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Gallery / Adventures in the dark
« on: 2015-01-29, 00:33:10 »
Another topic to barely get much feedback as these are forsaken wips I have let go as finals because I lose interest and move onto other projects like I do showers daily. Anyway just some showcases of my adventures in the dark.

Basically a concern for lighting in dark spaces.

Gallery / mini thesis year exteriors with corona
« on: 2015-01-16, 18:26:37 »
Hi all

I've been using Vray (failing at it) but it forced me to learn a new language in technical image production - I mean damn how do you begin explaining Sampling rates and AA required to optimise a part of an image to get better results and time? It's Madness.

So earlier last year I met corona and instantly fell in love.  So much so that I implemented in my First year Masters degree renders and panels.

So here is some 2014 stuff from my time in the Masters programme in Architecture.

Lots of post prod - will post wires and  raw renders should they spark any interest.

Quite rough because of deadlines but corona kept up well with the deadlines and A1 panels at 7000x9900px! !


ps: worried about financing it as a South African user when vs comes out.

Anyway herewith!


Gallery / Seasons on the street
« on: 2015-01-15, 23:11:39 »
Material and atmospheric Practice based on Viscorbels materials volume 2 series.

I should be posting a wet after rain autumn fall scene in the next day or so.... All practice so suggestions fully welcome.

Maybe even suggestions for a season and atmosphere

Gallery / Hishers Yasong interiors
« on: 2015-01-10, 10:10:10 »
hi all - first post but I've been playing with corona for a while (short but a while none the less)

This is part of a greater project of two towers for a working couple.  More details will come as the project comes to a closing including exterior renders
Client: N/A
software:  3ds max Corona PS
Late 2014

comments etc all welcome.

see all at

thanks for peeking :)

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