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[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaDecals playground!
« on: 2021-11-24, 11:01:16 »
Just to confirm I'm doing it right. The only way currently to get a decal that doesnt have displacement placed on top of a displaced material is to add a solid white map to the displacement channel of the decal? Seems to be the case even when the replace base disp checkbox is ticked. If so is it possible to have Corona do that automatically internally without having to add the map manually? Also means that the light material used in the quick example file must inherit the displacement from the base layer as there is no option to add a displacement map in to the light material.   

Sorry if I've overlooked this in the thread previously.


[Max] General Discussion / Re: CPU FAQ
« on: 2021-09-14, 11:07:31 »
What RAM frequency do you have in your Threadripper PC? It has to be at least 2933 MHz to get good performance, and generally the higher the frequency, the better.

Hmm annoying, I was told by my system builder to go with the 2666mhz ram with my latest 32 core 3990X threadripper for stability. Reckoned the higher core count CPUs had problems with faster RAM. Its pretty stable, I'll give them that but I did think that everything I read is saying faster ram is better performance with threadripper. Mind you I remember benching it when I got it and it was giving similar results to reviews I'd read. Also they advised on filling all the RAM slots (8x16).

Looking at getting a new build with the 64 core threadripper and probably the 3200mhz RAM. Does that sound like a good combo and going for 4x32gb RAM for potential upgrade possibility. Is this fine to do performance / stability wise? TBH stability is the key driver, nothing worse than a flakey machine.

I do get quite a bit of lag with interactive sometimes, especially with heavier scenes, so perhaps thats where the faster RAM would help speed things up, feeding the CPU. The interactive often starts then there is quite a wait and the CPU usage drops, then finally picks up again and the passes also pick up.

Thanks for the helpful thread!

[Max] I need help! / Re: Slow UHD Cache
« on: 2021-07-30, 16:30:47 »
Thanks Avi, there is a lot of displacement in the scene over several materials, but it doesnt seem to make much difference if its on or off. More RAM is consumed with it on as expected but the 4K Cache still only uses 1-2% CPU. Should this be a multithreaded process or is it just single threaded?

Also I notice for the first pass it gradually builds to 100% CPU until it gets to pass 2 where it keeps at 100% or there abouts. The RAM useage will also start to drop back down by 10GB or so. Bit of a mystery. Its also happened with other projects.


[Max] I need help! / Re: Slow UHD Cache
« on: 2021-07-30, 11:22:53 »
Thanks Tom, doesnt seem to make much difference. I see the 4K Cache is still experimental rather than default, are there any draw backs from using it?

This is a very strange scene that takes different amounts of RAM on different machines. I have three machines here with 128gb each. One takes 73GB when rendering the other 109GB and the third wont render it. Bizzare. I tried rendering it with DR and the host machine couldnt render it but the node could so the node contributed all the passes which I was surprised about. Great work from Corona DR that it can handle that situation. Like I mentioned, it makes a difference how long the scene has been opened for. If its just opened the scene like backburner and DR does, that is when the RAM usage is highest. My workstation only took 73GB but the scene had been open on that for a while so the RAM usage dropped.

[Max] I need help! / Slow UHD Cache
« on: 2021-07-29, 14:50:38 »
Hello, I've got a big scene that eventually renders out fine and at full speed but the UHD cache and first pass or two only seem to work on one core and there is a lot of disk paging. I'm only using 55GB RAM out of 128GB and I'm not getting the virtualised RAM message either. So it seems Corona is prematurely looking ot page to disk. Any ideas why this would happen? I'm using corona 7.

Unfortuately interactive just crashes the scene so I have to render full frame to test and the UHD is taking 7mins which is a bit of a pain.

Also worth noting about this scene is that it can build right up to 80GB RAM usage when its first opened but then after a while it will eventually drop down to 20-30GB, so if I try to render straight away I get RAM warnings but if I wait half an hour the RAM dropsdown to more normal levels. Very weird. Wondering if its the slate editor hogging a lot of resources?

Thanks for any help anyway. 

Thanks again Frood. Will give it a try. So far not experienced any issues with scale with the original script yet but its good to know this one has a fix for it.

Re the speed up perhaps its a mix of Max 2022 / merging in more objects rather than Xreffing them / your quite mode script, but I've definitely noticed a substantial speed up from a typical large scene load time of about 40 mins down to about 5 mins. Real game changer.

Thanks again   

Hmm I've just tried it again myself, with multipasses as well but I can't get that behaviour of saving from IR to happen. I've been careful to always cancel for a while so it might have been an issue with an earlier release which was catching us out which has been resolved at some point. Unless I'm going mad!

Sorry for any time wasted.

I still like the idea of a dedicated separate cancel button though which would mean you dont automatically get a frame (and all its passes) saved out if you hit stop. Sometimes you just need to cancel and not want to save.

I find sometimes when my PC is under full load with a complex scene, having to click and hold the stop button to bring the drop down menu up to cancel the IR can be problematic and the UI lags with the potential of hitting stop instead. The problem with hitting stop is that it will save over a previously saved file which can be disastrous. Not sure why full render and IR share the same button set and stopping IR will trigger a save out of all the passes rather than just cancel it?

