Author Topic: Fumefx workflow with Corona and 3ds Max  (Read 391 times)

2019-01-22, 10:12:28


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Can anyone please tell me a step by step process on how to setup Fumefx within 3ds max to render with Corona.

I tried followed what info there is out there, use Standard Shading etc, but I cant get it to work. Must I use Corona Grid Volume? Render Elements for Animation?

Sorry but I am very new to all of this, any help would be great, I know there are limitations with FumeFx with Corona.

Also what is better, Fumefx or Phoenix FD with Corona?

I need a step by step instructions if possible, otherwise I just get lost.

Much appreciation.

2019-01-22, 14:24:21
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Other than the limitations listed on, FumeFX should work the same with Corona as it does with (say) V-Ray - so FumeFX tutorials would be the best way to go.