Author Topic: mini thesis year exteriors with corona  (Read 1322 times)

2015-01-16, 18:26:37


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Hi all

I've been using Vray (failing at it) but it forced me to learn a new language in technical image production - I mean damn how do you begin explaining Sampling rates and AA required to optimise a part of an image to get better results and time? It's Madness.

So earlier last year I met corona and instantly fell in love.  So much so that I implemented in my First year Masters degree renders and panels.

So here is some 2014 stuff from my time in the Masters programme in Architecture.

Lots of post prod - will post wires and  raw renders should they spark any interest.

Quite rough because of deadlines but corona kept up well with the deadlines and A1 panels at 7000x9900px! !


ps: worried about financing it as a South African user when vs comes out.

Anyway herewith!