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as in the title, CoronaFractal in Full Previz X10/15 times slower in v6.0

(*) Create an empty scene
(*) Create a default CFractal
(*) Change Previz from Sphere only to Full
(*) Change Resolution mult: -2

With v6.0 it's impossible to move the viewport (0.6 FPS).
With v5.0 I have 10FPS (it depends on the zoom level)

GPU = 1060

Thank you


I receive this error all time

LEGION_STOP @ C:\Corona\src\ShadingLib\maps\SkyMap.cpp(533)

3ds Max 2015 - Win 7

(*) Animate the CoronaSun disk vertically by adding some keyframes.
(*) Run IR:
(*) Play with  with  ">"  "<" timeline button
(*) Warning error and I have to restart the render.

thank you

Hi ,

I have a 3ds Max repeatable

(*) 3ds Max 2015.
(*) Empty, fresh, reset, clean scene.
(*) Add a CoronaSun.
(*) Run IR.
(*) Click "Add CoronaSky environment".

--- CRASH ---

Thank you.


I have a scene with a CoronaNormalMap incorrectly setup.
When I click RENDER using Corona v5.0, I received the well know "Corona Error Message(s)":

"A normal map appears to be using blah.. blah..."

This message  doesn't appear anymore when I render with v6.0.
Can I ask you why? It's too useful IMO.

Thank you!


3ds Max freeze when, using the CoronaSky Manual parameter, I try to select a Second CoronaSun if this sun is disabled (i.e. Corona Sun ON parameter = unchecked).



with v5.0, I see a lot of noise in the Composite version (In the Beauty pass, Alpha is fine) generate with the ShadowCatcherMtl (black background) even after 10 minutes (simple car sits on a plane).
If Adaptivity is disabled, the noise is gone after 3-4 minute.
An HDRI (2K) is the only light source.

Also it seems the ShadowCatcherMtl  bump spinner doesn't work.

Can you confirm?


as in the title.

CoronaWire is not supported with 2.5D displacement, but I don't see any warning message.
When I turn off this new option, everything is fine and I'm able to the "back edges" created by the displacement and CoronaWire.

Also, in the help desk I don't see any info about this bug.
I know that it will be fixed in v6.0 or 7.0.
A warning message will be welcomed =)


If you open with Corona v.5 an old file where Displacement is set in "Word units = 9" and you press the "ENABLE 2.5D DISPLACEMENT" option in the warning message, the value doesn't change, the result is much less defined, and I have to change manually  the value of 1/3 ("Word units = 6")  as suggested in the online help.
When the file is set in Screen mode = 9px, the new value will change automatically to Screen mode = 6px.

Is it a bug or what? 

If it's not a bug, why did you decide this specific  behavior?

[Max] Resolved Bugs / BUG in CIE 5.0 and Custom Denoise
« on: 2020-03-21, 01:06:35 »

I think I found a bug in CIE v5.0 not present in CIE v4.0.

(1). I have setup my Lightmix and activated the Denoising option in all the LightMix REs. Perfect.
(2).  I also have two CESSENTIAL REs, with APPLY DENOISING = OFF. 
(3).  Then Denoising MODE: GATHER DATA.
(4).  I run the rendering, save in CXR, open this file in the CIE, and press CUSTOM DENOISE...
(5).  In this new window I see the two CESSENTIAL REs: why?
(6).  In v4 ( I did a test) I don't see these REs.
(7).  If I select ONLY these two CESSENTIAL RE and run the denoise process, in the CIE drop down menu I read: CESSENTIAL_Direct [Denoised]. But, obviously, this RE is not denoised because in 3ds Max I didn't enabled the related option.

I think 4.0 was more consistent.


I have a small, funny problem to solve

#1.   I have multiple monitor setup as almost everybody here.
#2.  I work with the main monitor with 3ds Max and, for example, on second monitor Photoshop.
#3.  If, for some reason, the second monitor is off and I turn on Photoshop, it will be on the second monitor, of course.
#4.  So, if I want to see Photoshop on the main monitor, I need to turn on the second monitor, move Photoshop on the first monitor and turn off the second monitor.
#5.  I tried to find some software to help me to avoid this  "long procedure", but I didn't find nothing interesting.

How did you solve this problem?

Thanks ^__^


I saw some difference between Standalone 2.0 and 4.0 daily.
Try to follo wmy example

#1. I have .max file and some shader with the Color Correct map in the DIFFUSE.
#2. Inside the CC I have a simlpe Bitmpa with a wood.jpg.
#3. I want to export the .scn file.
#4. Corona tells me that CC isn't supported: GOOD
#5. But, in the destination export folder I don't see the wood.jpg!
#6. Strange, because with Corona 2.0, the exported was able to export the wood.jpg.
#7. Now, if I render the .scn files, all the shader originally with the CC map are red!

With Corona 2.0 I was able to render "correctly".
I mean, the rendering was fine, but the corrections made with CC was simple ignored...

Is it a bug or what?


as in the title, if you open the Render stamp HELP dialog (with the question mark button),
you are not able to clot this window because  the "X" on the top right doesn't work.
Same story in the Corona System Settings
3ds Max 2015

Bye bye!


as in the title,

Do Custom shape object work in the Material editor for 3ds Max 2019?

It seams that nothing happen if you load some geometry.
I still have only sphere, cube and cylinder...

In 3ds Max 2015 and 2016 it works as expected...

Thank you =)

Hello everybody,

as in the title, we are looking for:

English mother language + Corona expert for a proof-reading english articles

We are looking for maximum seriousness and confidentiality. No time wasters, please!
The candidate must have perfect knowledge of the English, a good knowledge of Corona and... time.
You don't have to be a Guru, it's not required.
It will be better is he/she is an active Corona users in this forum.
For those interested, I will send other information in private.
Please, send me curriculum and references in PM.

[Max] Bug Reporting / DrServer.exe UI bug
« on: 2018-08-22, 00:48:37 »
As you can see, in the DrServer.exe UI there are some small problems. =)

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