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Hi Spadestick I have used clean up but it´s too slow with big scenes and I don´t usually use it.
Hi Ryun, I will send you a test scene with scatter. Respect the textures I will try to explode the group and recreate it.
Yes, of course I can share with you a scene to test it. One more thing: with heavy scenes when I run corona sometimes sketchup has been closed.
One question, where I can share you the scene?

This week I will do some test, I haven´t had enough time yet.

Yes, I had that problem when I started sketchup after install corona. You must install the pluging TT_Lib² from the extension warehouse. I solved the problem and when I restarted sketchup corona worked

I agree with what spadestick says.
For me is very important work with the skectchup native paint bucket material system. I use it to  texturing and scale the materials, it´s very easy to use. Later when I have the textures on the faces of the objects y use to open the vray material menu and I apply reflections, bumps, displacements, etc. This is my workflow and earn me a lot of time.
I would like first to implement in the material editor, material preview, reflections, refraction, bump and displacement. And it´s important the channel alpha and the material ID like vray.

Hi to all, first test, I´m very excited!!
It´s incredible to have corona in sketchup. Its not as far as corona alpha in 3DMAX but this promises.
Skatter doesn´t work on my sketchup 2015 with corona, I will try again.
I have had problem with textures because corona doesn´t recognize some textures and change the dimensions of these
And with large files sketchup has closed. Files over 200Mb.

I've sent an email  ;)

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