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There's a few things I'm still very wondering about how to use Substance with CoronaMtl.
(I had no opportunity to 'play' with corona for a long while so may be I'm missing some very obvious reflex about classic corona workflow.)

1/ Overall... Beside the random crash in corona RT, would you recommend using Substance maps/node with corona ?

2/ I was trying a few substance files and I had the feeling the gamma outputed from substance node is wrong. See attached images below.
(With preferences Gamma&LUT set to 2.2 / Affects selectors.. / Affects material.. setup.)
It looks like it needs a gamma correction at least along the diffuse output (color correction with RGB gain at 0.4545) to be correct.

As shown below in attached images :
1 the 'coal' substance without and with gamma correction.
2 'pavement1' not corrected, without reflection, there's a lot of whiteburnt pixels even with little highlight comp and -3.5ev
3 'pavement1' corrected (all outputs), without reflection, looks a bit dark but the -3.5ev makes the whole image a bit dark.
4 'pavement1' corrected + reflections, just to bring back brightness over the diffuse, looks pretty correct or ?

The grey sphere was added with a R50G50B50 solid color into diffuse for 'realist' exposition reference

In the case output from substance needs gamma correction, which maps needs it ?

3/ How can the 'blur' parameters be conveniently managed while there's a single parameter on substance's node; if bump needs some blurriness, but I'd rather have most outputs sharp... Is there a decent in-between value or is it just a flawan argument against the use of substance ?

4/ Is the 'specular' output from Substance intended to end in 'reflection color' from CoronaMtl or more 'refl. glossiness'.. I'm not really convinced by tests with both, although as I'm already struggling with the gamma correction it's may be me feeding CoronaMtl wrongly in first place.

5/ About displacement, there I'm lost too.. first there's a 'relief balance' parameter in substance which control the ratio of bump/displacement outputs. But that parameter seems to be far from linear, with value '1' (aka more displacement and little bump) it suddently gives a way much more detailled displacement while superior values make the displacement output pretty undetailled.
What configuration do you use with 'bump', 'normal map', 'displacement' ? (And would they need gamma correction?)

Beside, there's an 'height' output, which gives a displacement map independant from 'relief balance'. Would you recommend using that output more than 'displacement' for the displacement input of CoronaMtl ?

6/ Any advices you have figured out while using Substance with Corona ?

I think I have the most needed feature ever :)

When tweaking fields from colormap in vfb, like exposure change, the cursor then comes at the beginning of the input field which forces me to reselect the value or erase it before typing a new one...

Could it be like in most 3dsmax fields that after typing and pressing enter, the field's content is selected ?
So when I try exposure "1.3 [enter]", I can straight type "1.5 [enter]" instead of arrows, erase, mouse etc

Yeah, that's cheap, but one can call that polishing :)

Not sure it's Corona related,
neither that it's not specifically related to my machine & config but ...

I was playing with grow Ivy and I noticed that I could have a redundant crash by choosing colors for vertex of different leaves (young, old, main..)
Just a click on the color selector, opening a new window, crashes max.

I've tried to switch to mental Ray and the color per age window open without problem.

So it might be more plugin related than Corona, but may be there's an easy workaround on Corona side about that ?

General CG Discussion / High detailed samples by maxtree
« on: 2014-12-12, 01:46:23 »
I'm not sure I should post it here,
or even if I should post it at all, as it's not users contributed, but Maxtree doing some vegetations pack has some free samples within their online shop.

I noticed it as they included materials for Corona :)
Nice to see that occurring more and more !

Although they should make an internship around cause it's pretty badly converted imho...
And doing proper material would required tweaking for later release.
Models are good though.

3D grass models - 61Mo
3D tree models 468Mo - Trees comes in high and low polys versions
3D flower models 157Mo

Edit : they provide corona, mentalR, Vray, GrowFX and ForestPro lib...

[Max] Feature Requests / Resume render extended to animation
« on: 2014-06-09, 19:23:33 »
Hello, I was wondering as most of the 'resume' work is done concerning one image, wouldn't it be possible to do same for animation aka image sequence ? I did a quick render from animation, just to see if it was good looking, 20 passes, 720p... and then I was wondering if for very little effort you could not add that feature ? As animation and lights were good, I actually would have need 20 more passes per images but not much more.

That would allow to do quick preview render, validate or not the work, and resume from that.
Sometimes rendering just few image there and there is enough for checking the aspect, but to check the animation rythm/fluidity etc it's more convenient to render it low qual. but all along the sequence.

I guess the resume as it is can just check itself if there's a sequence of exr existing in the same folder, and would just eventually need option to override target passes or target time per image. Or make use of the same existing field too.

Can anybody confirm that a simple setup with the same procedural map into color and displacement makes strange result ?

Here is it with :
- tiles (3ds) / works
- noise (3ds) / shift
- dents (3ds) / shift
- bercon wood / shift

Only first one put diffuse and displacement in correct same place, other seems to have shift.

I know it won't be the most needed feature ever but I've been recently playing with Nox render, very similar to maxwell, and there's a feature to automatically spot and kill fireflies from render VFB post panel. That feature with a slider to fade the effect might be usefull.

All in all I was not convinced by Nox (unstable, tried three times, crashed three times) but the VFB is very promising and sexy.

[Max] I need help! / Translucency
« on: 2014-01-28, 21:41:55 »
I'm a bit surprised as I thought that a black value in translucency slot means no translucency and while checking it appeared false.
Or is there something I'm missing ?


not sure it's a feature request or something I'm missing,
so my apologize for posting here if irrelevant.

I'm used to render a wire pass, to avoid double render I'm using the WireTex in a TexMat pass. Although I noticed by using displacement the WireTex is displaying the displaced topology. With very low pixel size it does quite a dense mesh, not to say black dark mashup.

Is there currently a way to build that pass at render time before displacement is applied ? Or should I go for re rendering with an override material without disp ? In that case, if it's not too hard it would be nice to have a tick box 'ignore disp' in WireTex option.

Good evening !

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