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As in the title,

CoronaAreaShadow doesn't work with 3ds max Direct light

With Spot and Point lights, everything is ok =)


as in the title,
the Rawa-fake is still visible in the Drop down menu (v1.6.1)


inside the CoronaDistance, the text "Color inside" isn't perfectly aligned.
3ds max 2015 + Win7 + Screen resolution  FullHD + Corona v1.6

Hello guy,
I have to do something like that

and I woul dlike to ask you what's the best/fast solution: Phoenix FD or Realflow?
What's the best solution for Corona?  And, do you know some nice tutorial

Thanks you.

as in the title, I think that it will be very useful an ON/OFF checkbox for CoronaTriplanar texture slot.
It's useful to see check/test how the seams between the textures work. Now you have to CUT/PAST E the textures and it's a "not elegant" solution.


Hi =)
as in the title, CoronaMix doesn't show correctly in viewport.
The same map, created with Composite, is perfect.
The map is created by using three different UVW modifiers, with 3 different Mapping channels.

Hello, as you can see, there are a differences between CoronaMix and Composite when they are, both, in Pin Light blending mode.
All other modes match perfectly!

But, I tried to do the same in Photoshop and, surprise, the result is identical to Corona.
So, is it a 3ds max bug?

As in the title, I would like to have higher Saturation limit.
Not max saturation is =  1.0 and, with my test, it's to low.
Maybe 2 or 3 will be better.

[Max] Feature Requests / Falloff for CoronaRoundEdges
« on: 2017-04-06, 23:50:32 »
As in the CoronaWire, I would like to have a Falloff parameter for CoronaRoundEdges.
Now, with the 1.6, we an use CoronaRE as a mask. But the edges are too smooth if I want to create something similar to "Toon effect".
Ok, I can use Output map and play with the color map parameter. But, I think it isn't the same.

Thanks! =)

Off-Topic / 3ds max UI - Chromatic aberration?
« on: 2017-04-05, 16:10:21 »
As in the title, it's funny to discover that  3ds max UI has a Chromatic aberration ^__^ .
We need the same in Corona VFB!

as you can see in the picture, when the Sun is horizontal and the Sun disk is big, I would expect not a circular sun.
The horizon should "cut " the sun disk. Is it a stupid idea?

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Corna System Setting UI size
« on: 2017-03-07, 00:55:03 »
the Corona System Setting UI high is too small.

"OK" a  d"Cancel" button are so close to the border.  =)

PS: Res 1920x1200

my question is related to speed up the calculation of CoronaVolumeMtl (clouds, for example).
As we know, Single bounce only = ON, the rendering time is very low, but also the quality.
When it's ON, the rendering time is HUGE! Almost impossible to use in production.
Corona uses 25 bounces (as a default).
With 5 bounces it's enough to obtain a good quality, with low rendering time.  ( I used a little bit of Emission in my test)
With 10 (with a little of Emission) I have almost the same rendering, but the rendering time is so different!
Maybe it's good idea to add a new parameter to set the light bounces for CoronaVolumeMtl.

We are speaking about  20 minutes (10 bounces) vs 42 minutes (25 bounces) with almost same result!
Ok, I know that we don't want to add too much parameters as in V-Ray, but... here we should do an exception =)

What do you think?

PS: with 5 bounces, I had 8 minutes with NL= 0.7  (^__^)

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Corona Color picker - REPEATABLE bug
« on: 2017-01-21, 16:53:22 »

with the CCP, we cannot "ADD A CUSTOM COLOR", with the "Object Color" Window.

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