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First test material editor. There are defects because I forgot invert the faces of some objets

It would be good to save materials on the computer to create our own library materials and to apply them to the selected model or material previously applied with the paint bucket . It would also be good to have a library of materials within corona, and can add new materials or other libraries.

Thanks for the material editor!

My new test render. Now, with the materials.

very good result! very realistic :)

Hi, I'm starting to test the material editor. It would be interesting to include a tool to select the material and find it easily. In the picture attached it is that even simple there are many materials in the scene. Cheers

I get the same warning messages

Angel, on test 6.jpg how did you get that harsh yellow light to shine?

In the next room there are many wooden furniture. I think that's
This image is the next room

I am looking forward to the material editor :)

Look good, this promise

One more ;)
It´s going to be amazing when we could put lights and edit materials

Hello ante.olic try to use the menu "color map" into the corona frame buffer to get a more luminous render

One render more

I think the same, when corona-sketchup had the material editor it´s going to be awesome. Must be improve the render times  for clean the noise.
Merry Christmas!!!

[Archive] Corona for Sketchup / Re: First test renders
« on: 2015-12-24, 07:44:35 »
New interior. I let the computer rendering all night.

Thanks Ryuu

[Archive] Corona for Sketchup / Skatter with corona render
« on: 2015-12-19, 16:53:33 »
One image. Doesn´t work

[Archive] Corona for Sketchup / Re: First test renders
« on: 2015-12-18, 23:00:01 »
New interior and exterior test

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