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How does it work for Drone photography? for example the Mavic 2 pro  (l1d-20c) has a "1" sensor " 13.2mm x 8.8mm and a focal length of  10.3mm according to  the web and the exif data
How can i calculate these ??

I would focus first on the lights, the reference one has shaprer shadows, then you need to work your shaders, the reference has higher glossiness materials.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Max extremely slow to close
« on: 2023-05-25, 17:04:21 »
Same here but with 7950X

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Taking a break
« on: 2023-04-19, 15:19:16 »
Good luck with your new family member :) super nice to be able to share those moments and time with the family :)
Hope to see you with a fresh mind next year!

Btw so jealous about those extended leave times some european country's allow.

Imagine exposed controllers for those maps, Blender does this in a very cleaver way, is super fast to change settings for a map without accessing the entire node tree

It should be one solution to all Corona Nodes.

+1000 for a solution like this

After countless hours trying to solve the  problem the culprit was a corona Decal, is a big decal covering the terrain with an opacity map that only shows a path were i want the decals to show. The problem i think is that the decal that has displacement in it is computing the whole project... So no decal and extra detail for this time!

Hi, Yes my objects are scattered with Itooforest, those objects Dont have displacement, yes they have a Multi/sub material.  (most of them are trees and shurbs form maxtree)

Hi, im using screen size of 15. But the ram usage keeps going to 100%  (128gb)

Hi corona developers, i want to raise a hand for a complete ram usage overview, right now i can use the Csv file that corona generates (maybe a bit easier to see, even before ram gets low ?? ) but that file just has texture ram usage, were can I see the geometry ram usage ?
Maybe a more robust file to see all the statistics ?

Hi, I have a not too big scene with a big problem.. I cant render it using displacement if i have the forest on.  WILL eat 128gb of ram..
All the terrain has a corona layer material with displacement (composite displacement and masks)
The scene only has the terrain and the forest objects

Scenario were it works:
Displacement on, terrain isolated   OK
Displacement on, all the itoo forest objects Isolated  OK
Displacement on, all the itoo forest objects WITH a different surface terrain that the one with displacement   OK

Scenario NOT working:
Displacement on, terrain and forest objects visible  NOT working

Corona 9.1
Max 23.3
Ryzen 7950x   128gb Ram

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Faster material rollouts Qt..
« on: 2023-03-10, 18:31:36 »
Thx for all the answers ! The video i posted was the worst case scenario were 3dsmax is open for at least 2 days without restarting the pc, and the scene is massive, Im aware of the daily build and the new caching for the material editor. So corona is going to update the material tabs to Qt ? or just the caching of these?

im leaving here the link for the Qt rollouts for vray,  its very interesting too see the time difference between max sessions.. Worth the look.

Thanks for the response !
For all the points it would be great if some simple solution can be made, having that code at hand is not super simple for all the users.

[Max] Feature Requests / Faster material rollouts Qt..
« on: 2023-03-09, 14:12:38 »
Hi, just now i saw a great article about vray going Qt for the materials, So we know corona materials are Slow, but how much is SLOW.. well i timed at 2.47 seconds for the corona physicals material.
NOT on a fresh new max, but on the same file the autodesk physical mat is redrawn almost in a blink.
So here is the video
Im on max 2023.3, corona 9.1
Win 10, amd 5950x 128gb ram 2060 latest drivers.

If i add a non renderable object , chaos scatter will render it. Just create a box, go to object properties and uncheck  Renderable, make a scatter with it and you will see.

*Another thing is that i want the ability to add dummy objects to a scatter, that way i can create interesting effects when using Itoo Forest (in forest i just add an object and disable it) +
*On other topic, it will be nice to be able to change all the objects Frequency at once. if you have 5 or 10 objects in your scatter you need to change it one by one..

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