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Well it seems that a torrent would not be such a bad idea as I could not download from any sources, dropbox or google are on their knees, mirror here goes at one Hdri/6hrs... only noEmotion website works, but the four zip I downloaded are all 'corrupted' according to winrar or 7zip... according to 3dsmax too by the way...
P2P is not bad in itself far from it !!

They are amazing anyway, a few seems just like in my dreams !

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Re: RAW render elements
« on: 2014-12-15, 13:51:33 »
If I didn't misunderstood your request, you should have a look into " raw component " in render element, then you can choose what it includes...


Described in that thread :

I think I have the most needed feature ever :)

When tweaking fields from colormap in vfb, like exposure change, the cursor then comes at the beginning of the input field which forces me to reselect the value or erase it before typing a new one...

Could it be like in most 3dsmax fields that after typing and pressing enter, the field's content is selected ?
So when I try exposure "1.3 [enter]", I can straight type "1.5 [enter]" instead of arrows, erase, mouse etc

Yeah, that's cheap, but one can call that polishing :)

Not sure it's Corona related,
neither that it's not specifically related to my machine & config but ...

I was playing with grow Ivy and I noticed that I could have a redundant crash by choosing colors for vertex of different leaves (young, old, main..)
Just a click on the color selector, opening a new window, crashes max.

I've tried to switch to mental Ray and the color per age window open without problem.

So it might be more plugin related than Corona, but may be there's an easy workaround on Corona side about that ?

General CG Discussion / Re: High detailed samples by maxtree
« on: 2014-12-12, 15:30:31 »
By the way checking shaders I noticed a few - weird, or unknown tricks for me may be -

- As an example, does it make any sense to plug a single bitmap node into both entry of a falloff, itself plug into diffuse of the material ?
- Transluency is set to .5 for leaves, isn't that too much in any situation ?

Actually tweaking it a bit gave some very nice results, wich is better for their sales AND better for corona reputation too.
So I contacted them and gave them correct materials example.. but is it a good idea while Corona stills going alpha... hmm..

Old topic but anyway...

Your trees are pretty good, although you're using way too much reflexion on your leaves.... if you're going with IOR2 go down to.. refl .4 (or map darker) and glossiness below .4 I would say... otherwise it reflects too much and give that plastic/wet touch..

General CG Discussion / High detailed samples by maxtree
« on: 2014-12-12, 01:46:23 »
I'm not sure I should post it here,
or even if I should post it at all, as it's not users contributed, but Maxtree doing some vegetations pack has some free samples within their online shop.

I noticed it as they included materials for Corona :)
Nice to see that occurring more and more !

Although they should make an internship around cause it's pretty badly converted imho...
And doing proper material would required tweaking for later release.
Models are good though.

3D grass models - 61Mo
3D tree models 468Mo - Trees comes in high and low polys versions
3D flower models 157Mo

Edit : they provide corona, mentalR, Vray, GrowFX and ForestPro lib...

another take at the topic:,6171.0.html

Yeah.. but he did a nice drawing :)
So you can nuke my thread for clarity.

Thanks and all the best (code) (and music while)

Actually i installed VFB+ demo couple weeks ago, but i didn't like it as much as i expected. Thing is, if i want to use it with Corona, i loose all the goodies Corona's VFB has and i don't like it. Now, if there'd be a way to marry those two, that'll be an ultimate tool.

Well, I'm rendering with corona and when finished open VFB+
That's my poor way to have both world :)

But I already had strange effect with VFB+, like saving all passes in a click, and ending with beauty of my current render but passes from previous render -_-
Very useless for post.

This said fireflies suppressor, sharpener or bloom, aren't much of rocket science and are pretty handy straight from VFB.
Now I wonder who is gonna make a lenscare alike yumi yumi


Wow, that is something i would love to see in Corona!

You should give a try to VFB+ 2.5 (demo)
Although its integration with corona might provide surprises ...

Nice to see progress here! I hope we can get control over overlapping, otherwise it's not very useful ;]
+1, with rand% eventually

With scatter you have to go big or go home ;)

:D ... not 128000 but 128004 !!

Amazing, imagine that with a few more options Cscatter fights with pretty expensive tools.

Gallery / Re: corona dof bokeh test
« on: 2014-12-07, 16:01:58 »
may be a bit too much... ? Not sure..
You should rotate a fire 180°, so flames are not exactly identical ;)

Gallery / Re: Johny Mrazko WIP/finished work thread
« on: 2014-12-07, 15:55:20 »
This is my latest personal project to practice exterior rendering. Scene is lit by corona sun and sky, whereas sky is modified with color correct node to achieve deep blue result. House is located in Chile
Thanks for comments and criticism

Super !!

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Re: Multi sub obj map
« on: 2014-12-07, 15:44:11 »
That's one of the most usefull feature for archviz...
ky color variation doesn't work
vizpark works in some rare case (per element, nor objects nor faces,etc works)
Forest is not available to much people...

I understood that RC1 uses most prog ressources of RenderLegion but that would be something to dev. and pack with Corona, like the scatter tool, some valuable addon to 'just' a render !!

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