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Hi rowmanns

Mmm...  honestly I thought the same, but it's a annoying...
I think you should add a checkbox to enable/disable this feature... now, IR isn't "IR" at all...

Open my test scene an press the two buttons   <  and > in the timeline.
Every frame, the scattered objects disappear/appear...

With v5.0, CScatter was much better in my opinion :/

Look the video: using v6.0, the IR is not pleasant at all... Every frame, we have a refresh...

Also, this is a bug: if I press the PLAY button and then STOP, sometime the scattered objects are not rendered.
You can see the problem at 1min 11 sec.


When I watch the CScatter objects through an animated camera, randomly, in some frames they disappear.

So, open this file, enable IR and scroll the timeline => the CScatter objects, sometimes, disappear.
No problem with v5.0.

I think it's a bug

Thank you  )^__^(


when "Lock 3ds Max during render" is enabled, the buttons with the blue rectangle in the VFB don't work.
I mean, I'm not able to select "Save All, Save CXR, Disble All, Remove All, and Cancel.
I tried both 3ds Max 2015 and 2021.

I think it's a bug.

Thank you )^__^(

Gi vs AA = 60?!!!
LSM= 4.0?

My friend, listen romullus suggestions.
Reset the file and use the default settings.


as in the title,  the "NOW" button in the Scatter lister doesn't work.

But, the "Update now" button in the Corona Scatter Viewport Display rollout works fine.

I think it's a bug.

EDIT: the same with v5.0

Thank you =)

Ahh... =) It was two years old discussion. Ok, we will wait for the fix . Thank you!

Where? =) Ah ah ... ^__^


Why did you move this thread in the resolved section? =)

Hi Rowan,

I never spoke about " the v-ray material".
And, in v6.0 RC1, the CoronaDistance map warning message error is fixed.

By the way, try these steps:

(1) open the attached scene and render it in 3ds Max (v6.0 RC1). Everything is fine.
(2) Now export the scene and render with the Standalone version.
(3) We can see the red warning of the CoronaDistance (nice fix), but the plane is "white" (no Bitmap or warning message).
(4) In 3ds max, change the Exposure (EV) parameter from -4.0 to 0.0.
(5) Export again and render with the Standalone.
(6) Now you are able to barely read the message : " Unsupported 3ds max Bitmap map", with the text is overexposed (see my previous image).

In conclusion, in this new message there is the same problem we had with the CoronaDistance warning message.

Hi Roman,

that's nice =)
did you fix also the exposure bug?


as in the title, Standalone v6.0 RC1 doesn't support standard Bitmap.
If I enable the "Always use standalone maps" parameter, I'm able to see the Bitmap in the VFB.

Is it a bug or what?

EDIT: Ok, I see the "problem". It's the same issued we had here:

In short, when I run the Standalone v6.0 RC1 , I wasn't able to see the text "Unsupported 3dsmax map : Bitmap" text because I changed the Exposure parameter.
Anyway, why is Bitmap no longer supported now?

Also, from what I saw, only a few Color Correction parameters are supported with Standalone, even if you wrote in the RC1 Change log:
"Added standalone export support for 3ds Max ColorCorrect map"
Do I miss something?


 the Normal Map warning message behavior in v6.0 is different than v5.0.

Open the scene in attachment and render it with both v5.0 and v6.0.

(*) In v5.0, I don't receive any warning message, since the Bump channel is OFF.
Only when it is on, Corona shows me the warning message.

(*) In v6.0, it doesn't matter if the Bump checkbox is ON or OFF: Corona always show me the warning message

In my opinion, v5.0 has much cleaver behavior.

Is it a bug or is it an internal decision? =)

Remember to disable all tone mapping parameters if you want to obtain the same result in post.

Render in VFB + TONE MAPPING OFF = Composite version

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