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[Max] Tutorials & Guides / Re: HOW TO: Vector Displacement
« on: 2017-03-02, 11:37:15 »
[thanks for developing]
All in all you can experiment, thats the best way to go about it.

Ahah sir, if I did already :D
It's not exactly straightforward !
thanks again, I'll post any further improvement if it occurs.

[Max] Tutorials & Guides / Re: HOW TO: Vector Displacement
« on: 2017-03-02, 10:10:06 »
Or does it avoid the boundaries of my object to be reversed as well ?

Actually I had enough question about Zbrush->Vector->3DSmax Corona to make a thread but as that one is started... not sure if I should add to that one or make a specific thread in 'I need help' to be displaced into 'How to' when completed...

1/ best export settings from Zbrush as tangent coordinates, smooth UV, smooth normals low rez checkbox ?
2/ diagnostic files from Zbrush looks like asking for '42' in the flipandswitch vector export option, but why do I still have a reverted disp
3/ tons more :)

[Max] Tutorials & Guides / Re: HOW TO: Vector Displacement
« on: 2017-03-02, 10:01:34 »
Well, if you have 500x500 cm plane = you set displacement to 500cm. If you have 5x5 cm plane you set displacement to 5cm. Thats it.

Is it a 32bits Tiff you're using there ?
As I thought vector disp works with 32 bits gamma 1 bitmaps...
(just for the mental sanity of noob reading this thread)

I'm not sure if I get you're RGB swapping method, I just tried using a vector map created from Zbrush, I had the displacement inverted, is it that issue you're solving doing that ? I entered '-1' in the vector displacement node, field 'vector' after the map path and I have correct displacment direction now... isn't it the same ?

If you believe that there is some serious issue with Substance+Corona (e.g. it makes work very slow or cumbersome) - please report it on Mantis with a good description:

That's exactly it, I'm wondering why there isn't much more people using it /doing tuts&tips / etc...
And I was wondering if it could have to do with poor results it gives at first with everything on default (overbright/gamma for instance..)

Ideally finding and posting a workflow perfectly maintaining aspect between substance designer & corona render would be a good start.

Below just a very quick photoshop compositing of my previous example on a random plazza photo (google image) with substance pavement1 & gamma lowered.

They have a node built into Substance Designer called 'BaseColor/Metallic/Roughness converter" that has a setting for Corona.

I take the outputs from that and use the infograph in this thread: I'm not sure if it's still the preferred/correct method, but it seems to work well for me.

You need Substance Designer then, correct ?

So you do not correct any gamma within Corona for diffuse afterward ?
We can see on the infography provided on your link that glossiness and IOR have gamma reduced.. but I have no idea where they find such a parameter/node ?

Anyway thanks a lot for your insight !
the discussion about IOR below the infrography is interesting too


There's a few things I'm still very wondering about how to use Substance with CoronaMtl.
(I had no opportunity to 'play' with corona for a long while so may be I'm missing some very obvious reflex about classic corona workflow.)

1/ Overall... Beside the random crash in corona RT, would you recommend using Substance maps/node with corona ?

2/ I was trying a few substance files and I had the feeling the gamma outputed from substance node is wrong. See attached images below.
(With preferences Gamma&LUT set to 2.2 / Affects selectors.. / Affects material.. setup.)
It looks like it needs a gamma correction at least along the diffuse output (color correction with RGB gain at 0.4545) to be correct.

As shown below in attached images :
1 the 'coal' substance without and with gamma correction.
2 'pavement1' not corrected, without reflection, there's a lot of whiteburnt pixels even with little highlight comp and -3.5ev
3 'pavement1' corrected (all outputs), without reflection, looks a bit dark but the -3.5ev makes the whole image a bit dark.
4 'pavement1' corrected + reflections, just to bring back brightness over the diffuse, looks pretty correct or ?

The grey sphere was added with a R50G50B50 solid color into diffuse for 'realist' exposition reference

In the case output from substance needs gamma correction, which maps needs it ?

3/ How can the 'blur' parameters be conveniently managed while there's a single parameter on substance's node; if bump needs some blurriness, but I'd rather have most outputs sharp... Is there a decent in-between value or is it just a flawan argument against the use of substance ?

4/ Is the 'specular' output from Substance intended to end in 'reflection color' from CoronaMtl or more 'refl. glossiness'.. I'm not really convinced by tests with both, although as I'm already struggling with the gamma correction it's may be me feeding CoronaMtl wrongly in first place.

5/ About displacement, there I'm lost too.. first there's a 'relief balance' parameter in substance which control the ratio of bump/displacement outputs. But that parameter seems to be far from linear, with value '1' (aka more displacement and little bump) it suddently gives a way much more detailled displacement while superior values make the displacement output pretty undetailled.
What configuration do you use with 'bump', 'normal map', 'displacement' ? (And would they need gamma correction?)

Beside, there's an 'height' output, which gives a displacement map independant from 'relief balance'. Would you recommend using that output more than 'displacement' for the displacement input of CoronaMtl ?

6/ Any advices you have figured out while using Substance with Corona ?

Gallery / Re: Johny Mrazko WIP/finished work thread
« on: 2015-04-10, 22:25:58 »
Nice on most aspect but the strawberry in foreground lack some "hole" to stay polite :)
It seems facing backward, may be too long absorption too, I'm not sure a strawberry as so much SSS going thru...

All in all still excellent image only that item seems a bit weird and dim your overall realisation. Imho indeed

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: New attempt
« on: 2015-03-21, 10:01:24 »
ouch... amazing attention to details !!

Have you used post prod sharpening ?
May be it's a bit to sharp then... I mean the bump looks to crispy to my taste.

You should use your 85mm f/1.4 at full aperture :D

Gallery / Re: Johny Mrazko WIP/finished work thread
« on: 2015-03-10, 10:45:15 »
Very decent shaders on this page !!

Now I wonder who is gonna make a lenscare alike yumi yumi

I'm working on it as we speak.
I will also be happy to take a look at any bugs you experienced in VFB+, please contact me.

I would hardly reproduce it as the demo is over since a while (and I missed your post for awhile sorry about that), basically I tried to save all pass in a EXR (or psd?) and the if beauty was correct (the thumb too), other passes (materialID, Zdepth,etc) were from previous render (in history). I was pretty surprised as looking at the thumb it seemed correct and I closed 3dsmax to launch photoshop... before being somewhat disapointed (was testing purpose anyway nothing prod related)

Your bloom is super nice, although sliders are very very very sensitive in general !
That autodesk didn't bought your vfb is somehow proving that it's a good one ;D

Gallery / Re: Some objects
« on: 2015-03-09, 09:48:38 »
Pleasant tones !

[..] the reflection the bottle should have the same amount of bokeh of the bottle in front ...

longer rays => different blur

Still crashes (max2012 win7),
so it's a very random bug due to an instable stack of parameters...

Nevermind was just to be sure it wasn't from Corona... sometimes a little bug might leads to solving few different crash scenario.
Thanks Maru for checking on your side.

Default PT+PT / PT+HD

Mmm.. weird..

Nice Citadelle post too !!

that would be a superb option for corona scatter as well, someone talked about that (Herr Guthrie I think).

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Corrupted Scene - Corona a7.1
« on: 2014-12-17, 00:23:14 »
I keep having this problem too. Never had this error before.

I had that once, but it was not corona related, just max corrupted the file, and autosave just trashed over 50/all files.
Hope for you it's not the case because they was nothing to do but cry (and add a incremental save button on main toolbar)

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