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Another test.  I'd like to have more flexibility to adjust the output size of a render. At the moment  I can´t adjust a vertical size for example. Don´t let me exceed the limits of the sketchup viewer.
When I save the render the first time I can, but If I try to return to save again I can`t. It has happen to me with differents scenes.

Thanks Maru, I didn´t know that :)

Yes I went to the market and leave the computer rendering two hours :)
The render times are faster than the previous beta

Thank´s Ryuu for the last release. The new features work well and I feel that with the latest version of Corona rendering core, it render faster.
I attached some pictures I'm doing for a customer.

[Archive] Corona for Sketchup / Re: Issue with Skatter
« on: 2016-08-22, 15:19:42 »
the same happens to me

[Archive] Corona for Sketchup / Re: First interior test
« on: 2016-06-20, 11:33:54 »
Very quick test with new corona version for sketchup. I actually took very old scene (from 2010 I think) and gave 30 mins to setup corona materials.

Almost after one hour it was 180 passes with i7-5930k at full hd. Not super fast, but quite nice.

My thoughs after todays test:
- Corona really needs bitmaps for different reflection and refraction maps. Its still not possible to reach desired effect with bump :)
- DOF capability
- Two sided material

- I only able to save render once. After saving in exr I can not repeat saving. Nothing happens when save button clicked.

Very nice render!

Don´t worry Ryuu, I think the same as Spadestick. I´m sure that corona for sketchup will be great!

New test.
I'm not very happy with the reflection of glasses , I have to improve the material setting

Just out of curiosity, which new features did allow you to better control the reflections? I'm not aware that I've done anything with this :)

I just tested saving frame buffer myself and it works correctly for me. So please file the bug report with as much detail as possible (there may be some non-standard characters in path that screw things up for example).

With the penultimate version I couldn´t apply corretly the reflections to the surfaces. I Changed the values ​​of reflections but these were not applied properly when I renderer. I couldn´t get properly get a glossy effect or satin effect.

In addition the Material visor didn´t displayed correctly . This was solved with the penultimate update.

Now Is very easy to apply materials using the "sample paint" from sketchup picking a surface. I would like to can apply one material by colour over vaious objets at the same time (I pick a surface and the material change on all the surfaces with the same material-name).

Is very important to have a material library. I wolud like to can save the materials on the hard disk and to can import this (vray has this feature). This will improve a lot the workflow.
Sorry for my english :)

New features look great!. Now I have more control with reflections than before.
I think the next step is to ad  lights and hdri support.
I can´t save the render, I´m going to report the bug on mantis

The latest improvements to the editor render crown they have greatly improved workflow .
But there is a bug that is that while rendering no intensity changes are applied , color, etc in the render.

Test salon.

I think it would be good to implement the hdri support as well as to control the size of the sun to have control over the intensity of the shadows

Plant and Cherry test.
I think it would be good to implement the hdri support as well as to control the size of the sun to have control over the intensity of the shadows.

With the last update the png bug has been solved.

Looking super promising Angel and Ithil
Yes, corona for sketchup look awesome. The next days I´ll do more test

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