona render with scanline. Reset corona render, IT WORKS! No more freezes.

The problem is that when I reset the lightmix and post settings disappear, but luckily this freeze does not happen with ipr.
So, first, I'm start  ipr and stop it. Save settings of post and lightmix setting, I do a reset, reopen the frame buffer and load the presets.
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