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I have some questions about Corona license. I think these info can be useful for everyone, so. 
For example, I have one Corona License (1WS + 3Nodes) and 10 PC:

(*) I remember that, some time ago, the Standalone was 100% free and we could install on all 10 PC of my hypothetical Render Farm. Is it still the same now?
(*) I have to render an animation. I want to use Backburner with all my 10 PC (I want to calculate one frame for every node). So, can I install 3ds max DEMO and Corona to all the nodes and use all my renderfam? Or I am restricted to use only 3 nodes?

Thanks you


bad FPS with CoronaCamera and Standard Camera.

(*) Plane, teapot+CoronaSun
(*) IR Subsampling =3
(*) In Perspective= FPS  14
(*) In Standard Camera= FPS  2-4
(*) In CoronaCamera=FPS  2-4

What's the problem?

[Max] Resolved Bugs / RC10 UI bug
« on: 2017-10-23, 01:26:23 »
Hi =)
As you can see, there are some UI bug in the new v1.7 RC10

3ds mad 2015 + Classic Theme (Win7)

[Max] Bug Reporting / Win 7 + Classic theme = bad Corona UI
« on: 2017-10-19, 12:06:36 »
Hello, as in the title, with:

  • Windows 7
  • 3ds max 2015
  • Classic Theme

I have this bad UI. With Aero themes, no problems

[Max] Resolved Bugs / CoronaRoundeEdges UI bug
« on: 2017-10-18, 15:05:16 »
Small bug =)

as in the title, I think that the CoronaRoundEdges v1.7 needs some improvement. Maybe is it a bug?

Look at how bad is the CoronaRoundEdges  on the Corona LOGO and... look at the Render element CTexmap

[Max] Resolved Bugs / CoronaBumpConverter UI Bug.
« on: 2017-08-01, 23:52:23 »
As in the title:

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Geometry time BUG
« on: 2017-07-27, 22:58:53 »
As in the title, the last Daily Corona doesn't take account of Geometry TIME.

In this scene, with 500 geometry lights (Sphere with 32 segments and CoronaLightMtl) the "Preparing Lights TIME" was 10 second.
It should compared on the Geometry TIME. But, it's zero.

Same problem with the 1.6.1
No problem with the 1.5.2

General CG Discussion / Enscape for Sketchup! Stunning O_o
« on: 2017-07-26, 17:43:16 »
Today, I found this plug-in.

I think that it's great! What do you think?

As in the title, CScatter - Density parameter has a "weird" behavior.

I know that it defines the instances based on Density per unit area. But:

(*) Create a plane 10x10 cm
(*) Create a teapot 0.3 cm as radius
(*) Create a CScatter with Density (not Count) as a distributor.
(*) Displayed [%]= 100
(*) You can play with Density, without problem, in the range between 0 and 50.

Perfect. Now try now this:

(*) Create a plane 10.000x10.000
(*) Create a teapot 300 cm as radius
(*) Create a CScatter with Density (not count) as a distribution
(*) Displayed [%]= 100
(*) Density is impossible to use, because with Density=0.001 we have already too much instanced. The range is too small.

I think that we need some "Density multiplier". Because, as it is now, it useful only with tiny objects

Bye bye!

As in the title,

Rnd seed (CScatterListener) is locked to -21. Strange =)

As in the title:

(*) it will be very handy to have a checkbox on the right side of CScatter Transformation textures.

(*) Also, when we are in 1D - On spline mode, we should have two Spacing and Jitter parameter, for U and V (as Multiscatter)

Thanks you =)

[Max] General Discussion / Corona v1.3 vs 1.7
« on: 2017-07-24, 23:49:09 »
As in the title, a small test FOR FUN of different Corona version.

What it's strange is the v1.7 NL. In both v1.6 and v1.7  it's 8.14.
But the v1.7 has, clearly, less noise, especially on the ceiling, left /right walls and in the DOF.
Is it a bug?

As in the title,

MaterialX from ILM  is, now, open source

Can be useful?


this is the situation:

1:  simple scene with plane and scattered trees;
2:  Ir Sub-sampling as default;
3:  PT+PT

(*) If I rotate the viewport manually, I have FPS = 10.
(*) If I have an animated camera (for example, with Path constraint controller) and I scroll the timeline manually, the FPS = 2-3

So, why?

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