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[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona Converter Metal Issue
« Last post by tunonna on Today at 11:01:52 »
Also I have encountered this type of problem trying to convert a model, both with crown 7 and with crown 8.
This also when selecting the non-metal conversion.
Any solution ?
Thank you and good day
This is logged as support ticket #44235 and our team will investigate.

Please note that "render freezing unless VFB is moved" is a known issue (thankfully not common) but we have not been able to reproduce it so far, and we do not know what exactly is causing it.

It seems to be somehow related to remote desktop software (e.g. Team Viewer), which does not have to be running, only installed. It may be also related to the system power management, but this is not confirmed, just a guess.

The support team will soon reply to you in your ticket with some questions / troubleshooting ideas.

Any thought on this one?
Well, has anyone requested it before?
[C4D] General Discussion / Re: hdr-environnement phantom
« Last post by Beanzvision on Today at 10:38:27 »
Or you can share the scene with us?
[C4D] General Discussion / Re: realistic sand
« Last post by Beanzvision on Today at 10:37:30 »
And there are sand materials in the Cosmos browser too ;)
[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Support for Cinema's Node System
« Last post by Beanzvision on Today at 10:28:45 »
(Internal ID=911170743)
Gallery / Re: Japanese street
« Last post by balatschaka on Today at 10:22:49 »
It's a photograph. Awsome work. :)
[Max] Feature Requests / Re: IR in 4k when?
« Last post by MartoStyle on Today at 09:00:34 »
I want exactly when i start the IR  and scale the window maximum to reach 4k and when i leave the IR  to make some number of passes to save a final render. Im with 4k monitor and now the maximum is 3200px when scale the IR. Do some menu to write the resolution we want in IR  or just to get the resolution from max i think its not so complicated. We want this for years...
[C4D] Feature Requests / Disable Autosave when Interactive Rendering
« Last post by usmangs on Today at 04:10:16 »
Is this feature going to implement at some stage ? Where 3dsmax autosave is disabled as long as the interactive is running. Or is there any script to work around this ?
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