Just to say this issue has been helpfully resolved by Frood in another thread. The issue related to starting max with quiet mode enabled which also meant that the corona bitmap loader didn’t work. So can confirm not a daily build bug. Sorry for any time wasting

Of course a draw back is that you dont know if you are missing any maps

I started using a startup script which turns quiet mode on for scene loading. Exactly for the reason you mentioned: Clicking popups away all the time and no way to load a scene in the background while working with another Max instance. But the script disables quiet mode after having loaded the scene. Missing maps is not an issue because Shift-T shows everything missing and usually our scenes are "clean" UNC linked ones.

The only issue I have is that if you load a scene with different units, quiet mode does not do the default it seems (adopt scene units), but better than doubling loading times for larger/Xreffed scenes which is a pain. I can confirm, that CoronaBitmap does not show its browser when having quiet mode active, but all you would have to do is do disable it after loading the scene?

I'm attaching my startup script for you to test, maybe it helps. As mentioned, loading scenes with different units than the current one is something to be aware of.

Good Luck

Frood, thank you so much! That's exactly what I wanted / needed. Can confirm it loads a scene without any dialogue boxes but corona bitmap loader still works! Fantastic. I'll have to watch out for the scene scale issue. Can that manifest as individual xrefs coming in 10x too big for example or is it just if you are xreffing a whole scene in that is miss matched?

Also glad that you have found that this has sped up your scene loading times and its not just us which had a bad system before. It should be widely publicised as I'm sure we're not the only ones!! Thanks again, life saver!

Sorry Maru, thanks for coming back.

So essentially Max has always taken forever to load our scenes and we get loads of prompts about scale miss matches of xrefs / missing xrefs / MR DLLs / Vray DLLs etc. All you can click on is OK so there is absolutley no point to them but they stop the scene loading until you do. Silentium is a script that solves some of this problem as recognises that once you press OK once on the scale miss match for example it will press it again for you as soon as the pop up flashes up. But even then Max still takes a long time to load everything through.

A couple of weeks ago I can across the turn off dialogues script from autodesk which as it transpires actives a quiet mode in Max which stops ALL warning errors and seems to load even large scenes through really efficiently and quickly. Its like it doesnt even try to go in and work out if an object has a scale miss match or missing a DLL for example, it just steamrolls it all through quickly. Of course a draw back is that you dont know if you are missing any maps but its usually clear from the image if you are, and they are usually ghost ones no longer needed anyway.

But the problem is when trying to right click and add a corona bitmap in the slate editor for example, there is no pop up / file loader appearing to select a bitmap. The corona bitmap interface on the right with the mapping and tiling appears but even manually hitting the load bitmap button does nothing. You can manually copy and paste a files path in there and it loads so it must be this Quite Mode that stops the file loader opening. I have also noticed I havent got the corona error prompts which tell me if a map is missing or using a legacy shader recently so that is either that I have clean scenes or its stopping that as well. All other funtionality is working and rendering fine.

My colleague is also running the quite mode script and has also now got the same problem. For now we are just using the 3ds max bitmap loader which works fine but I would rather be using the corona one.

Thanks for any insite in to this.

OK Just opened the script and its just triggering quite mode which is a new one on me.

There is a help section in the docs about it and looks like you can add different options to the script. Im no developer so wouldnt know where to start. Is it possible to get a custom quiet mode which still allows the conrona bitmap loader to work? Not sure what category it would fall in to?

For years we have had really slow Max scene load times (45mins plus) Even on SSds and 10GB networks. These are big scenes with xrefs etc but still soul destorying when you have to restart after a crash. But we have recently descovered this autodesk script for which stops pop ups which was part of the problem. Even with silentium script installed Max still took a long time to load anything but at least you didnt have to manually click OK for popups. Load times are now about 5mins for the same scene!

Snag is I think its interfeared with the corona bitmap loader so you dont get the pop up box where you can load the bitmap. Is there any way of writing the corona bitmap loader to not be classed as a pop up like forestpack or railclone which still work with their own pop up dialogues? I know ideally it would be best for the script to ignore the corona request but I dont think autodesk would listen. Or if someone can edit this script to let corona through, even better!

Cant tell if this is Max 2022 or the last few corona dalies but when I select corona bitmap the file loader doesnt open to select a bitmap. Pressing the load image button doesnt do anything either so had to just use the Max bitmap loader. Renders fine with existing corona bitmaps but they cant be changed as the loader doesnt pop up for me.

This seems to work fine for me.. How are you trying to open the bitmap through the slate material editor or some other way? If possible you you provide a short screen recording of the issue and I will investigate further.



Yeah just slate editor. Right click add corona bitmap and I get the node but no pop up dialogue to search for and add the bitmap. Just get the corona bitmap options over to the right. If I then click the load map button manually, nothing happens. Might be a max issue then. Just replaced the ENU folder in MAX but still cant open a jpeg in the corona loader. Strange one. Only thing I can think of is I have the 'turn off dialogues' script in Max to stop all the annoying pop ups during loading. Not sure if this is related.

Cant tell if this is Max 2022 or the last few corona dalies but when I select corona bitmap the file loader doesnt open to select a bitmap. Pressing the load image button doesnt do anything either so had to just use the Max bitmap loader. Renders fine with existing corona bitmaps but they cant be changed as the loader doesnt pop up for me.

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