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Gallery / Re: Sweedish Home
« on: 2017-03-12, 16:54:06 »
This is really good work mate, really good

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: WIP feedback
« on: 2016-09-13, 12:26:20 »
Hi Guys

Would love your input before I continue
There is no vegetation as such and not any artistic composition ,
Would just like your feedback on light and materials


:)  Hi there!

id agree with Maru. An image is far from its final form if all elements are there (or atleast some key elements such as foreground and background massing - trees, bench, building etc...) HOWEVER! We in the office begin at the lighting and shot stage as well. but there is ALWAYS a set of reference/mood images attached when we send to the 3D team.

So.. post some images of what you'd like to achieve with this image, not a direct translation but something to show intent, even an apple shot with warm light and Bokeh effects would give an idea of the vision in mind...

Furnish us with that and we can give some sort of feedback.

Gallery / Re: Summer mood
« on: 2015-08-10, 14:04:00 »
Great overall mood. A bit of bloom would help with the yellow drama, it would add some depth and show the lights strength as it clearly some serious lights in there. And the eye will focus less on the bookshelves etc in there. Anyway from the start it's been a great render, good job.

Post prod on this would be GREAT! job.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona Alpha4 Benchmark scene
« on: 2015-01-31, 10:43:32 »

:( i feel so inadequate compared to other machines here

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Roman Hogart
« on: 2015-01-29, 00:46:18 »
Very cool stuff, love the rustic scandanavian style to it. And the corona lighting brilliance ofcos.

Gallery / Adventures in the dark
« on: 2015-01-29, 00:33:10 »
Another topic to barely get much feedback as these are forsaken wips I have let go as finals because I lose interest and move onto other projects like I do showers daily. Anyway just some showcases of my adventures in the dark.

Basically a concern for lighting in dark spaces.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona Alpha4 Benchmark scene
« on: 2015-01-27, 15:36:25 »
2:16 not bad!  Krimson, thank you for your help!

i clearly need to get myself those 5x i7's my goodness!!

Gallery / Re: Black/White Modern Bedroom
« on: 2015-01-25, 14:14:18 »
Very nice, tell us about the carpet, how you pull of the fuzz? First carpet. 2nd one is flat

Gallery / Re: Cozy Bedroom
« on: 2015-01-23, 00:12:44 »
- you seem to always do super shiny floors, with overexposed outside the light spills and exposes the very high reflection and glossiness values of your wood material. lacquering is one thing but this is super high.

- wood isn't boring with low glossiness value, u actually appreciate the texture more, don't be afraid to have less shininess

- bed material might need some falloff work.

Criticisms on the plus side - very good lighting and nice scene, 5 hours? great job.

With corona such lighting is easy:

1. use overcast HDR or Corona sky that is closer to white (overcast HDR gives best results) - use this map in environment slot.
2. add a corona sun - make sure rotation goes through window at desired angle lower the angle so there is an evening burn to the lighting.
3. you are done.

the rest is simple intensity tweaks to suit your style. i will post an example later should i find the render somewhere where i used this light setup style.

Gallery / Re: Fruits and Liquids - REEL
« on: 2015-01-20, 12:01:58 »
at studio we have litle render farm 25 slaves. but all very fast rendering. 2-7 min to frame. all DOF was made at AE

Do you by chance have specs for each slave? i mean 2minutes? wow. count get that kind of rendetime with a single frame i7 job.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: REBUS RenderFarm
« on: 2015-01-17, 20:07:12 »
Hi, here i use via paypal account. (Chile).

ah i see... thanks.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: REBUS RenderFarm
« on: 2015-01-17, 11:56:25 »
im guessing this service operates via credit card and debit only in euro n usa?  am in South Africa and am struggling to find decent render farm services but this one is showing promise outside of financing... can you explain foreign financing - as in payment options.

excellent read, especially in the morning when my mind is sharp and keep for even the most advanced concepts. thanks a lot

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