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News / Re: AO exclude/include
« on: 2014-01-27, 19:49:44 »
Nice about all those new modes.
Is it possible to have 'only other objects' and 'exclude list' working at the same time or is it a dropdown menu ?

May I as well ask what is directionnality for the AO map and how it works ? I can understand the spread but that other factor is rather mysterious, may be kind of bias ?

if it's a whole sea that we may see outside thru left windows, you could may be fake it as well, don't know how it's made but in worst scenario it's a cpu killer :)

Gallery / Re: PPM Caustic Test
« on: 2014-01-26, 12:56:51 »
Is it long to render ?

Because a rotation of the central prism would give a quite mesmerizing animation !! :)

Gallery / Re: PPM Caustic Test
« on: 2014-01-26, 08:50:18 »
wow !! footsteps of rays :)

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Refraction - Map
« on: 2014-01-25, 20:59:45 »
Solving that problem is pretty hard I guess.

It's all about coexisting object in a same pixel. While alpha is using black and white, use of greys represent a pretty good approx. of an overall transparency.
But when it's about more complex data problem starts. Like storing multiple zdepth in a given pixel (Z-the glass, Z-behind the glass, Z-reflected in the glass) each time a ray meet glass. Exr is souple enough to manage that but that would be 1-big and 2-severe gymnastic to process : dedicated plugin required.

May be a zdepth weighted by influence of 'most represented' pixel ?
Solving that problem is a kind of Graal quest as far as I know (not much). Render solving that would be a king.


not sure it's a feature request or something I'm missing,
so my apologize for posting here if irrelevant.

I'm used to render a wire pass, to avoid double render I'm using the WireTex in a TexMat pass. Although I noticed by using displacement the WireTex is displaying the displaced topology. With very low pixel size it does quite a dense mesh, not to say black dark mashup.

Is there currently a way to build that pass at render time before displacement is applied ? Or should I go for re rendering with an override material without disp ? In that case, if it's not too hard it would be nice to have a tick box 'ignore disp' in WireTex option.

Good evening !

[Max] General Discussion / Re: CML
« on: 2014-01-25, 19:52:48 »
What I like is to have some reference gray material intertwined with the sample material, so that
a) emission shows correctly
b) it shows how the main material looks when partially in shade

why not the cutout logo part on top of the sphere ?

Another question which is may be interesting, may be irrelevant : could it be a ray/seconds limitator to make all people rendering a material sample having a fake same minimal 'hardware' configuration ? I'm not sure I'm clear but if everybody could render the material sample with 500.000 r/s and stopping at pass 20th with same (default?) settings, would it give a international material cpu consumption for a given material ? Like a mark from 1 (grey diffuse no refl, nothing) to ... well...  100 open scale.

I'm trying to figure if corona could allow to set up a reference system, hardware independant, to evaluate a material 'cost'. That would be better than trying to figure from stamp if a xeon blabla with this motherboard and xxGo ram rendering in 8 sec is a 'good' or not performance. May be you could use that factor for dev./optimization comparison purpose, people doing material would at least. And it's always helpfull in a production context to know. Specially if that mark could be metatagged within material for futur library uses (in two years you would be happy to have Corona for sketchup and a matlib with 'performance' sorting ability while client on your neck).

If a international cpu cost unit is doable I have no doubt you could implement in a breath.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: CML
« on: 2014-01-24, 22:45:03 »
Its about the yellow shape, it looks like a Vagina.
Actually, I thought it looks like a dick. Freud would say something...
He would say thanks that was 200$ at the end anyway.

I don't get why you're stuck on a preview shape while you choose a few in my opinion :)
Nobody wants to choose a curtain material while it makes a ball. Same for terrain material etc... you probably could set a studio with grid giving scale but then please stick to few different forms according to the use of the material.

- I like the maxwell preview (in soft) rationnalism (floor, translucence, clothing, emission...)
- In vrayMat I remind people had to post pictures to illustrate what the standard shape could not display.

Happy to see it will be open in 5 days, exactly for the A6 release !!  [/HOAX]

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Re: Autosave render output
« on: 2014-01-24, 22:11:23 »
any thumbs display in vfb too quickly navigate in between ? in the stats zone for instance...

OK, so a LOT has been implemented since A5 :)
I'm reading this forum daily, and feel like you say very true...,
 it should even be called bRC in my opinion !!

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Re: displacement
« on: 2014-01-24, 20:40:18 »
not including displacement in material editor was a design decision, for several reasons:
- displacement is slow and unsuitable for interactive preview
- displaced object can easily get out of the fixed view
Other renderers do not do it probably for the same reasons, so I'm not planning on including it

Maxwell or Vray does display disp. in preview or .. I think so.

True that the processor is stressed but may be you could add a button : preview render with displacement (right click menu or material panel) so it's not running all the time but on demand only. Or display it as a bump. Should not take too much perf. and that would greatly help scaling and placement of map. A fixed small disp value for previewing would avoid out of frame... it's more about previewing than modelling, people might figure from their real displacement parameter how far it would go on render no need to represent accuratly distances in preview.

[Archive] Alpha Builds / Re: Corona Alpha v5 released!
« on: 2014-01-23, 15:00:17 »
you can go ahead and install corona A5, it does not do anything except for copying about 6 files to 3dsmax folder. There are no registry entries or messing up windows folders

Ok, very nice, thanks a lot

[Archive] Alpha Builds / Re: Corona Alpha v5 released!
« on: 2014-01-23, 01:09:39 »
and corona vray for maxwell ?


Just a dumb question, I want to try the A5; I won't ask you when A6 would be released but more when it won't be.
Like ...could you tell me that it won't be release tomorrow or the day after ? :D
Just hate install desinstall on 'clean' machine ;)

Great things and amazing render time in this forum !!
All the best for this coming year (and more).

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