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No worries, thanks for the reply.


Is there a Corona Material Library for Cinema 4D, if so where could I find it, thanks.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: No Animation Tutorials
« on: 2019-02-20, 17:49:34 »
Great, thanks for your help, much appreciated.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: No Animation Tutorials
« on: 2019-02-20, 17:25:03 »
But dont I have to change my settings under Common Tab under Time output from Single to Active Time Segment or ?
and I have to save the render file as a Cxr or Png?
Dont I have to change the Progressive Rendering limits?
dont I have to change the UHD cache from Still frame to Animation and save the UHD file?

Rendering Still images is easy, but I do the same prodecure for Animation and it doesnt work.

Is there something else I need to do in MAx?

So it seems like I need to change alot of settings if I want to capture an animation, or I am doing something wrong because everytime I render it just renders one frame.

I am using 3ds max. Please can let me know the steps I need to take, cause I failing at this everytime, please.

[Max] General Discussion / No Animation Tutorials
« on: 2019-02-20, 17:16:30 »

I am a beginner with Corona and want to use it for Animations in 3ds Max.

I cannot find one Tutorial for beginners for Animation using Corona, there is one Video I found on youtube, Saving the UHD cache, but what happens if you are complete beginner and need help.

There is nothing, no written details or video to direct someone how to use Animation, step by step for the complete beginner.

Please help.

[Max] I need help! / Fumefx workflow with Corona and 3ds Max
« on: 2019-01-22, 10:12:28 »

Can anyone please tell me a step by step process on how to setup Fumefx within 3ds max to render with Corona.

I tried followed what info there is out there, use Standard Shading etc, but I cant get it to work. Must I use Corona Grid Volume? Render Elements for Animation?

Sorry but I am very new to all of this, any help would be great, I know there are limitations with FumeFx with Corona.

Also what is better, Fumefx or Phoenix FD with Corona?

I need a step by step instructions if possible, otherwise I just get lost.

Much appreciation.

[Max] I need help! / Jet Engine fumes effect using Corona
« on: 2018-12-23, 16:10:48 »

I am doing a Sci-Fi Concept Design of a space cruiser landing on a runway. I want to show the fumes of the engine and air being pushed under the ship as it hovers mid air about to land on the ground., how do I make do that material with corona, must I use displacement maps? At the moment all I have is blue lights shining from bottom of ship onto ground, I want to give the effect of engine, maybe I must use smoke, fume effects, any help would be great. thanks

[Max] I need help! / Resizing Renders to 4:6 ratio
« on: 2018-12-14, 09:15:58 »

I have made some renders for a client. I rendered out at HDTV, 1920x1080.

The client wants to print these renders for a brochure and asked me to change the size of the renders to 4:6 ratio.

I took the JPG renders into Photoshop and under Image size I change the ration to 4:6 which gives the render a size of 1200x675.

I sent back to the client, and they now say it is not a ratio of 4:6.

I am still new to this, so I dont know where Im going wrong. Am I wrong or is the client wrong.

If I am wrong does anyone know how I can make Corona Renders 4:6 for printing.


Jobs / Archviz 3d Artist Looking for new opportunities
« on: 2018-12-12, 11:55:30 »

I’m currently exploring new opportunities for Fulltime/Freelance Architectural Visualization Projects. 

Please see my website for examples of my work -

My Portfolio -

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more details, my email address is

Kind regards


I am haivng problems with balancing my interior and exterior lighting when rendering. I use an HDRI, Corona Sun.

Please see attached pic. (Ignore the noise, I didnt wait for full render).

The interior is too dark, I have played around with overall Exposure, Sun, and HDRi settings, making them higher and lower but I can't get a good balance. Either Exterior is too bright, or interior too dark.

Must I just place more lights in the interior?

Any help would be great, Thanks

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