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Gallery / DeersHq project
« on: 2020-07-29, 19:46:48 »

I'd like to share with you the free time project done for the portfolio, based on real project Deer's HQ by HnSa Architects.
I used latest Corona 6 daily build, 3ds Max, GrowFX, Forest Pack, and of course Photoshop.
I hope you like it!

More images and animation is here:

Gallery / Bishkek mixed-use project
« on: 2019-07-20, 12:19:10 »
Hi friends,

This is one of my latest projects. It was done in relatively tight timelines but came out effective enough. What do you think?


I upgrade to corona 4, and the scenes that were rendering fine in corona 3 started crashing during interactive render. If I tried to start regular render, an unknown error pops up, saying that it is unable to render.

After digging into the scene, I found out that the objects with materials having corona distance cause these. When I hide these objects, it renders. I tested this on a bunch of scenes, the same situation - if there is a material with corona distance, it crashes on IR or gives error on render. Also just trying to change any setting in corona distance node can eventually crash the scene too. Any of these don't happen with fresh corona distance node created with corona 4.

Could you check if this is a general bug or is it just me? I can post a problematic part form the scene to reproduce this problem.


After stopping interactive viewport, the scene gets stuck for a while, it differs from 10 seconds to several minutes. Sometimes it doesn't happen randomly. I faced this problem in several scenes and usually, it starts to happen as the scene gets heavier, but not necessarily very heavy. The problem is only at the end for interactive, the start is fast and smooth. It becomes really annoying after a while, to wait several minutes after each interactive session.

Did anyone faced similar problems? What possibly can cause this?

For info my system specs: i7 5820k, Gforce980ti, 64 gm ram

Gallery / Office Building in Istanbul
« on: 2018-02-06, 16:39:06 »
Images for office building concept alternatives.

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