Author Topic: Resizing Renders to 4:6 ratio  (Read 474 times)

2018-12-14, 09:15:58


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I have made some renders for a client. I rendered out at HDTV, 1920x1080.

The client wants to print these renders for a brochure and asked me to change the size of the renders to 4:6 ratio.

I took the JPG renders into Photoshop and under Image size I change the ration to 4:6 which gives the render a size of 1200x675.

I sent back to the client, and they now say it is not a ratio of 4:6.

I am still new to this, so I dont know where Im going wrong. Am I wrong or is the client wrong.

If I am wrong does anyone know how I can make Corona Renders 4:6 for printing.


2018-12-14, 09:28:23
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6:4 is 3:2, that would be 1920x1280.
Or, for your existing image, it's 1620x1080.

However, 2:3 means it's a portrait format, not landscape. That's probably why they disagree with you.

That's all very basic stuff, my friendly advice would be to educate yourself if you're serious about your job.

2018-12-14, 09:37:05
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4:6 = 2:3 = 0.66 aspect ratio -> 1280x1920 so that mean it become a vertical format. I think they want it 3:2. 3:2 = 1.5 aspect ratio so 1920x1280 if you rerender it (1920/1280 = 1.5) or 1620x1080 if you need to crop (1620/1080 = 1.5). I don't know if it is clear for you.