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General Discussion / Re: Materials - Sites to purchase them?
« on: 2020-09-16, 18:07:56 »
agree with Maru,

Some of my personal favourites on this list:

Corona built-in material library
CMPP Preview by Siger Studio
HDRI by Peter Guthrie

Arroway do some great Wood/Concrete textures too

Gallery / Re: Houseplant Delight
« on: 2020-09-09, 20:15:03 »
Fantastic details, every shot has such nice unique features, well done!

Im guessing you heavily edit the materials of the models you download correct (mostly plants Im referring to)?

Gallery / Re: Toscana Garden
« on: 2020-09-09, 14:15:16 »
So many things I love about this. Excellent work on the composition, colors, natural object placements, the wall & geometry details are great, and topping it off with the little furry cat adds nice emotion to the scene. Well done!

Hardware / Re: Blurry max UI with new Dell 27" 4k monitor...
« on: 2020-08-27, 14:53:37 »
Might sound silly but I had this happen to me when I got a new monitor, and it ended up being the HDMI cable lol. I ended up replacing that with a new one and it fixed the issue.

Sorry I should clarify, I use a standard material with self illumination, thus not illuminating the scene. I dont use Corona materials for this particular job.

TBH I have used this method for years, and it has worked quite well for animations as well. Im sure the above method can work as well, however I stick with what is simple and what has worked for me - generally speaking. Feel free to experiment otherwise.

General Discussion / Re: Tonemapping - Plz Halp
« on: 2020-08-19, 20:06:18 »
Thanks for sharing, to quote from Jorgen:

"However, this requires the linear render be converted to log first, to compress all the RGB values into a low dynamic range before the LUT is applied..."

I tend to agree. This is basically my findings on page 13 of this thread when comparing ACES to the Canon LUT. It was pretty close and much less hassle then the current ACES workflow.

you're welcome :)

excellent, glad it worked for you.

I suppose it needs self illumination because its not being illuminated by the lights in your scene, with the added benefit of being able to control how intense the image appears in the reflection.

When it comes to back-plates I have a wide variety of different environments that I shoot on my camera in my down time. If I dont have something I need exactly I need ill just search for something online. have some great high quality royalty free photography that I usually check first.

Usually I just put the image I want on a plane, set it to self illuminate and place it in front of the glass and set object settings to not cast/receive shadow and not be seen by camera. While interactive rendering you can just move it left or right to get the alignment you require.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: cjwidd render thread
« on: 2020-08-15, 09:02:18 »
At first I was "meh", but then I zoomed in the thumbnail! :O

Wow yeah you are right, I didn't realize I could enlarge these images until you mentioned it. Well done on these materials they look fantastic!

General Discussion / Re: Tonemapping - Plz Halp
« on: 2020-08-13, 19:22:37 »
@James Vella, can you explain why we would use:
- Rec-709 LUT instead of a DCI-P3 LUT?
- 65 grid instead of 17 or 33 grid - is that just a resolution consideration?
- 1d vs. 3d LUT?
- log vs. log2 vs. log3?

- I didnt see DCI-P3 in this list and I work in rec709 color space generally so that choice was easy for me, leaving 3 options to pick from.
- grid size yes basically resolution.
- 1D LUT is ok if you want to control contrast, white point, basic color adjustments otherwise if you need more precise data then 3D LUT is the best choice.
- log,log2,log3 are just different profiles. I chose the most neutral one for this example. You can take a look at a comparison video below for a better look at the curve (this is for s-log fyi).

if you check the manual that comes with the download you will see it goes into more detail regarding the file name/acronyms.



Also a good short video on Wide DR

I need help / Re: [RESOLVED] Fabric - fIOR
« on: 2020-08-01, 13:21:32 »
You wont notice much difference with the IOR, the difference mainly comes from the gloss/rough map. Also with fabrics a falloff diffuse goes a long way.

This is why PBR standard is 1.5 for dialectric and basically off for metal materials.

You can see some tests ive done here regarding varying fresnel results if you are interested.

Ive linked you this before, most of the info is not relevant for this but this particular point is included in the research.

Also they go into this in more detail in the Substance PBR guide.

Gallery / Re: CGI Livingroom
« on: 2020-06-28, 19:42:16 »
nice one! I put my chips on displacement for the rug :D

General CG discussion / Re: Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo
« on: 2020-05-14, 07:21:38 »
I seen this yesterday and fell off my chair. Its absolutely amazing the technology in this, I cant wait to see what people do with it.

General Discussion / Re: Tonemapping - Plz Halp
« on: 2020-05-08, 22:10:58 »
I guess I'm being trolled - aren't you the one that allegedly removed Fstorm watermarks from some earlier tests?

lol!! I think you are being trolled :D Made me giggle though

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